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Author: gustav Submitted: 24th October, 2003 Favourites:2
Genre: Shoot 'em up Downloads: 722
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Edited By gustav on 10/24/2003

Edited By gustav on 10/24/2003

Edited By gustav on 10/24/2003

herro dairy crick.

after about two years in the making (most of wich was done during the first two months) i descided to finally finish streambolt.
its a pretty short game and the two last bosses were removed because i got tired and bored of it. its still a good game i think and my first that i am relatively proud of.

oh yeah, about the game: it is basically a fast-paced shoot-em-up with 5 diffrent weapons and a few special abilities (some of wich are essential to use to beat the game). 5 action packed worlds ranging from deserts to a gigantic space fortress. And ofcourse; TONS of bosses.

have fun~

(edit: damn that was a nasty bunch of spelling errors. also, im sorry about not posting any screenshots but the server is currently down.)
(edit2: added screenies)
(edit3: hopefully fixed the damn screenies -_-)
(edit4: FUCK!)
here are some mirrors if the download shouldnt work:

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Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 27th October, 2003

Eccentrically Awesome!
Posted by ChrisB 27th October, 2003

"the special attacks, however good they are, are not needed in the game." Actually, they help you a lot in later levels, but I bet you didn't get that far.
Posted by The Green Stranger 28th October, 2003

Lookin' Cool
Posted by ben_02 28th October, 2003

JonWog you have not played the game enough to judge it if you havn't gone past the first level. Perhaps you should play the game through a few areas before voicing your opinion. The first level IS a bit boring but I loved the rest.
Posted by Entropy Blaster 28th October, 2003

Wow, great game Gustav! :D This game has a super-fast scrolling: did you enable Direct X and Vram options?
Posted by ruffles 28th October, 2003

this game is awesome. the first level might suggest an unattractive gameplay, but you definetly can't judge it by the first level. and i find it very hard :P
Posted by Paul_James 28th October, 2003

how do u beat the penis boss?
Posted by Gaspy Conana 28th October, 2003

use the sheild to bounce back the blue things
Posted by ben_02 28th October, 2003

Perhaps you should have said: "there was everything wrong with the gameplay in the first 2 levels" and "the special attacks, however good they are, are not needed in the first 2 levels".
Posted by gustav 29th October, 2003

hahahaha, its alright ben. like i said, not a game for everybody ^^;
Posted by Strife 30th October, 2003

Oh yeeah... This game just reached the top 5! Lost Valley is better, but I REALLY want someone to kick SKS off the #1 spot! It's been there WAY too long for a shooter game...
Posted by ben_02 30th October, 2003

Lost Valley has ripped graphics and music, and without those the remaining game is pretty average. It doesn't deserve to be in the top 5.
Posted by Aurelien DAVIS 31st October, 2003

It kicks ass...
Posted by John 31st October, 2003

Looks Megaman-tastic! *Downloads*
Posted by Keatonian 1st November, 2003

I finally beat the red boss! Then I died at the desert boss, and I had no continues left. :p
Posted by Nickstudios 2nd November, 2003

i reviewed it to a good game like this deserves one
Posted by Airflow 3rd November, 2003

Down loading this game is now a life death situation. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Posted by Billy 4th November, 2003

Awesome graphics! Front page arcade quality.
Posted by Krupek86 5th November, 2003

I've played Gunstar Heroes and I'll say that game and this one is the same... I loved GH but that Streambolt has platform bugs (hero can be thrown off the playfield)
Posted by CYS 6th November, 2003

So...the explosions are taken from various sources?
Posted by Strife 7th November, 2003

Yeah, I think the explosions were ripped. I myself am a great artist, but I can't draw explosions worth crap. Anywayz, I noticed something. On the title screen, the explosion sound that plays was taken from an old computer game called 'DX Ball'. Am I right or am I right? ;)
Posted by dl33t 9th November, 2003

This is the best game I've downloaded from here so far *thumbsup*
Posted by dl33t 9th November, 2003

Could you please tell me what programming language you used to make the game.
Posted by renneF 12th November, 2003

CnC he used
Posted by gustav 13th November, 2003

krupek: you need to play gunstar again. that game is probably one of the best games of all time. streambolt is just a pale attempt to recreate some of the madness from my favorite shoot em up games :p strife: no, the explosions are not ripped. if they were it would say so. dl33t: aye, cnc i used.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 15th November, 2003

waynes world time ''were not worthy were not worthy''
Posted by Strife 16th November, 2003

Gustav: I said explosion SOUND. Anywayz, I played Gunstar Heroes recently on my buddy's emulator, and now I can see where you got most of your ideas for level design. :) By the way, are you planning on making a sequel? If you are, AWESOME! It could have a 2-player mode and tons of new weapons, and maybe a deeper storyline. But that's just a random thought. ;)
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 16th November, 2003

Ojojoj...Populärt spel det här;)
Posted by gustav 17th November, 2003

strife: oiiii.. ok. yeah the explosion sound is ripped/edited like most of the sounds. and yeah, i might actually make a sequel. if (IF) i make it, it will be VERY diffrent. probably not 2-player because of the story... but you never know :p
Posted by Strife 21st November, 2003

Argh, can't beat that giant computer boss... is that the last boss? Well, GH had a 2-player option and it was completely AWESOME. Me and my bro had hours of fun back in the day... Yes, change is good. You might want to make the sequel more 'original' instead of a GH wannabe. Something with distinction and taste! :D Oh, and a Boss' life meter would be nice too. ;) So i'm guessing you're not going to finish the last 2 bosses in Steambolt?
Posted by Forrest Thurman 28th November, 2003

THis is best game on this website. i tink
Posted by renneF 30th November, 2003

You know, not think
Posted by dl33t 1st December, 2003

thanks for the reply :) is CnC a hard language to learn compared to languages like C++ or Visual Basic?
Posted by renneF 13th December, 2003

CnC (click & create) is similar to Multimedia fusion or The Games Factory
Posted by Simen 28th December, 2003

Jodda Jonas, spelet er veldig populært! Men det første brettet er litt kjedeleg...
Posted by Lukas Hägg 20th January, 2004

This is certainly one of the absolute best games here! It gets 10 smileys out of 10 :):):):):):):):):):)
Posted by Perttu Afflecht 1st February, 2004

This game is really great. The game doesn't slow up at any point and it's not too hard. Great job.
Posted by renneF 4th February, 2004

hey gustav, any info on a sequel?
Posted by Imadjinn 14th February, 2004

One of the all time greats in my book! BTW, could you tell us what the last two bosses were going to be, because the last boss was ever so slightly dissapointing... It was a great boss, just not very last boss-y.
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th February, 2004

finally it worked! for some reason it bluescreened on me when it got to the menu. but it works fine on my laptop. quite a cool game, probably the best click platform shooter out now. seemed a little repetative though. and i think a 2 player mode would be great in a sequel ;) 7/10
Posted by EL-X-KIDD 24th February, 2004

This is damn fine although it only seems to run in 16 colour on my pc???
Posted by popcorncrabula 26th February, 2004

Has my vote. Hey Jay and EL-X. This is my first DC download. It's the reason I joined. The only thing that could be improved is joystick compatability. A game like this should not be insulted with a keyboard.
Posted by blanco 4th March, 2004

not enough bosses
Posted by Airflow 10th March, 2004

Did I mention this game kicks arse?
Posted by ben_02 23rd March, 2004

New link:
Posted by Airflow 10th April, 2004

Lol, Gustav decided to give it a story. -bit late though. :P
Posted by Flaxo 17th June, 2004

This game is awesome! But because there are no save system, the game is... euh... not good... no... frustrating... because you want to finish it and have fun, not frustration and "Oh! I stop playing with this game because it's suck!"
Posted by Airflow 21st September, 2004

It's short though. If I wanted a game that I could finish in 3 minutes, I'd get this with saving features.
Posted by Hempuli 12th October, 2005

Lost valley is good game, but this is better!! I had defeated that Light-saber-boss in the sky palace thing... But then the Credits were 0.:( Nice game anyway. :D
Posted by Mike Haggar 19th January, 2006

I've played Gunstar before and this didn't necessarily remind me heavily of that game. Anyway, I'd say you're onto something with this game. It has a great retro feel and it really plays nicely IMO. I can see kinda why you might not have so much enthusiasm for the game. I myself would say that this is perhaps a case of style over substance. I personally thought it was sweet and cna understand if you don't want to make a sequel but it's a good game anyway.





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