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Gambit Ball
Author: Zoglu Submitted: 23rd July, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 79

Edited By Zoglu on 7/23/2009


Created in 9 days for a game creation contest (the theme was "sacrifice"), Gambit Ball allows you to play a blue ball who moves on the screen and shoots more and more aggressive enemies ! However, each shot lower either your life, either your power !
Fortunately, when the enemies die, they leave life, power or even special bonuses : circular shot, heal, invincibility or huge shot.
What's more, the ball may sometimes... get angry, if the enemies bother it too much !

What's the goal?
Survive as long as you can in the arena, shoots lots of monsters to get points, and submit your score on a online scoreboard to compete against other players !

Features :
- A fast-paced arcade game with a touch of strategy : what will you sacrifice to survive, life or power?
- Compete with other players with the online scoreboard !
- Lots of hidden rules to discover, in order to master the game !
- Catchy tunes and voices add spice to the game !
- I let you discover the graphics with the screenshots !

(Although the screenshot are in French, the game is in English. I'll upload English screenshots later !)

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   (5.2 mkb )

Posted by OMC 23rd July, 2009

I quite liked this! Clean graphics, fitting (even though ripped) music, and nice effects. The explosion when you died was pretty.

Great job!
Posted by Zoglu 23rd July, 2009

Thanks, I'll try to change the music for the next version, so (almost) everything in this game will be original

If you want to have a look at the scores without running the games, it's here :
Some of them are already pretty high !
Posted by Callebo 27th July, 2009
Rated :

this was pretty fun love the style, but reminded me alot of geometry wars
Posted by Zoglu 27th July, 2009

Thank you





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