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Duel Toys
Author: Diefox Submitted: 25th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 436

Edited By Diefox on 6/25/2005

Well, after a long time I present a new beta/demo version of Duel Toys, my fighting game (and why theres no fighting genre????????).

Well, its the story of super toys that can fight and are the new sensation around Green Grapes city.
This game is also a great crosover, with characters from street fighter, mortal kombat, king of fighters and even killer instinct.

in this version you can play with half of the characters and helpers and go to stage 4 on arcade mode.

i dont have much to write right now, time is short. so if you want more information just go to , the page is in portuguese, but it might be easy to find duel toys around there, and the game is in english.

the default keys are:
arrows= move playey
insert(num)=punch, talk, ok
del(num)=kick, cancel

anyways, read the readme file that comes with the zip. and one more thing.


*gosh, what a headache...*

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Posted by Diefox 26th June, 2005

yes!!! its all made in MMF
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 26th June, 2005

Sweet, what' Killer Instinct Characters are goin putting in?
Posted by Diefox 26th June, 2005

should i keep that a secret o should i tell?.... well, im telling, they are fulgore and orchid, and two helpers from KI2. and i'm still concerned about AI, what do you think? is the enemy hard or easy to fight against?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 26th June, 2005

I dunno, it has it's moments of greatness, and also it's moments of cheapness, like Ryu, he likes to call in his helper all the time. Though the Cammy AI is pretty damned good, except when you trap her in a corner. BTW: KI my favorite fighting game YAY fulgore!
Posted by Smeggy 26th June, 2005

Screw Fulgore, go Jago!
Posted by Pyro 26th June, 2005

Great game man, good luck.
Posted by 26th June, 2005

To reiterate, the controls are not set up properly. I can't even get through the menu. But before you call me an idiot, because I'll do likewise, consider that some of us have laptops which do not have the numpad INSERT key. Nice screenshots, though.
Posted by Diefox 26th June, 2005

and thats why ill change the controls in the next version of duel toys, so dont you worry guys!
Posted by MasterM 26th June, 2005

Posted by HIHI 26th June, 2005

hey i have a laptop and i press the the numlock but when i press ins to start the game it doesnt work and no im not like U.2 i can read and stuff
Posted by Butt Head 26th June, 2005

This game is gonna need some major tweaks, it's really buggy. I realize this is just a demo, but in theory I should be able to FINISH the demo, right? I've tried three times and the game froze on me every time.
Posted by RapidFlash 26th June, 2005

Yeah, there was one this one bug (I don't know how it happened) where Ryu kept on calling his assist every second, and it was impossible to win because you would either have to block the fireballs or jump over them and get hit by Ryu.
Posted by izac 27th June, 2005

Posted by The Real Evil Kitty(Draconianware) 27th June, 2005

U2 stinks.
Posted by axel 27th June, 2005

lole i pressed backspace during a fight and the collision detectors appeared XD
Posted by Zapper 27th June, 2005

Geez whats everyone complainin about, this game is brilliant! I cant wait for the next version!
Posted by Simon Colmer 27th June, 2005

ye, looks great but i cant actualy get into it, no buttons work, accept the zooms! WTF
Posted by Djfuego 27th June, 2005

Awesome game! If time up is called nothing happens. Need to be able to use Joystick and or keys as well as to be able to map your own keys. Should use mp3 type music or module music, not cacky midi. If you do use midi, revamp it to sound better than a ripped SF midi.
Posted by izac 27th June, 2005

thanks simon colmer! i told you it don't start!:(
Posted by RapidFlash 27th June, 2005

Oh yeah, throws are way too cheap, they do almost as much damage as a super move! I was consistenly able to kill people in three throws. Also, whenever you try to do a throw/assist when you're facing your clone, the opponent (2nd player) will always do the throw or assist. This is really annoying, because it means that you can't call up your assist or throw during the fight.
Posted by Simon Colmer 27th June, 2005

Damm right, us people who cant start the game should stick together! What key do you use?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 27th June, 2005

Umm, guys, go to options, there are many control options for ya there, I use my gamepad all the time.
Posted by Smeggy 27th June, 2005

I personally love this because the gameplay is extremely similar to that of the Street Fighter Alpha games.
Posted by HIHI 27th June, 2005

yea but i have a laptop so i cant do anything T_T i really want to play lets all stick together
Posted by djDarkX 27th June, 2005

downloads down :( i want to try this game! anyone have a copy that I can mooch?
Posted by Eric P 27th June, 2005

I really enjoyed this game as well. I'm not much for fighting games per se, but the cartoon style combine with the Pokemon feel make this one cool. Hope a new version at some point will allow you to save (unless this one already does and I just missed it).
Posted by djDarkX 28th June, 2005

O.O OMG! THIS GAME KICKS SOO MUCH ASS! Can't wait for the full version! Now, what if it were on the GBA? ...hmmm
Posted by Ski 28th June, 2005

COOL GAME! i made a virtual pet once and your parents came in the room and gave it too you for your birthday, reminded me alot of it. A couple of things that got to me.. the controls and also it would look cool if the duel toys actually fought on like a tabletop or school desk or something? cool graphics!
Posted by izac 28th June, 2005

we can't even play the game!
Posted by Jamesbuc 28th June, 2005

I love this game at the mo. lol Anyways the game needs more KOF charaters
Posted by Zombie New Human 28th June, 2005

This is probably the best click fighting game engine I've ever seen. Cool concept...I'd really love to see more characters.
Posted by Bruce Juice 28th June, 2005

Esta página está fora do ar Provavelmente, o autor do site ainda não fez a publicação das páginas nos nossos servidores. Tente novamente outra hora. it took me to a page with no link to download a game. This is what it told me....
Posted by Leric 28th June, 2005

I love this game! Even with the bugs the fight system is very impressive & fun & the field areas give the game a sorta Mega Man Battle Network feel. Off topic: How's your Everlastia game going? Seeing as how good you're doing on this game I'd expect you to be releasing a real demo sometime in the near future.
Posted by HIHI 28th June, 2005

Change the controls!!!!! but i played it at my friends house its a good game if i would give it a 100%
Posted by DaVince 29th June, 2005

Good game, but it stopped after the first battle 'request'.
Posted by Diefox 29th June, 2005

well, answering all question, so ill call your attention with some caps ANSWERING ALL QUESTONS!!! READ BELOW!!!!!!!!! now that i have your attention. ++ my server kind of sucks, and you have to COPY AND PASTE the link into another window. and it has bandwith limit. ++ the controls are a problem, never though of laptop users, sorry, but the next version will be a shift+crtl version. ++ I released this version knowing 80% of all the bugs you reported me... thats just me.... and 90% of all bugs have been fixed. ++ theres TONS of debug keys, like bkspace and other ones, any button may be a surprise! ++ about music and sounds, i like midi music... and music is the last thing im worried about... and no fu**ing way im using mp3!!! its supposed to be a SMALL game. I even had to cut all voices to make it smaller. ++ saving, OF COURSE you can save, you just cant get to the saving spot because of the GLASS BADGE bug. ++ gameplay: i dont want it to be an accurate fighting game, i want to be a simple fighting game. ++ and most important, THIS GAME IS A BETA!!!!! so thats why you have all those bugs, it wil take at least one more month to finish this game, i made 13 of 24 chars. ++ about everlastia: it computer got too slow for developing everlastia, and my computer REALLY suxs, its a 333mhz with 128mb, i have a MUCH better one, but its not the samething... i dont know if you understand... i would feel like betraying my computer... well, whatever!
Posted by Djfuego 30th June, 2005

Ok make the midi sound better.. it's a cheap rip from street fighter and doesn't do the game any favours. Using SFX alone would be fine. How's this for an idea.. Play CD tracks ;) then ppl can listen to their kind of music whilst playing. MP3s aren't that big if you encode them correctly. Most ppl have broardband these days and if they don't then they should. It's not that expensive. This game plays well though and the midi just brings it down IMO.
Posted by RapidFlash 30th June, 2005

I think you should make Ryu/Ken do more shoryukens. They almost never do one when I try to jump kick them from far away. The computer should also try to cancel your projectile with one of theirs. Also, I found out that only Ash's throw has the ridiculous throw damage. Also, I think you should make the controls completely customizable, i.e. any key can be assigned to an attack button.
Posted by blade1661 1st July, 2005

pretty sharp game, i really recommend that attacks do double the damage so that rounds dont take 5 minutes to finish
Posted by Leerz 2nd July, 2005

awesomeness XD
Posted by MasterM 2nd July, 2005

am I THE ONLY ONE THAT IS to stupid to start this game. wtf do i have to do? i can only switch from duel, to options to arcade but how do i fucking START the crap?
Posted by Cecilectomy 2nd July, 2005

first off, masterm you need to hit num lock. then you press ins on the keypad. second off this is one of my favorite games ive ever played right next to hypercube. but now for the problems. --dont care much for the controls so ill expect you keep your word on the ctrl and shift version. ;) --when i was figuring out what my name was going to be i went to press ok but i wanted to change my name so i went back to the letters and the liitle box to select the letters was four lines above where the letters were. and each time it got four lines higheruntil it was off the screen. --after i beat the first three dudes in the school place it said i had 3 wins then i beat ryu and it said i had 99 wins and the game locked up. --and thats all. BUT THIS GAME ROCKS!!! :)
Posted by MasterM 3rd July, 2005

"first off, masterm you need to hit num lock. then you press ins on the keypad" I DID THAT but nothing happens (well i hope the INS key is the insert key. the key above del) but anyway i turned of num lock and PRESSED every FREAKING KEY ON MY KEYBOARD and i can ONLY switch to modes. oh dear i already hate this game :(
Posted by Diefox 3rd July, 2005

the keys are insert and del on the numpad, try those buttons with numlock on and off, it should work.
Posted by MasterM 3rd July, 2005

I did my friend but THAT DIDNT work :( thats very strange well I am German so do you think thats the problem? It would suck if that was the problem :( SERIOUSLY when I SAY I pressed EVERY key I mean I DID
Posted by Diefox 3rd July, 2005

hm.... i dont know whats the probem then, maybe keyboards differs from place to place.
Posted by Sashman15 8th July, 2005

man, lots of pretty bad comments about controls, gameplay, etc... game looks real nice Diefox, im downloading it right now, and im hoping im not gonna be dissapointed. :( So when is the new ("better") version coming out?
Posted by Diefox 9th July, 2005

soon, im touching somethings up and adding the last characters.
Posted by Jamesbuc 21st July, 2005

Why charlie though and not Gulie. :P Charlie was a wuss.
Posted by Jamesbuc 21st July, 2005

Oh and press num lock before playing. :P Then you can use the normal controls. :D





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