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Crimson Blade Demo
Author: hop Submitted: 3rd April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 128

Edited By sunstrike9 on 4/14/2005

UPDATE 2: Version 2 of the demo now up for download!(More scenery, bugs fixed and next stage finished.)
UPDATE 1: Readme fixed and download switched to sitesled.

In this game you play as a samurai. You must stop the invading army in your mountain village and surrounding areas. You can execute many deadly attacks to destroy various types of enemies. You can also find powerful items to aid you in battle.
This is only the first level plus the start of the next level which isn't finished and therefore many things don't work yet on that level.

Move - Left and Right arrow keys
Duck - Down arrow
Jump, jump off walls - f
Jump down a platform - down + f
Attack - d (try holding it and being in the air for different attacks)
Defend - spacebar
Parry - d + spacebar
pick up amulet/rune - w, e, or r
drop amulet/rune - w, e, or r

Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions would be appreciated!

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 Blade (903kb )

Posted by hop 3rd April, 2005

Hmm I wonder why the pictures arranged like that.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 3rd April, 2005

that's a good question. This is pretty good man, the wall jumping is strange though.
Posted by hop 3rd April, 2005

oh no... It looks like everytime someone downloads this it exceeds the websites data transfer for awhile. Damn geocities(but i'm too cheap to get anything else).
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 3rd April, 2005 , it free, 1GB Bandwidth a day and 100MB free space with 100MB filesize limit
Posted by hop 3rd April, 2005

Cool I'll go try it then transfer this when I get a chance.
Posted by Rikus 4th April, 2005

i'm really tempted to put this on the front page but since its a demo.. i must stand back.. can't do it nooo...Btw this rocks:)
Posted by Teapot 4th April, 2005

That was pretty bloody outstanding! Top work!
Posted by Kerry Mavy 4th April, 2005

cant download fucking geocites
Posted by hop 4th April, 2005

Thanks a lot everyone, I'm tring to switch this over to sitesled as fast as possible, so bear with me on the geocities.
Posted by daveC04 5th April, 2005

dont use resized graphics, the map screen is very hard on the eyes. as are the mountains in the background. all graphics should be 1 to 1. kinda buggy engine with wierd controls, could use some work on general gameplay. the hud sometimes is behind actives. lots to fix mate, not a bad effort though.
Posted by hop 5th April, 2005

Anyone have any suggestions for where to put the controls? I simply needed six keys to the left of the arrow keys. Personally I really like the current setup because the button you use the most is f with the bump on it and your hand is in the normal typing position (but that may be just because I'm very used to it.) Please tell me what bugs you found in the engine.
Posted by MekahDexa 6th April, 2005

Hmm. The file is corrupt. Sorry, can't play it. It looks good by the way.
Posted by hop 6th April, 2005

Can I fix that?
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 6th April, 2005

A bug: I pressed down and then I pressed f and I fell down.
Posted by hop 6th April, 2005

Oops, sorry I forgot to tell you that: When you press down and f you are supposed to fall down through platforms, unless it is the bottem platform. This way you can go down without having to walk to the end of a platform. Also, this ability is taken away during the last part of the demo(the unfinished part) because that stage goes straight downward.
Posted by hop 6th April, 2005

If that happened on a bottem platform and you fell out of the level than it is a bug.
Posted by hop 6th April, 2005

Also another odd thing I forgot to mention that may be misinterpreted as a bug: You cannot jump of two walls or one wall facing the same direction in a row (the wall direction not your direction). You can jump off infinite number of walls facing different directions. This is NOT supposed to be true in the boss level. With all of the pillars there, I decided it was simply frusturating to detrmine whether you're jumping off the right side of the pillar every time you want to go up.
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 7th April, 2005

I'll download this and review it
Posted by hop 7th April, 2005

Review? Or are you too busy playing :) If you see this keep in mind it is a demo.
Posted by hop 14th April, 2005

Game Updated Again!





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