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Review: Streambolt
Author: Nickstudios
Added: 02/11/2003

Stream bolt Nickstudios review

I couldn't really figure out the story (if there is one)but it's ok good game play makes up for it theres a help screen and everything so i give that an

The gameplay is cool shootin' enemys that come out of no where i really liked the idea for that cloud stage and the bosses are awesome.and the cloud boss that was awesome how he hits the floor and it raises like a seesaw i liked that but the first boss was way to easy but the second boss really makes up for that i mean i haven't even got past that boss yet he's hard.And i liked that stage where you're running from the fire thats cool too.The only thing i didn't like was there's no save feature so you have to do all your hard work again but you get like 5 lives then it's over and you have to do it all again.And you die quick sometimes too because this stuff is hard it isn't exactly like those old-school megamans it's much harder but hey a games supposed to be hard so it's no biggy the game's still #1

it really reminds me of the old school megamans for the NES it's kind of like those except no password feature but the graphics really look like megaman.

sound and music
the music is like most games some stages has good music some dont i give that an 8/10.Like the 1st stage i didn't like that song at all the second stage it's ok i mean it really isn't that great but it matches with the scenery.

overall for the presentation,gameplay,graphics,sound and music,and lastability
I give this game a 9/10.

This game is awesome!But don't take my advice for it. Download it.

Good Job Gustav good game.

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