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Psydude Test Demo
Author: hop Submitted: 14th July, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 151

Edited By hop on 7/19/2005

Update: New Version Uploaded, details in comments.

This is the first stage of a new game I'm making entitled Psydude. Psydude is a cool dude who lives on the planet Geometricka. One day a huge robot army spaceship comes to his planet to kill everything. Psydude must use his cool phsycic powers to destroy them.

Move Left, Right = Left, Right Arrow Keys
Use Psyblade = Contol
Jump, Double Jump = Shift
Teleport (while in air away from structures) = Up Arrow Key
Downward Flip (while in air) = Down Arrow Key

Do you find any major bugs or have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them as I want this to be as good as it can before I make the rest of the game. Specifically I was wondering if this was too hard or too easy (it should be quite easy as it's the first level).

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Posted by Killerjedi 14th July, 2005

Wow, this is actually really awesome. I love the movement engine, particularly the well-executed teleport system. My only gripes/suggestions are that there should be more variety in your psyblade attacks and that there needs to be a reason to kill enemies besides personal safety, as you can pretty much run past everything but the boss and be better off than you would be had you killed them. Great engine/demo, I can't wait for the full version!
Posted by hop 14th July, 2005

I actually kind of expect you to be able to run past everything. It should be a fast game. I really don't want there to be a reason to kill the enemies besides what you said, personal saftey. I may make the respawn time longer for enemies coming back however. Thanks for the comment, btw.
Posted by Killerjedi 15th July, 2005

Ah, alright. Well, like I said, the game looks awesome, keep up the good work.
Posted by hishnak 15th July, 2005

Cool, aside from the pillow shading. Pretty fun.
Posted by Teapot 15th July, 2005

I've been impressed with all your stuff so far, keep up el goodio workio.
Posted by chrilley 15th July, 2005

It's very cool. Could not defeat the boss though. You should give Psydude some Psyblade combos. :)
Posted by Ecstazy 15th July, 2005

Not bad but I feel it's a bit too simple, and also I don't understand why shouldn't you be able to teleport near structures.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 17th July, 2005

Yeah, and make it so that he has more psychic powers... like object lifting (just by looking at it) enemie throwing or griping (jedi style) You know, stuff like that! Keep up the good work!!
Posted by Blokma 18th July, 2005

I had little problem with the movement, but that's easily solved by just being able to stretch the window so I can tell what I'm seeing better. At that small I kept just smacking into the boss and taking damage. Brings me to recommending not having any "oh we touched, ow" damage. Seem to only have that on the boss, but it's still a little annoying and doesn't make sense. Can understand why seeing as how the boss is too easy without that, though. Could really use some Psyblade combos or different Psyblade attacks. I'd recommend when standing still, first swing is weak damage, then if you press key within time does another move that's a little slower but twice damage, or just a little more damage. Or a wider arc. Or anything. I'm sure you can think of better. Definately need to lengthen the respawn time. Just a little. Another thing that bothered me is initial jump should be a little higher. Your platform set-up just felt odd with first jump just barely making it to the platform, then getting hit and flying off it while you're trying to descend onto it. It looks and plays great, regardless of how easily I'm annoyed by small things like that. Good luck with it.
Posted by hop 18th July, 2005

Thanks for all these comments guys! I love how specific you've been, it will really help (esp. Blokma). I'll address what I'm thinking of doing on the topics you brought up: -I will definatly make the respawn time a bit longer -I will make a psyblade combo and different psyblade attacks, but I think I'll try to keep them reletivly simple. -I'm going to increase the jump height more (I've been increasing it constantly scince I started!) -I don't think I'll add any kinetic phsycic powers because I want to keep the engine rather simple. -I'll try to avoid the boss-touching damage thing, I can see how that would be annoying. -I'll make the window a bit wider as well, but not too much to preserve a sense of speed.
Posted by hop 19th July, 2005

NEW VERSION STUFF New Psyblade attacks are: -Continue holding Ctrl after normal attack to do an upwards slice. -Up + Ctrl while on the ground sends you sky high with an upwards slice. -Down + Ctrl while on the ground gives you burst of forward momentum and a quick attack. These attacks do cost more energy than the normal attack. Respawn time is longer. Jumping is higher, this really helps plus some of the new attacks push you upwards as well. There's also an unfinished intro and title screen with no sound. Press enter to start.
Posted by hop 19th July, 2005

Also press ESC to skip the intro frames if you want. The boss is easier too.
Posted by Joachim 20th July, 2005

A funny game but it needs a better story. The movement is nice but the dude slides along the ground too much, it gets kind'a annoying. I've found a glich- When I killed the boss Psydude started sliding along the ground. Thats ok, but if you press the left arrow key dude starts running the other way, you should fix that. I also think the boss is to simple made, do you use "path movement" on him? People also like when they fight bosses that has something to do with the story, Psydude's rival or something. Just a suggestion.
Posted by hop 20th July, 2005

That guy is actually just a sub-boss, but path movement?!?! I would never use such evil-crappyness. I real level-end bosses will be much more complicated and cool. And when you defeat the boss, Psydude is supposed to automaticaly run off to the next level.
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 7th October, 2005

This game is very cool, the backgrounds are sorta old-mario style, and the gameplay is a lot like Megaman Zero games, both I like! I give this game two thumbs up!:)
Posted by Attan 18th July, 2007

I looove this!! finnish it!!





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