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Gunner 4 Demo
Author: KNPMASTER Submitted: 22nd October, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 1040

Edited By KNPMASTER on 10/22/2005

Gunner 4 is on it's way, and this is proof! A fully functioning, 2-level demo of my masterpiece, Gunner 4 will blow your mind with its extremely challenging gameplay, not to mention beautiful graphics and a killer soundtrack composed by CradMazy. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW.

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Posted by 22nd October, 2005

You are to full of your self!
Posted by Goemon 23rd October, 2005

This actually looks to be shaping up pretty well. Here's hopes to it actually getting finished.
Posted by Killerjedi 23rd October, 2005

I've been waiting for years for this game and when I saw the demo on the recent submissions list, I nearly crapped my pants. However, I'm terribly sorry to say, the game is a total disappointment. This game is nothing like Gunner 3. Gunner 3 had action, a fast and exciting engine, and overall was FUN. This game has terrible, irritating aiming, difficult and cumbersome controls, and is simply a chore to play. After about five minutes of playing, I literally felt tears gather in my eyes from the sheer disappointment. Four years of waiting for this? I can only hope that Chaos Gate, the other game no one really believed would ever be released, won't be as painful as this.
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 23rd October, 2005

You just need how to learn how to play it. I find this extremely fun (although it was quite a pain in the ass in the beginning, when I tested the first beta, there even wasnt that helpful static aiming helper). I suppose you should actually practise the aiming system, it is useful after you get used to it. And the two levels are big, and it has checkpoints and three different difficulties (and secrets, of course!), so this isnt even very short demo. Can't wait for the full version, thumbs up from me.
Posted by Fragasnap 23rd October, 2005

This is really cool, I do kinda wish I could duck though. The enemies are alarmingly intelligent, I was shooting at one in a position that he couldn't reach me, so he moved some so he could reach me as well, but their also pretty cruel, I got killed and watched as they beat the heck out of my lifeless body. :O I also don't really like the aiming system, and the mini-healing packs don't heal enough. But I really like it!
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 23rd October, 2005

You can duck. Press Action-button and down.
Posted by colej_uk 23rd October, 2005

This is really cool, but I would prefer a mouse aiming system since you have to use the mouse for the inventory anyway. The animations are all really well done too, make sure you finish it! XD
Posted by Ski 23rd October, 2005

The graphics really arent all that beautiful.
Posted by hishnak 23rd October, 2005

-Make the bullets clearly visible. -Make the crosshair go out as far as the enemy so you can see where your aiming. -The music got annoying. Good game. I liked the gunner3 style better but I think I can get used to this.
Posted by PixelRebirth 23rd October, 2005

I feel the controls are hard to master. I'd prefer mouseaiming too, think of Abuse. Still you put without any doubt a lot of effort into this. Thumbs up!
Posted by KNPMASTER 23rd October, 2005

I'm sorry some of you dislike the changes that Gunner has undergone from 3 to 4. I think it just takes some getting used too...
Posted by Aptennap 23rd October, 2005

i really like this game, nice graphics, good engine, the only thing i don't like is the aiming, i prefer mouse aiming or the aiming in gunner 3, but cool game really cool
Posted by AndyUK 23rd October, 2005

this is one of the best click games in the making at the moment, anyone that can't see that from this superb demo is simply wrong.
Posted by hishnak 23rd October, 2005

Don't get me wrong, the game is awsome. The aiming was just a little off.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 23rd October, 2005

Like everyone else, I didn't like the aiming system much either. For a game that heavily relies on shooting and combat, the system is simply too clunky. However, there is this game called Dark Wars II (klik game) that had pretty much the same control scheme but it worked much better. Anyways, I guess the game is too far into completion that there's no way in hell your going to change it (and you wern't exactly looking for criticism either), but I just thought I'd point out Dark Wars to ya :).
Posted by Hamish M 24th October, 2005

You really have to consider weather you're making the game for you, or for your audience. The aiming system is alright when you get used to it but most people will not give it that chance. They will find it frustrating and quit before they get used to it. I read that you want to sell this game, I think you could make some decent money off it if you changed the aiming system to something more user-friendly. It really is a very good and well polished game, better than all the other crap on this site. The control system can make or break your game, and in this case I think the current control scheme has the potential to break it. I suggest using the mouse to aim, as you use the mouse already for the inventory, or having Gunner 3 style aiming. If not default, at least make it a option in the controls menu. There are some other minor flaws I've noticed: - Trying to use health in the inventory screen during a boss battle or other fight is frustrating. Have a key on the keyboard that when pressed, intelligently decides which healthpacks to use to bring you up to full health and uses them. - Having no way to avoid being hit is annoying. The game is generally good in this respect, but some areas like the start where you have to club-whack the pistol soldier, it seems to me that its down to luck weather I get shot or not. Keep this in mind when you're playtesting the level. Perhaps the club could be a one hit kill from behind? - If you want to keep your secrets and unlockables truly secret, which it seems you do because the save files are encrypted, I suggest you work on your encryption system. I broke into it quite easily and gave myself all the weapons. I don't think it would be a good idea to post how here but if you want to know you can email me. - If you are going to sell it, you can't use ripped sound effects, or MP3 files. OGG is a good, free replacement for MP3. I truly hope you decide to make the game more user-friendly and change the control scheme, because you have a real talent for what you're doing and could make some decent money off it. It would be a shame to see people ignore 4 years of your hard work just because of the way it controls.
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 24th October, 2005

Actually, if people havent noticed, the aiming system is very much like the one in G3. While walking, you can aim exactly like in G3, and the static aiming is just for more accurate shots.
Posted by Hempuli 24th October, 2005

Jerry, Dark war 2 is bad game. This is much better. I think 3d-lookish graphics are worse than own made graphics.. KNPMASTER!! GREAT GAME!!
Posted by KNPMASTER 24th October, 2005

Hamish, you show your expertise by giving your valid points. I'll see what I can do about making the game mroe user-friendly. Health packs during boss - I intended for this to be a pain, if your going to reach around in your pockets when the boss is trying to kill you, thats your business. haha The saving system will be fixed. The mp3s are all original btw, and yeah if im going to sell it, a few select sounds need to be removed. Aiming System - Gunner 4 has actually gone through several different control schemes, and this is one is what i've been sitting on for now. I guess making an option with a 'classic' control scheme would suit some people better. However I think that I have failed to fully describe how to aim properly. What I have now is hybrid system, classic and 32 dir aiming combined. When your walking, it acts as an 8 directional system(with some changes), however when standing still there is the 32 directional aiming. I guess it was a bad idea to combine the two, some people like it though.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 24th October, 2005

"I think 3d-lookish graphics are worse than own made graphics" I was referringn to the controls, not the graphics. And I didn't comment on the ingegretiy of Dark War 2's entertainment value.
Posted by Derek_Reaves 24th October, 2005

I saw this game a long time ago myself, and expected just a tad more from it. The controls are horrid as many have already said :P. The engine is well made, and the ai is decent, but sometimes the enemies decide to be stupid. Ok graphics,nothing too special, but the filtered/non-hand drawn ones look like crap against the actual hand drawn ones IMO.The interface is nice and clean, and I didn't really find it hard using health packs in the middle of battle ( but I play a lot of games that require hand switching like this :P).All in all I expected a lot more from this, but what I see here isn't really anything I'd look forward to myself :/. Even with mouse movement it would just seem like its missing something.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 24th October, 2005

"The mp3s are all original btw" He meant that the MP3 format is licensed and you should convert the music files to OGG format.
Posted by KNPMASTER 24th October, 2005

ah! Thanks for clearing that up Mr. Gunn.
Posted by Hamish M 24th October, 2005

A suggestion for a control scheme: The game controls like Gunner 3 normally. When you hold the Z key, you get precise 32 direction aiming. Crouch and roll is shifted to C, and double gun mode is shifted to double tapping C. Having the player able to crouch at the press of a button rather than pressing two makes it alot more useful in many situations.
Posted by AndyUK 24th October, 2005

"Don't get me wrong, the game is awsome. The aiming was just a little off. " my post wasn't a reply, i didn't read any other posts. i'm giving this a chance even though i already like it.
Posted by Killerjedi 24th October, 2005

I may have been a bit too hard on the game, but I will still say (and agree with most of the other posters) that the aiming system is seriously difficult. The only problem with it is that the cursor moves incredibly fast, so fast that instead of making aiming quick and easy, you overshoot time after time and spend an eternity trying to get a bead on your foe. Secondly, the crouching/rolling needs a little work. It's too difficult to quickly crouch, and the rolls leave you lying down and vulnerable. I would say you should switch crouching to C and rolling to X or V, and removing the "lying down" end of the roll. That would work perfectly. Those are really the only problems I have with it.
Posted by Killerjedi 24th October, 2005

Oh, one other minor gripe. The desks are useless. You can't shoot over them, and the enemy just walks inside the desk and kills you.
Posted by KNPMASTER 25th October, 2005

How about sticking your gun in front of them? but keep your body behind it. I recall in real life if i shot a solid object it doesnt go throught it, however once I put my gun in front of the object, it worked out fine. As for that assult rifle enemy your probabily talking about, try and get him from a distance. I tried to make the enemies smart. Their only purpose is to shoot your dead body, and if you not dead, they make that happen too.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 25th October, 2005

"I tried to make the enemies smart. Their only purpose is to shoot your dead body, and if you not dead, they make that happen too." This is all good. However, if you do plan to sell this game, keep in mind that most people who but cheap little titles off the internet (or whatever channel you wish to use) are casual gamers. Theres a good chance that your trying to sell this game to an audience who goes out and buys tetris and break out clones. If most klikers (who I assume are mostly hardcore gamers of one kind or another) are having difficulty, then you may want to make the enemies a little less 'smart'. Most shareware games like this sell through demos and upgrades which heavily relies on instant gratification during the first few minutes of gameplay. If those few minutes are taken up by the player dying again and again, you may have trouble selling. Just my 2 cents.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 25th October, 2005

To add to the comment made by Hammish earier - know who your making the game for.
Posted by Flava 25th October, 2005

Apart from the aiming I think this game is excelent. It's quite different to Gunner 3 - I think the level designs are very different. I think if you have slightly better level design, and mouse aiming - this will possibly shape up to be a great game. Nice work :)
Posted by Dr. James MD 26th October, 2005

Have to say I prefer Gunner 3. I know this is only the demo but the title graphics screamed 'cheap', actually pretty much the whole GUI (menu, level select and ingame) was lacking. Also why have the GUI mouse based and the game not? Perhaps you should think about merging the two, or dropping the mouse menu? I also reckon that mouse aiming in-game will speed up gameplay, even now I've played it for 30 or so minutes I'm still trying to get fully accustomed the aiming. A 2D game shouldn't take that long. I do love the sprites though, and the enemy graphics. Especially the animation- it's just smooth and works. Didn't like the background graphics though. But if the full game is just this with more levels then I wouldn't buy it. Right now it seems like a click game, if you're selling it then the quality should be a lot higher. Sorry if I've been too negative but hey its C&C.
Posted by maVado 27th October, 2005

I would love to play it, but the controls are crap therefore I quit after 1 minute. There are some unwritten rules about certain genres and controls. Check out "Abuse", its free and it shows perfectly how the controls should work for that type of games. Imaging you are playing a RTS game and you have to select your units with the middle mouse button or holding down a key on the keyboard. That would ruin the game for sure.
Posted by steve 28th October, 2005

Game looks great very polished etc but completely unplayable due to diabolical aiming system.
Posted by Leric 29th October, 2005

I love this game way more than 3 the only thing I think you should change is have it so you can move without it resetting your aim as this is annoying when fighting an enemy on the ceiling or in the air since you have to re-aim after each time you dodge there shots. Maybe you could have it so you press a certain button to reset your aim (or make it so you can choose in options to have manuel or automatically reset). I've also been waiting for this game for a long time & to me it is in no way a dissapointment (it's actually way better than I expected it to be since I was expecting it to be just 3 with new enemies, a few more guns & more stages).
Posted by Jub 29th October, 2005

Has anyone hacked weapons?
Posted by Noyb 30th October, 2005

I had a lot of fun with this demo once I took the time to get used to the aiming system. Are you all trying to shoot enemies while stationary? No wonder you're having so much trouble. While running you can hold up or down to aim at 45 degree angles (as Diaz said). If you aim while stationary beforehand, it keeps that angle, solving Leric's problem. The boss battles are great, requiring acrobatics, gunplay, a little bit of thought, but a decent mastery of the controls. I also liked how you could add new abilities through the Diablo-esque modular inventory system. I can appreciate your intent to intentionally make the mouse-driven inventory cumbersome so that the player would only fiddle around with it in safety, but it's still annoying. Some minor complaints: The inventory text has a noticable lag before appearing. It would be cool to be able to lie prone from the crouched state, instead of having to roll. Since people seem to not have the patience to learn the controls, maybe introduce them in a tutorial level. Finally, the guns in this demo had unlimited ammo, but the blank descriptions of gun's "ammo type" and the ability to pickup multiple copies of the same gun implies otherwise for the full game. Will there be ammo pickups, unlimited ammo, or gun micromanagement in the full game?
Posted by steve 30th October, 2005

I decided to play again today and had quite alot of fun after getting used to the bad controls. Gonna give a thumb up now :P
Posted by Justin Warnes 11th November, 2005

The music kind of grates on the nerves after a while. Too repetitive!

The control scheme is fine, but I like Hamish's idea of holding down a button for percision aiming.

Level design is decent, albeit medicore, and really not that interesting.

That said, this game was very fun and has caused me to waste several hours of my otherwise (mostly) productive life. Enemy types are varied and interesting. Inventory system adds a nice touch. AI is pretty impressive for a click platformer, and sounds are very fitting.

Please, KNPMASTER, keep Gunner free. The games in the Gunner series have always been models of click originality and quality freeware (except Gunner 3D, but we won't talk about that obscure little title). Plus, I'm a bit broke.





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