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True Killing Machine
Author: Joshua M. Submitted: 17th October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 150

Edited By Joshua Mononoetoe on 10/19/2004

Edited By Joshua Mononoetoe on 10/18/2004

This is a little V-Cade game I made in The Games Factory today.

Well, you play a Blue Space Marine, and you have to shoot all the green blobs. Simple, eh?

I'm gonna make more (and better) V-Games after this one. Well, I think...

Offline version available for download from the same site

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Posted by Coop 17th October, 2004

thats pretty cool game. it lags alot though
Posted by Bo Fu 17th October, 2004

Hey, this has potential. Keep it up.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 17th October, 2004

Yet another one day project contributed to TDC... *sigh*
Posted by Joshua M. 18th October, 2004

I've made an offline version, you can download it from the same page. That should get rid of possible lags
Posted by Elvn 24th October, 2004

That was pretty fun :)
Posted by Weston L 1st November, 2004

Those poor little blobs... Nice little addicting game :D bravo
Posted by Joshua M. 2nd November, 2004

Thanks you guys! :D
Posted by Tomssuli 22nd September, 2005

Heh I have some blobs in my Bazooka Challenge and such slaughter in Lila Nightmare... You could have done some green slime that splatters and stays on the ground. that would mace this even more juicy :D





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