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Author: Zoglu Submitted: 5th November, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 175

Edited By pc222 on 11/6/2005

MetaColor is a sort of puzzle game where you have to control a ship and shoot blocks with colored balls.
When you hit a block, his color will change depending of his prevous color, and the colour of your ball.
If a block became white, it will be destroyed and you'll earn points, plus time and/or shoots depending of the game options.
But the blocks are progressively moving downward, and if they reach the last line, you'll lose !

Keys : Left/Right to move, Shift to shoot.

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Posted by Cecilectomy 5th November, 2005

dude it didnt work. it says,"Cannot load dmc2.COX. This object might need an external program or library not yet installed." so ya ya might want to fix that.
Posted by Noyb 5th November, 2005

You need bass.dll if it gives that error.
Posted by Zoglu 6th November, 2005

I removed all the music and DMC2 objets when I uploaded it because I wanted to make a small game, so I don't understand why the message appears. I'll upload a version with bass.dll
Posted by Zoglu 6th November, 2005

Did somebody try the game?
Posted by DaVince 6th November, 2005

I had the same problem some time. Somehow, extensions stay in the app a while after you deleted them. Weird stuff.
Posted by AndyUK 8th November, 2005

you need to get rid of all the events too.

And try making sure it's not a global object in the objects list. because it stays there even if there are none in any frames.





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