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Author: Destroyer (CrobaSoft) Submitted: 11th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 176

Edited By Destroyer (CrobaSoft) on 9/20/2005

This little tutorail pack contains a lot of different examples on how to make more complex starfields. It includes:

-A vortex limited to a small area.
-A vortex with no limit.
-A vertical fake 3d cylinder.
-A horizontal fake 3d cylinder.
-Totally smoth circles.
-Something there moves out and then moves back towards the center.
-the same as the previous, except the stars are created one by one.
-Some mountans
-Some small waves
-Some small hils

Some of them may not have a practical use, but they look good.

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Posted by The Chris Street 11th February, 2005

Please give a better description before this is accepted.
Posted by Assault Andy 11th February, 2005

And correct the title.
Posted by DaVince 13th February, 2005

Me wantss screenshot.
Posted by Destroyer (CrobaSoft) 13th February, 2005

download it, then you can get your screensohts. unless you're blind
Posted by Willy C 13th February, 2005

I am blind. please upload screen so I can see
Posted by Digital Dream software 13th February, 2005

didnt wrk.
Posted by Destroyer (CrobaSoft) 13th February, 2005

there is your screenies
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 14th February, 2005

Piece of crap!
Posted by Yuhkaz 14th February, 2005

Posted by matt-e-h 19th February, 2005

yea, some very nice effects there dude :) may have to "borrow" one or two if thats okay!
Posted by Kai Proton 31st August, 2005

I like these Star Effects, I would also like to borrow 1 or two as "Matt-e-h" says, Your name will show in my credits,(Assuming my game gets that far)





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