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4 Rotation effects
Author: Destroyer (CrobaSoft) Submitted: 26th May, 2005 Favourites:0
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Edited By Destroyer (CrobaSoft) on 9/17/2005

These four examples have been on the Clickteam forums for a while, but I thought Id put them on here too. This pack contains four different Rotation effects.

The first is a little app where an active is rotated around the center, and you can control its rotation speed, up-down speed and size with sliders, so you can have thousands of different shapes.
You'll need the Move Safely 1, and Color Picker dialogue.

The second is a bunch of actives rotated around the center of the screen, and sometimes they make some cool shapes like a spiral or something with two arms.

The third is where you can create some actives by holding the mouse button, and then they're rotated around the mouse. If you drag the mouse while you do it you can get a cool effect.

The last is just a simple spiral, there's slowly drawed, and where you can move an active along it, with the arrow keys.

All of these are opensource, feel free to use them to anything you want, no credit required. They're for MMF, but the EXE's are also added.

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Posted by The Chris Street 26th May, 2005

Any of them require extentions? If so, you should probably edit the download and list them :)
Posted by Destroyer (CrobaSoft) 26th May, 2005

I edited it, thanks.
Posted by Ski 26th May, 2005

i like that one with the active squares, the third screenshot, it looks quite 3d! :)
Posted by Ski 26th May, 2005

oh and the last ones cool too!





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