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Super Mario Lost Star DEMO
Author: kjarom Submitted: 1st March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 271

Edited By kjarom on 3/2/2005

The basic story line in this demo is that Mario is intruded on once again by Bowser, and after battling him, begins a search for a star that he missed in Super Mario 64. The search for the star is played in the Super Mario World gameplay.

Please tell me what you think of it! The controls are explained throughout the game, so it's pretty self-explanatory. Have fun!

NOTE: Click on the first link, not the second!!

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 1st March, 2005

Please add more of a description and some working screenshots... and a working link.
Posted by kjarom 2nd March, 2005

Oooh wow, sorry about all the non-working stuff...I'll get to it right away.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 2nd March, 2005

Thanks - seems fine now.
Posted by Digital Dream software 2nd March, 2005

SAY! its quite good.. LOL I kinda pooped my self when his house exploded! LOL!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 2nd March, 2005

Hmmm...the GFX look...fimilar...
Posted by josh miller 2nd March, 2005

this demo is nicely done. when are you planning on releasing the actual game?
Posted by kjarom 2nd March, 2005

Heh, that's a good question...I have almost 10 of those mini-levels done, and I was planning on doing about 20 more. So, maybe sometime in April. Tentatively. Most parts of the game are pretty decent coding, though, and there's a LOT of code, so I'm probably just shooting for the beginning of April. That'll give me time to make it more professional looking, too.
Posted by DaVince 3rd March, 2005

How original. Mario, stars....
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 3rd March, 2005

It seems hes using a custom movement here though, and its quite fun.
Posted by 3rd March, 2005

The engine is really buggy and some of the "Ripped" gfx of Super Mario games don't suit with each other. You should work more on the dialogue system. Actually you should work more on the game itself:P
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 3rd March, 2005

That game is better than some mario fangames though
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd March, 2005

It's not a custom engine, its the standard one provided with Clickteam products.
Posted by kjarom 3rd March, 2005

Yeah, you can tell it's not a custom engine when you jump into a ceiling or something, because if you hold jump you stick to the ceiling. Other than that, gameplay-wise it should be pretty decent, I'm just working on more levels.
Posted by kjarom 3rd March, 2005

Oh, and what's wrong with the dialogue system???
Posted by Dustin Gunn 3rd March, 2005

it's bad?
Posted by en kerro 4th March, 2005

can't download
Posted by kjarom 4th March, 2005

click with the left mouse button on "Download Now" for it to work. I thought I said that above :)
Posted by AndyUK 4th March, 2005

Well i liked the cut scenes even if they were a little frequent. but the first part where you jump the bullets seemed a little hard for a first level and i got stuck when that goomba thingy appeared just after.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 4th March, 2005

" click with the left mouse button on "Download Now" for it to work" Isn't that a bit obvious. And that doesn't work :P
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 4th March, 2005 That worked for me ^_^
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th March, 2005

Link doesn't work...
Posted by kjarom 4th March, 2005

I have no idea why it isnt working; just left click once on "Download Now (518kb)". If that doesn't work, post again and I'll make a download page somehow.
Posted by Joshua M. 5th March, 2005

Drag the link under the 'Download now!' to the adress bar. The download works fine.
Posted by DaVince 5th March, 2005

lol, I critisized the originality of the game while I just posted GameBoy Mario... XD
Posted by Airflow 22nd March, 2005

I'm a mario game fan, but I can't get Kjarom or Davince's Mario game to work. :(
Posted by kjarom 10th October, 2005

Posted by eddy 12th January, 2006

I know I'm really late, but the link is broken (again)...
Posted by Shroomster 4th February, 2006

Not bad, I guess...





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