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360° Mega Shooting Pack
Author: Destroyer (CrobaSoft) Submitted: 20th August, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 546

Edited By Destroyer (CrobaSoft) on 2/7/2010

This tutorial pack has been laying around my computer for a while, but I first decided to publish it now, since the request for 360° Bullets has been so high lately.

This contains pretty much every single kind of 360° weapon I could think of, including:

-Electricity kannon
-Instant hit

There's in total 22 different tutorials, and they're very commented, so you shold be able to make changes to them.

I know there's alredy a lot of these kind of examples around, but there aren't as many different weapons as in this.

If you use them, give me a small credit.

Extension needed:

Angle calculator

Edit: I fixed the two examples there don't work, the laser using APO still doesn't work, but it shows you how you can make one at least. And I fixed a bad link, thanks to Nuutti.

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Posted by OscarS 20th August, 2005

ok so i downloaded it and unzipped/double clicked, it asked me what program to use to open it, i selected the games factory, all it does when i click it is open tgf with no game loaded how do i run this?
Posted by RedHades 20th August, 2005

Nice, but some effects don't seem to work.
Posted by vortex2 20th August, 2005

OscarS, you can't it seems to be for MMF only.
Posted by OscarS 20th August, 2005

ah i'll dl the trial
Posted by Nuutti 21st August, 2005

This is nice, though some of the effects seem kinda innecessary, i mean, if you can do a pixel perfect pistol, then you also can probably do a pixel perfect machine gun. And you should have included the pictures in the zip file, that's why some of the effects don't seem to work. *Thumbs up* Ps. The button in the main frame, the "limited aiming 2" takes you to a wrong frame. It takes you to the chain gun thingie.
Posted by Willy C 21st August, 2005

pretty good, thumb up
Posted by colej_uk 21st August, 2005

These are some pretty good effects, I think the flame-thrower could be better though.
Posted by Josh Whelchel 21st August, 2005

Btw, chain gun, you mean Grappel hook. Or however you spell that.
Posted by Silveraura 21st August, 2005

Yeah, because when i first saw it, I thought you ment the chaingun off of PlanetSide.
Posted by Adrian Silea 22nd August, 2005

Destroyer once helped me with a 360 movement engine. I must say this tutorial has been put together nicely, and the bloke deserves all the credit he can get. Nice job! I'll need these tutorials for some games of mine.
Posted by ben mercer 22nd August, 2005

For people who don't know how to do this, this pack will be really useful, and the average quality of klik games on this site will go up :)
Posted by Robbert 27th August, 2005

This pack is great. I wanted to make the Limited Aiming Thing in TGF and I knew I had to use the Cosinus and Sinus etc but it didn't work because TGF can't handle decimals right? I don't know how you got it working, maybe it's MMF (I have it now too), maybe it's just you. Anyway, thanks. It's great for making a top down shooter!
Posted by Kazuma 21st March, 2006

Some of these examples could also be used for a platform shooter with a crosshair (Liero, for example).

This pack is great for anyone trying to learn 360°movement/shooting.
Posted by Solgryn 20th December, 2008

the link doesnt work ! And I was looking for some lazer 360 effect ! Can someone post a new one? Or repair the link, or send me a copy of this. Pleease! This looksreally nice
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 20th December, 2008

Due to that we are currently rebuilding, some of the old links will not work. You can find the 360 Megapack on the following link:
Posted by Solgryn 21st December, 2008

Can someone please give me the angleC.mfx and DRAWLINE.mfx :/ I can't seem to find them anywhere, or give me some link or maybe include them in the 360 pack?

edit: Found them , but when I click it says "multimedia fusion has stopped working" and it shutdowns the window :/????!??!??!?!?!?! wtf????
Comment edited by solgryn on 12/21/2008





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