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Grid Based Platform Engine
Author: Joshua M. Submitted: 29th December, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 311

Edited By Joshua M. on 1/6/2007

After playing Hayo's "Santaman Got The Blues" I wanted to make my own grid based platform engine. I've tried several times but most of those engines I made were very buggy. Today however, I managed to make an engine that did work.

I mainly focused on making the movement work correctly, meaning I haven't spent any time on animation and good looking sprites. Implementing these features shouldn't be very hard to do.

The most important events can be found in the behaviour of the Player object (Right click on the object -> Properties -> Behaviour #1).
I've split up the events in different groups, and I've commented most of the events.

If you're going to use this engine in your game(s), it would be nice if you'd put me in the credits, however, it is not necessary.

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Posted by Ganymede Graphics 30th December, 2006

Its good. Although the jump dosn't seem all that useful considering you can't actually move left/right when jumping.
Posted by Joshua M. 30th December, 2006

Well, it's useful for getting on those floating platforms on the right. That's the only reason I actually put in a jumping feature.

By the way, moving left/right when jumping can easily be enabled by removing some bits from the Vertical and the Horizontal Check Sequence.
In the user interaction section of the Horizontal Check Sequence, remove the "y_vel = 0" and "internal flag 0 is off" conditions.
In the user interaction section of the Vertical Check Sequence, remove all the "x_vel = 0" conditions.
Posted by Hayo 30th December, 2006

Great engine, alot more stable than mine
Posted by Werbad 31st December, 2006

Pretty good, just needs a little more sense of gravity... Falling in a constant speed doesn't feel very realistic
Posted by Hayo 2nd January, 2007

that's because it's a grid movement.
Posted by Joshua M. 2nd January, 2007

I can make the engine sos that it counts the cells the player is falling down, and that the falling speed changes to 8 instead of the standard value of 4 when the player is falling down more than 1 cell.

I can't make it completely variable though, because it wouldn't be grid based that way.
Posted by Fanotherpg 6th January, 2007

If you could say how to add move in sides in the air?
Posted by Joshua M. 7th January, 2007

Check my previous comment. I explained how to enable horizontal movement while in air in that comment.





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