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Cruelties v1.0
Author: Joshua M. Submitted: 30th January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 116

Heh, omg I just made a game like Punchit, oh no!


I made this game a while ago.
As I said just now this game is a lot like Punchit, I'm affraid. In this game you can beat up a head of some guy with a fist, a knife, an axe or just shoot it with a sawed-off shotgun. You can switch weapons with the numbers:
1 - Fist
2 - Knife
3 - Axe
4 - Shotgun

It's a bit bloody, but I don't think it's too bloody.
By the way, the game is packed in a setup file. Comment me about it if you don't like it that way, I'll change it

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 (376kb )

Posted by AsparagusTrevor 30th January, 2005

Why why why?
Posted by Drunking Clicker 30th January, 2005

Posted by DaVince 31st January, 2005

You're drunk, aren't you?
Posted by Joshua M. 31st January, 2005

Who me? No man I don't drink alcoholics. Why? Dunno.
Posted by 1st February, 2005

mmm... FUN!
Posted by Digital Dream software 17th February, 2005

? why? it wasnt realistically gory enough, next time use a real photo of some random guy of google, make one of his eyes in an active object and allow for the player to pluck his eyes out, or cut his ears off. also let them choose betweem male n female... woaa too many ideas there!
Posted by Joshua M. 26th February, 2005

Damn you psycho! Bleh
Posted by Joshua M. 28th February, 2005

Haha, actually, it's quite a good idea. I might make something like hat
Posted by Joshua M. 5th May, 2005

Posted by ben mercer 12th May, 2005

Howabout you make it so you can pick your own photo of a person you hate, position a "mask" over his/her face, then beat the crap out of them!
Posted by Joshua M. 15th May, 2005

:o That would be neat! Hmm...
Posted by Mattias Osterholm 27th May, 2005

I won't even bother to download this one O_o
Posted by Joshua M. 2nd June, 2005

Posted by Gerwin Kramer 17th July, 2005

this is sick. I love it
Posted by Joshua M. 28th July, 2005

^_^ good to hear that :)





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