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Paroxysm (demo)
Author: Neuro Submitted: 30th October, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 205

You have fallen into the Dungeon, and there is no way out, except to go through it...

This demo features 9 levels in the dungeon stage. There are 5 difficulty settings:
Easy, Medium, Hard, Immortal Leper and Single Life.

Easy, medium and hard start you with a set number of lives (less for harder difficulties), and each mode makes you slightly easier to kill than the last. It may seem like there are too many lives, this is because they're supposed to last the whole game, and I'm not yet done with the whole game

Immortal Leper starts you with unlimited lives, but the slightest graze can kill you. Frustrating but quite funny.

Single life starts you with, well, one life. See how far you can get.

Controls are as follows:
Up/Down - Select menu item
Enter - Confirm selection

Left/Right - Move left or right
Shift/Ctrl - Jump/Climb ledges
Up - Climb ledge
Down - Crouch/Drop from ledge
Down+Jump - Slide


Comments and criticism appreciated

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Posted by Neuro 30th October, 2006

Thank you!

I'll finish it, and definately add Full Screen mode in.
Posted by 30th October, 2006

Indeed fuckin' awesome Release it already xP
Posted by Roman-the-evil 30th October, 2006

Some unlockable would be great to exist
As well as secrets?
Posted by 30th October, 2006

A weapon later in the game would be cool. (And enemies, duh... like zombies)

I love how theres multiple exits, adds to the replayability.
Posted by Reno 30th October, 2006

Its good but it too hard at the start. It should progress more.
Posted by Neuro 30th October, 2006

I was afraid it would be too hard, I may tone down some of the earlier levels but the game is meant to be quite challenging

At least you get plenty of lives
Posted by Erik 30th October, 2006

I can not play it.. Thats to bad as it looks realy good. I have never had a problem with any click game
before. I have tested lots of click games and i make
some myselfe but for some reason i can not play this.
It runs at less then snails pace. =(
I wonder whats special with this game that makes
it happen. Has no one else had this experience?
Posted by Neuro 30th October, 2006

Ah yes, I realised it runs pretty slowly when I had MSN peoplez talking to me.

I think it has something to do with the scale/angle things. I'll try setting them to speed rather than quality and see what happens.

Thanks for telling me, I wasn't sure how it'd run on other computers.
Posted by Roman-the-evil 30th October, 2006

Btw... is the main "hero" of the game some sort of office worker? He looks like one. How about you make the dungeon darker as it progresses through the levels?
Posted by Bibin 30th October, 2006

Nice, but runs kinda slow. Make sure V-SYNC is disabled...
Posted by robin90 30th October, 2006

Great game you have there.

It is a timing and precision game. It is true that it is quite hard at the begining. I took about 10 lives just to get past level 1. Wow, on with level 2.

Yeah. enemies with weapons would be a bonus. This game kinda remind me with prince of persia.
Posted by danjo 31st October, 2006

yeah - quite good. while its still in its design stages, be nice to have something where you could hold down, and the view lowered a bit so you could see further down.

id, probably work on the crawling animation a bit more too.

keep it up.
Posted by Peblo 31st October, 2006

Not hard at all, I beat the game on my first run though on 4 lives. I tried for a second time on single life and I died at the laser on the 5th level. On all my single life runs I keep dying there. Make some super hard levels please, these ones are pretty easy.
Posted by MJK 31st October, 2006

Great game so far. I also think it's not too hard, it's just harder than games usually are which is not a bad thing. Full-screen would add a lot.
Posted by robin90 31st October, 2006

Any hints on level 4-2 ? I am stuck at the place where there is a rotating axe and you need to climb two platform to clear. It seems that the axe is just too fast.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 31st October, 2006

Great game so far. Keep up the good work
Posted by axel 31st October, 2006

Looks rather interesting...
Posted by MasterM 31st October, 2006

this one looks really wicked and cool. it makes me think of that one click game where you also had to survive boobie traps. it must be Deathtrap Dungeon as mentoined by Wong because that one was sadly pretty buggy. it also makes me think of prince of persia. i need rosetta if i want to get it working on OSX, right (no I dont have an intel)?
@Wong: would have been smart to LINK to the YOUTUBE video thread, wouldn't it? its impressive and great to see all the stuff people are cooking but i dislike it that people dont put something like "made with mmf" in their youtube discrebtion. all those videos are GREAT plugs for clickteam = would bring us new users / noobs = new (probably good) games
Posted by Reno 31st October, 2006

This game is great. better than some other crap i have seen like the so called 'Reno shooter' that isn't even a picture of me
Posted by axel 31st October, 2006

Hmmm, it's pretty good. I think you should increase the contrast of the background tile though. Make it darker/lighter or something.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 31st October, 2006

It's a link now, MasterM. And a little MMF message at the end of each video might do a lot for the community...
Posted by MasterM 31st October, 2006

its great you fixed it. an admin who cares. its just a great thread and that way you killed two frogs (or birds?) with one stone or how ever that one goes- a great game and a great thread in a single news post. i agree people should put mmf messages at the end
Posted by Neuro 31st October, 2006

Wow thanks for the comments

Don't worry peblo, it will get harder

People who suggested guns and enemies - I'm keeping this game simple, don't want to add too much into the mix (though it would be cool and I did toy with the idea).

Bibin - I'm working on the performance issues

robin90, on 4-2, keep jumping when those platforms are over the axe, you can clear it with no pain. There should be enough platforms to jump across to when you're close enough

danjo - yeah I know the crawling animation sucks And that's a good suggestion for the camera moving when you duck... I'll see what I can do!

Thanks again!

Posted by DaVince 31st October, 2006

Good game, good job.
Posted by Neuro 31st October, 2006

New video of the next Stage
Posted by MasterM 31st October, 2006

how terribly disappointing. i finally came home and the DL won't work
Posted by Neuro 31st October, 2006

Keep trying man! I just tested it and it worked Try opening the link in a new window or something.

That or wait until I finish the full version
Posted by Noyb 31st October, 2006

Tiiight gameplay. Good job, looking forward to the full version.
Posted by Silveraura 31st October, 2006

I enjoyed it, ran smoothly. Challenging, but in a good way. Good job.
Posted by Dani Johnson 1st November, 2006

who gave it a thumbs down
and why?
Posted by 1st November, 2006

I love this so much that im making a similiar game
Hope youre okay with that, it wont be an exact clone though. ^^ It would be impossible to beat this one
Posted by Dani Johnson 1st November, 2006

Wowzers! That's fine with me

Good luck with it

Expect the full version... uh... some time next week? Probably later. I dunno. I will finish it though! It'll actually be my first completed game. Like most of you, I have a ton of unfinished projects. I do most of the engine then don't have the motivation to actually make levels
Posted by Neuro 1st November, 2006

Oops, Dani forgot to sign out ^^;
Posted by Dani Johnson 1st November, 2006

lol thats ok, it just looks like im gna make the full version as if!!
Posted by robin90 2nd November, 2006

It seems that you have the wrong level. I can completed the game with doubt but just curious how you get past 4-2. There is many ways to complete this demo, I guess cos there are more than one manhole at the end of each level, makes the game replayable again and again.
I am stuck at level 4-2 where you started by jumping down to lasers shooting at you.You are able to see the exit but need to go one big round to get there. Then you arrived at a place where you need to climb onto a platform to continue. The rotating axe is way too fast, even though I did try my best, but the grabbing on the ledge and the pulling up movement makes it too slow for me to get past. I always die even before I managed to pull up.Any hints ??

BTW, a cool video for the next stage.

Posted by Dani Johnson 2nd November, 2006

I dont understand how you get stuck there, you have to wait until the axe has just passed you and then climb up quick, it is possible as i have done it may times. Maybe tom will be able to enlighten you sorry
Posted by Neuro 2nd November, 2006

Oops my mistake

I just jump up and climb as it's about to swing overhead. Once you're up there you can just jump over the axe if it swings past. Careful not to land on the spikes though

Good luck!
Posted by Andrew Barontini 3rd November, 2006

Pretty freaking sweet. so simple, yet, so painful.
Posted by Assault Andy 6th November, 2006

Awesome game, please finish it and I can tell it will instantly become a click classic.
Posted by robin90 6th November, 2006

Posted by Tom Vine 2nd November, 2006

Oops my mistake

I just jump up and climb as it's about to swing overhead. Once you're up there you can just jump over the axe if it swings past. Careful not to land on the spikes though

I can jump up but I could not climb up and jump over the axe cos he is too slow everytime. The axe is just too fast. I did try every possible timing of the axe but he is just too slow esp the pulling up movement. Is it due to individual computer speed ? Cos I study that level and you need to climb up and jump past the axe to pass that level.

Posted by Neuro 6th November, 2006

I'm guessing it probably is your computer speed :S That bit is really easy to do - even if the axe just clips you it doesn't take much health if you just keep going. Unless of course you're playing on Immortal Leper mode, then I can see if it's a bit difficult

I think I've improved the performance as much as possible, though. It's probably recommended that you close most apps whilst you play it though And don't worry, it's nearly finished! Expect a release some time this week!
Posted by robin90 6th November, 2006

Ok Expectng another game to make it to GOTW !!
Posted by Dani Johnson 6th November, 2006

wooo yeah GOTW all the way
Posted by Dustin Gunn 6th November, 2006

Please make a level checklist in the full version
Posted by Neuro 6th November, 2006

I'll have a 'stage select' screen once you've chosen difficulty, I think. What would you prefer, being able to choose to start on individual levels or the beginning of each stage (dungeon, factory and lab)? Only once you've completed them before, of course.
Posted by Dani Johnson 7th November, 2006

i think that would be a very productive idea, i didn't think of that one
hehe yeah good idea, you can choose to play whichever level again once you have completed them, this means that even if you complete the game you still have unlocked levels so you have to play the game again to unlock them
Posted by david-clarke 7th November, 2006

eh? I cant get past the axe on the very first level, it moves way too fast to get past, did no-one else have the same problem?
Posted by Neuro 7th November, 2006

You're probably having the same problem robin90 is having. I'm guessing it's performance related. If it's not, then I don't know what to say

(well I do, I just don't want to tell you that you suck)

I'd say it's definately performance related, actually... You can run past it and even if it just clips you (or even hits you quite a lot), you usually wont take even damage to be killed. Does the game seem to run choppily on your comp? If so then the full version should fix this Just wait for that
Posted by Dustin Gunn 14th November, 2006

I just meant it's hard to keep track of which levels I skipped so it'd be cool to have a list of them for easy reference
Posted by Neuro 15th November, 2006

I have a nice system worked out Expect a release either later tonight or tomorrow! I'm thinking of making some new music for the different stages, so that might take a while.

Got a stupid college thing to do for tomorrow, damnit :/ Oh well

But yeah, it's nearly finished!





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