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Ninja Assault
Author: hop Submitted: 10th July, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 277
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By hop on 7/11/2005

NEW VERSION: Details Below
Ninja Action! Fight against the computer in single-player or battle a friend(or enemy) in two-player mode! Controls are as follows:
Left, Right Arrows = Move Left, Right
Down Arrow = Defend
Control = Attack
Shift = Jump, Jump off Walls
d, g = Move Left, Right
f = Defend
a = Attack
tab = Jump, Jump off Walls

These can easily be changed at the main menu.
Also, I suggest you turn indicators on(it helps you see which Ninja is yours).

Sorry there's only one arena(now there are more), I was going to make more but I got really bored and thought it may be better to release this before I abandon it. If you like it, tell me and I'll make more. (Also I wanted to satisfy the need for games by the admins)

New Version Changes:
New Arena
Music Option
Indicator Default is ON

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 (696kb )

Posted by kymani 10th July, 2005

cool game, good idea. its just hard to understand who is who, who got hit, and what the points are. also the graphics are small- i dont understand why you resized the window to fullscreen and then centered the game with a blue boarder. i think you should have the game stretched to the edges of the screen like the options menu. also make the music an option so it doesnt interfere with the gameplay (game freezes when song ends to restart)
Posted by hop 10th July, 2005

The game actually is the same size(resolution) the entire time, and in the next version(I do want to add more levels) I will definately make music an option. The other levels will be bigger too probably, and will fill the entire screen.
Posted by Tauman 11th July, 2005

Ninjas... Always fun.
Posted by AS Filipowski 11th July, 2005

Not a bad idea. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Derek_Reaves 11th July, 2005

Its okay, kept me entertained for about 5 min. The AI is way too easy and the wall jumping too subtle.Theres no point to even using the wall jumping, it seems to be there just for looks. Also your characters sink in the platforms some , which isnt really anything major.
Posted by Chrisbo 11th July, 2005

Fun little game. Could use more variety (moves, arenas, items to pick up/use, etc) overall a fun little game
Posted by Teapot 11th July, 2005

Link's down, don't use a space in the filename next time.
Posted by hop 11th July, 2005

Thanks for the comments! I'll have ver. 1.1 out by the end of today.
Posted by Sashman15 11th July, 2005

It's pretty cool, i like the menu and other things, other "features", great game, hope you finish it though.
Posted by hop 11th July, 2005

The game is finished now.
Posted by --))AlexOfBurg((-- 12th July, 2005

A little too east :P
Posted by --))AlexOfBurg((-- 12th July, 2005

i mean easy
Posted by hop 12th July, 2005

It's really meant to be a two player game. The computer can't be hard without giving it supernatural advantages. It can't have the cunning of a real human.
Posted by AS Filipowski 13th July, 2005

you can, but it would take a while
Posted by hop 13th July, 2005

I suppose anything could be done if we spent ages doing it...
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 14th July, 2005

Wanna know what I think is not good in the game? The walking animations... You should put more effort into the walking animations... You also should make it so that one of the ninjas has a Blue Scarf, while the other has a Red one... Good Job Anyway!!!! ;)
Posted by hop 14th July, 2005

Walking animations I think are the hardest of all to do if you're working with real human characters.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 14th July, 2005

I like doing them, and they come out realy good! If anyone needs some I'll do some!! Just ask!! I'll be glad!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 14th July, 2005

I like doing them, and they come out realy good! If anyone needs some I'll do some!! Just ask!! I'll be glad!
Posted by Random_Letters 14th July, 2005

This Game Is The ShiTt. All U Need To Do Now Is, Add Useable Items, Weapons, More Moves And Shurikens Maybe? The Animation Is Great, Wall Jumping Is Really Cool Especially In The Palace (To Get Up) Great Work Keep It Up...By The Way, Whats The Purple Circle Stuff Under The Health For?
Posted by hop 14th July, 2005

Thanks Alot!!! I will definatly make a sequel sometime, this game was very well recieved in my opinion for how simple it is! The counter underneath Health is energy. I was gonna have some other special attacks that use it but for now it simply effects how much damage you do. When it is high, you can do a lot more damage per strike.
Posted by Greasy 16th July, 2005

The art is like 10% of a game to me. The fun factor is the rest.
Posted by Benny 20th July, 2005

if the game mode changes to Story mode (like Contra), it will be more cool
Posted by Green Gnome 23rd July, 2005

Why oh why does it have to be full screen? Why?!
Posted by ripthor 27th July, 2005

The zip is corrupted. Can't extract the executable no matter what. (winzip and winrar)
Posted by mrpectate 31st July, 2005

I don't know if anyone else here uses AVG antivirus, but the new version with the 7/31/2005 update is mistaking Ninja Assault, Lost Valley, Wandering Fighter, among others as "Trojan horse BackDoor.Agent.DT" (at least on my pc) It's obviously wrong. Maybe these games use a similar extension? Anybody else get this?
Posted by hop 31st July, 2005

I don't use AVG antivirus but it must think something that MMF puts into .exe's is a virus. I didn't use any extensions in this game. And the zip isn't corrupted for me (and I've tried it on multiple comps). Maybe redownload if that happens?
Posted by mrpectate 31st July, 2005

Tried but still no dice. It must be something in the .exe like you said. Some other .exe's work though. I've spent the last 2 days reinstalling XPpro and got it set up nice :p except for this :(
Posted by Bear Cub 1st August, 2005

too short :)
Posted by hop 4th August, 2005

mrpectate: here's exactly the problem as explained by circy in another download: " You should visit the Clickteam website and read this statement : --- "A few anti-virus products have had a recent update the detects BackDoor.Agent.DT in some Multimedia Fusion created EXE files. This also includes a false positive in the Multimedia Fusion demo download. This is completely incorrect and false. We have sent notices to the virus scanner companies in question so they can address this false positive situation. I have scanned the files on the Clickteam server with Trend Micro PC-Cillian and they are completely clean. Clickteam does not put anything funny in our installers. No Spyware -- No Trojans -- No Virus Thanks, Clickteam" "
Posted by mrpectate 5th August, 2005

Thanks hop. I found today that the problem went away on its' own, came here to report that, and found this. I guess I visited the forums before Clickteam posted that. I knew the virus scanner was wrong and I trust Clickteam over it ANY day. Now I've finally been able to enjoy Ninja Assault! I can't wait to play against a human. I'm sure there will be a lot of trash talkin' goodness :p





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