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Review: Streambolt
Author: Astral_86
Added: 27/10/2003

STREAMBOLT - A very good and action-filled game!

PRESENTATION: The presentation is quite good. The only thing that I think is missing is a little story...but that isn't needed all the time. The main menu is very well made!

GAMEPLAY: The controls is very easy to learn, and it is harder to find a gameplay better than this one! Because of all effects, miraculous movement-engine, you get the feeling that you're entering this game yourself!

GRAPHICS: The graphics are also miraculous!! Very good-looking background and enemies looking like that were made by Capcom or something. You really get the feeling of a game mix of Negaman and/or Contra or something!

SOUND AND MUSIC: This is ALSO miraculous!! The sound effects is very cool and really fits in depending on what you're doing. It is the same of the music...the music is cool and fits in very well!

LASTABILITY: This is also good. The little bad thing with this game is that it is to often that you can go thru a bit of the stage with only running as a moron. But it doesn't appear so too often...

OVERALL: A very well-made and entertaining game!
A tip: Download this game now! You won't be dissapointed! If you like Megaman and/or Contra, or something like that, you won't be dissapointed, not at all.
It doesn't contain a save or load function. Although the game is too short to have that. It is much better with the "continue-style" old-school games! Well...thanks for me! Download this game IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!

Sound and Music:

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