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Author: Neuro Submitted: 15th November, 2006 Favourites:7
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 4225
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Edited By Neuro on 7/9/2009

Edited By Neuro on 6/23/2007

Edited By Neuro on 6/23/2007

You have fallen into the Dungeon, and there is no way out, except to go through it...

Make your way downwards, avoiding fiendish traps such as swinging axes, lava and crushers. Test your skill in Immortal Leper and Single Life mode.

Don't want to start from the beginning? Restart from either of the 4 stages on the map screen, but only if you've been in that stage before. Your progress will save automatically.

Be quick, be smart. Your life depends on it.

Controls are as follows:
Up/Down - Select menu item
Enter - Confirm selection

Left/Right - Move left or right
Shift/Ctrl - Jump/Climb ledges
Up - Climb ledge
Down - Crouch/Drop from ledge
Down+Jump - Slide

Be sure to read the notice boards properly if it's your first time.

Includes full screen mode. Be sure to exit all other applications to increase performance. I know some people had problems with the demo, if it still runs slow, then I'm not sure what's wrong, I apologise. I'm sure the performance issue is fixed, though.

Good luck.

EDIT: Hosted again!

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Posted by Plooscva 16th November, 2006

OMG ITS FINALLY HERE!!! i completed the demo like 5 times it was so wicked! gonna check it out ina min!
Posted by Neuro 16th November, 2006

Wow thanks for the comments and the review I'm glad you like the game

I suppose it could've been a bit better if I spent more time on it, but hey, I just wanted to get a full game finished and released.

Robin90 - I apologise, I didn't know the the stick of the axe was hurting you I can see why that was difficult now

Thanks again for the review, Circy, was a nice surprise for me to come home to!

Radix - Yes. This game is based on a true story about a man who still lives today with leprosy. Jesus never got round to curing him.

Suppose I better get cracking on a new game, then
Posted by Yoshimaster 16th November, 2006

Whew, I beat it. Great game!
Posted by axel 16th November, 2006

Would be cool with a level editor. PAROXYSM 2?
Posted by Plooscva 16th November, 2006

Downlaoded it. Brilliant! Great fun, Just right difficulty level, Great music and sounds, Ehh a bug maybe here or there. Level Editor would be great! I managed to complete it but its a bit short. Also the ending is dissapointing. A game intro would be useful where it tells you how you get into the dungeon/shows you a movie. For example you walk in a park and fall into a manhole. Similar thing would be good for the ending. Great game!
Posted by Silveraura 16th November, 2006

Really nice game, I don't know why people say they have performance issues though, if you have even a mildly decent computer, it plays fine. I don't have any kind of frame hitches, and I have a good bit of stuff open.
Posted by Kazuma 16th November, 2006

Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very fun.
Posted by Dani Johnson 16th November, 2006

this game is great, i have been waiting for the full version since the release of the demo and it is just pure brilliance. Very fun and frustrating at time but love it
Posted by 16th November, 2006

'if you have even a mildly decent computer, it plays fine.'

So you've tested it on a wide range of computers?
Posted by Diefox 16th November, 2006

oh my god! this game rules!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 16th November, 2006

I've been making a very similar game recently, completely by coincidence: I've been working on it for a couple of months but I've only just started making proper progress.
I'll have to do really well to better the gameplay of yours, it's just so much fun to play. Yeah, the graphics aren't that great, but the engine is solid and the level design is brilliant it all fits together well and forms an amazingly playable game.
Posted by Roman-the-evil 17th November, 2006

Does it just seem, or on one-life mode The Man can withstand more pain?
Game is incredible. And thanks for one-life mode. That one adds real challenge as well as realism.
Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 17th November, 2006

it didnt download for me damn,
Posted by Assault Andy 17th November, 2006

The game doesn't seem to be working the same way that the demo did for me. Someone mentioned it before but when I hit the sides\the stick of the axe and not the axehead I get hurt. In the demo this didn't happen, now I can't get past any axes.
Posted by maVado 17th November, 2006

that was fun, thumbs up, everything fitted.
Posted by Neuro 17th November, 2006

Assault Andy, try sticking your display to 256 colours, it seemed to work for robin90.

Thanks for the comments again
Posted by kankki 17th November, 2006

PAROXYSM: Episode one
Posted by Assault Andy 17th November, 2006

Tom Vine - Thanks, that did work. The menu doesn't look as good, but now at least I can play it! Great game.
Posted by PixelRebirth 17th November, 2006

I thought I wouldn't like this at all... I was wrong, I really love the player movement, well done!
Posted by Kai Proton 18th November, 2006

Oh The Pain the Pain,

My Little Guy Gets Mashed and Broken too much!!!

Great Game, Great Concept, Reminds me of the old FlashBack and Another world Type games,..

Posted by X_Sheep 18th November, 2006

How the heck do you get past that swinging axe on the first level?
Posted by axel 18th November, 2006

Beat it on medium and hard. Got to the last factory level on one-man mode
Posted by Neuro 18th November, 2006

P_Hizzy - you probably have the same problem as some other people. Set your display to 256 colours if the shaft of the axe is hurting you, only the head should hurt you, allowing you to stand at the shaft and not be hit.

Posted by X_Sheep 18th November, 2006

That's pretty weird.
Posted by Silveraura 18th November, 2006

@YZZIHP- Infact, I have. Was bored, and we have 4 different computers in the house. Mine, which is the best of all 4, my dads, my sisters, and my brothers. My brothers PC runs on the minimum everything, to keep WindowsXP running. Pentium 2, 128mb of ram, 20gb hard drive. Just to give you an idea of the range of computers I have in the house.
Posted by 18th November, 2006

Its a fun fact that the demo has more thumbs ups that this maybe people got dissapointed somehow?

Well i love this game, atleast ^^
Posted by Radix 19th November, 2006

Can't say I enjoyed it as much as everyone else seems to, but definitely the pick of the bunch this week.
Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 19th November, 2006

Well done that game is great, i give a thumbs up for that
Posted by Matt 19th November, 2006

is it just me or did this look better in game than in the screenshots? maybe im an idiot.
Posted by axel 20th November, 2006

Did anybody beat it on single-life mode yet? I got to the labs
Posted by 21st November, 2006

i did
Posted by UF Comtec 21st November, 2006

Great game!
Posted by Dani Johnson 21st November, 2006

yeah im gradually geting through the game on single life, its really fun and addictive

though so frustrating at times it hurts
Posted by robin90 21st November, 2006

Congrats on making it to another game site
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 22nd November, 2006

A second one would definetly be absolutely awsome, level editor, longer game (sadly the fun was over to soon) and some cool new objects.

Oh by the awsome game you kick arse.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 22nd November, 2006

wow this is the greatest game ever.
got to level 15, 14 is da shit!
Posted by Neuro 22nd November, 2006

Wow... if only I could read... whatever language that site was in... czechoslovakian(sp)?

'Tis cool though

Posted by Midnight 24th November, 2006

Dude, awesome game! I love the whole idea of a man being thrown in a torture chamber! The controls are great but it is a shame you can't slide directly after another slide. The level design is great, although I agree it is a bit difficult at the begining. I'm at the last level but am tempted to not beat it becuase I don't want to know whats going on (if there is a explaination!)
Great Work! Looking foward to the sequel!
Posted by SupaStix 25th November, 2006

Awesome game. Congrats for winning GotW!
Posted by SyKo 25th November, 2006

Great game. I love these classic prince of persia style puzzles where u just avoid traps. However... after all the hard work wading through 15 dungeons... the ending flopped big time!
Posted by Sne 2nd December, 2006

Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 13th December, 2006

A fun little game. I don't like calling it "little", but the truth is, I only needed 20 minutes to finish it. Yes, I didn't play all the levels, but I simply didnít find finishing all levels rewarding enough. Unless some bonus stage appears if the player finished all levels. If this is true, it should be pointed out in the instructions/documentation in order motivate the player.

I don't have any bigger complaint on the game really. It's very well executed, from design to smooth engine. Also, the pain concept is an excellent idea. As for the graphics. They are very good but not excellent. Oh yes, the presentation could have been better.

Anyway, my point is that the game is too short for me to remember it after a month. If it had some 50+ levels, was very challenging, and I spent days finishing it, perhaps it would be on my longer "all times favorites" list.

Like this, I only hope another, more ambitious, installment of PAROXSYM will appear.

Once more, don't get me wrong. This is a type of game I would like very much to have in my portfolio and would be proud of it. I just donít like seeing potential games underexploited.

Thumb up!
Posted by setš tuomo 26th July, 2007

I love the squishy sound first try esy 2: 10
Posted by Tomssuli 3rd August, 2007
Rated :

The screenies reminded me of Prince of persia, and the game in fact was much more fun than that! This is just great!
Posted by erghhhhx 17th May, 2008
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Very wellmade. But so damn hard...
Posted by Bad Panda 9th August, 2008

The download says your account's been suspended - please fix it coz this game looks real gud.
Posted by alastair john jack 16th September, 2008
Rated :

Quite good!
Posted by dmnop 13th October, 2008

Would like to download, but get page not found.
Posted by moren11 19th November, 2008

its funny how 99% of the links on this site r not working
Posted by Tomssuli 6th May, 2009
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