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Review: Streambolt
Author: Knudde (Shab)
Added: 27/12/2003

After seeing that interesting yellow mech on Natomic for so long, i finally get to play the game that it's from, and yes it was worth the wait. The game itself seems to be close to a Genesis/Megadrive game in terms of graphics, not quite up to the Snes standard, but damned good anyway. The Characters are easy to see, although when there is alot going on screen it might be a little difficult to tell where your charater is. The sounds are appropriate, nice explosions, fitting music, etc etc.

The gameplay is fast and addictive, mix Megaman (the chracter design) plus contra (run and gun gameplay), throw in some electronic crack and you have Streambolt. You have some interesting abilities like a personal "bubble reflector" that can either block shots or reflect them back (which makes for some interesting strategies), a jetpack that for some reason doesn't like to work all the time, and during one of the levels it's very frustrating when trying to jump out of the way of something and you jetpack just decides "Oh, I'm sorry, please try your call again later.." I can overlook that flaw, oh yes, there is one more power that I didn't really feel was all that useful, the dash move, it looks cool, but useless to me.

The enemies are your standard drones who run and shoot, and show up in Mechs later in the game (they are truly annoying). The bosses are ok too, each one being different from the rest, with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. All in all, this is an excellent game, made better that Gustav did this by himself, good job dude, now everyone else, download this game right now.

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