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Mario Challenge 2
Author: Zoglu Submitted: 15th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 134

Edited By pc222 on 10/20/2004

This is a platformer with two players where you have to finish one of the 8 levels before the other player. You can collect coins and 14 bonus to earn more points or to attack the other player.
If you want to play alone, there is 10 mini-games : try to do good scores !

As I'm French, you may find some mistakes in the game, forgive them please...

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Posted by DaVince 16th September, 2004

hmmm... It's okay, I guess.
Posted by Assault Andy 16th September, 2004

It's pretty good, you need a lesson in physics. When you jump you don't fall at the same speed, you start slow then gradually get faster.
Posted by Zoglu 16th September, 2004

Thanks, i will try to improve the platform engine in my next games. :)
Posted by Justin 16th September, 2004

what possessed you to mix 8 bit graphics with 16 bit ones. It looks really crappy. If you're going to rip graphics you can at least find ones that go together.
Posted by Silveraura 16th September, 2004

To be honist, I agree with Justin on the graphics, but other then that, if this were online with MOOClick, I would have fun playing it with my friends on the net. Not many people I know live around me to play 2P. :-\ BTW, if you need help with the online part, I could see what I can do.
Posted by Zoglu 16th September, 2004

Thanks your your comments. Brandon, I really wanted to create an online mode but i didn't know how to use Mooclick...Do you know another extension to create online games ?
Posted by Radix 16th September, 2004

The Third Eye extensions (Mooclick, &c.) are really your only option. Plenty of people will be happy to help you out using them though, it's not that difficult.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 17th September, 2004

you could use directplay, but it can get ugly in your game
Posted by Jimmy Pig 19th September, 2004

Erm, its not downlaoding
Posted by Airflow 21st September, 2004

Ugghhh. Jimmy, didn't you just say how great this game was?
Posted by Jimmy Pig 24th September, 2004

Posted by kevvvvv 24th September, 2004

lol pc222
Posted by Zoglu 27th October, 2004

Now, that works





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