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Review: Streambolt
Author: Penguin Seph
Added: 03/11/2003

This is my 3rd try to get this review up, so wish me luck!

Streambolt. The name of a great game. Where to start?

It says presention here, so let's start with that.

I like the presention. It starts with a nice little menu, then your in the game. No real story that I can find, but it dons't need it. I give it 7/10

Mmmmmmmmmm, gameplay. The most important part of a game. It rocks! I like the way it goes from running around shooting stuff, to flying on a disk thing, to fight bosses. And what bosses! This game has the best bosses I have ever seen in a click game! They all have different attacks, and they all are hard. Very hard. But when you beat them, you feel very proud of yourself. I give gameplay 10/10

The graphics are very, VERY good. I wish I could draw like that! This area of the game gets 9/10

Sound and Music
I've heard the music before, in Phantom Core, I think. But it may just be me. However, the music sounds just right and I like it a lot, and it sounds cool, so I'll give it 7/10

Now, the lastability(Is that a real word?) I still haven't finished it yet, but I want to. A lot. After this review I'll play it some more. It lasts and will last a long time, so I wil give it 9/10

I give this game a total of (Drumroll) 9/10. It would be 10/10 but the last 2 bosses aren't done yet(It says so)

This game kicks ass, and if you havn't played it, you must!

What are you waiting for????

Download it!!!

Sound and Music:

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