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Duel Toys 2.5
Author: Diefox Submitted: 22nd March, 2010 Favourites:6
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 840
2nd Place     (4.91 / 5)

Edited By Diefox on 03/05/2018

Oh, hi, this is a new and final version, I was just going to add Xbox controller support but ended up doing a lot more.

The download link is on my Facebook page

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   (160mb )

Posted by UrbanMonk 22nd March, 2010
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Downloading Downloading Downloading...
Posted by Solgryn 22nd March, 2010

Dayum ! ! 128 MB!! But I guess it's worth it =D I love fighting games, and especially with random characters from all over! Looking forward to it and I'll be returning when I've played it =D

Posted by UrbanMonk 22nd March, 2010
Rated :

Very polished! And awesome.

But I knew that already!

I'm going to have to play more later when I'm not so busy!
Posted by david-clarke 22nd March, 2010

This look cool,you've been working on it for ages haven't you?

Posted by Neuro 22nd March, 2010

I gave up video games for lent... WHY?! I've been waiting for this!!!
Posted by kksonwhowho 23rd March, 2010

awesome game
Posted by Yai7 23rd March, 2010
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Defiantly a free GBA game for download! Awesome!
Posted by RenatoDep 23rd March, 2010
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Isso é talento
Posted by Deaval 23rd March, 2010
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Excellent work and indeed a very polished game!
Posted by Toasty 23rd March, 2010
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A Klick Klassic!
Posted by Strife 24th March, 2010
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A massive improvement over the first Duel Toys. The graphics are better, the combat system is more refined, and the single-player mode is a lot more enjoyable. I like the Solar Lemon/Starjoy system and how it lets you be a little flexible with how your toys are controlled. The music gets the job done pretty well, but I kinda wish there was a larger variety of sound effects. I noticed that you use the same sound effect for virtually every projectile attack.

The AI is good - also better than the first game - but it's still a little weird in some spots. CPU opponents don't seem to be very good at blocking projectiles. I've been mostly playing as Morrigan (SL model) through the single player mode, and I can tear through CPU fighters like tissue paper because they refuse to block her Finishing Shower move.

Despite those annoyances, there's no reason for me to give this game anything but max stars. You've really shown us the true power of MMF2 with this gem!
Comment edited by Spaceman Strife on 3/24/2010
Posted by lembi2001 25th March, 2010
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Awesome Game!! I wish i was even half as good as you at MMF2.
Posted by Introversity 27th March, 2010
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Awesome game! But how do I get Megaman? The Slot Machine just gives me Kiddo... :/
Posted by Fadex 27th March, 2010
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Posted by Diefox 28th March, 2010

New version is up guys, go to
Posted by UrbanMonk 30th March, 2010
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The link isn't working.

It says private

Posted by Diefox 31st March, 2010

new version up guys!
Posted by W3R3W00F 5th April, 2010
Rated :

Loved every minute of it. I explains.

First off, I loved the graphics style. It was vibrant, contrasted, and fun to look at. Though because the sprites were made in flash there were the black edges around them due to lack of alpha channels. I won't hold you against this, because I know it'd be a pain in the arse to add them on every sprite.

The musics were pretty nice and sometimes end up getting stuck in my head. Though I can't really give any critisism concerning them.

What I really loved were the huge ammount of characters available and special moves! Though the toys should've cost less arcade points later in the game, because not very many people want to keep going back to the arcade over and over again trying to get every single one.

I personally thought the combo moves and character infos should've been added into the game instead of on the official website (unless the new version has this, I didn't download it).

I found quite a few bugs and mishaps. Here're the ones I remember.

At the DTGP finals area, there are at least 2-3 people who show up as Lucius' mother and say "Have a nice day." Also at the DTGP finals, one duelist remarks the same thing as another duelist in the theater, concerning batman. When you fight the duelist in the DTGP final, it takes you to the theater

Overall it was certainly worth the download. Faved!

Posted by Ski 13th April, 2010

I could have sworn it said the main character is 7 yet he's as tall as his mother...
Posted by Knockturnal 7th August, 2010


Lots of brown-nosing comments and at the bottom that flippant comment. Adam, truly a legend.
Posted by The T.C. 11th January, 2011
Rated :

Sweet interface! Wait, he has five duel toys, why does he say he has four? =0

Sweet designs, love the details even in the models. Also like how if you just randomly go to the terminal by accident it saves the characters you chose.

God I suck at fighting games, especially on keyboard. Love the gears and junk coming out from a beating. This looks like a really great game so far, though I'll have to check out more, but I'm sure there's a lot more to see. Definitely worth downloading!

As if that had to be said now. 9_9





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