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Plasma Warrior
Author: Neuro Submitted: 14th June, 2007 Favourites:13
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 738
18th Place     (4.73 / 5)
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Neuro on 7/9/2009

Welcome, commander!

This interface puts you in control of one of our hazardous zone exploration robots - the Plasma Warrior.

Recently, a mining operation has come to a halt on planet X42. Scanners have picked up no signs of human life. The shuttle with our Plasma Warrior is about to begin landing. Prepare to log in, commander.

Left+Right arrow keys - Walk
Up+Down arrow keys - aim up and down (down only whilst in air)
Shift - Jump (hold for higher jump)
Ctrl - Shoot

Alt+Enter for Fullscreen! - recommended
Esc or Alt+F4 to quit.

I made this with a limited palette of 7 colours: Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and of course Black. It is meant as a short, sweet little game to pass a few minutes. It can be completed within about 25 minutes, if you know what you're doing.

Have fun

EDIT: Hosted again!

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Posted by Neuro 16th June, 2007

Yeah, I think some people disliked Paroxysm because it was kinda difficult. I wanted a nice balance with this game, although I think I toned down some areas a little too much.

Thanks for all the comments
Posted by --Tom-- 16th June, 2007

Hey man, cool game! Almost reminds me of the old duke nukem games crossed with metroid.
Posted by waffleton 16th June, 2007

Congrats on winning GoTW
Posted by Gaspi 18th June, 2007

Excelent Game!!!

The Retro graphics are nice
and the gameplay is great =D
Posted by -Nick- 18th June, 2007

Ok, i spent about 20 mins getting the shoot-down shot, now i need to find the purple keycard. I must've spent a good 20 minutes to half an hour looking in every room i can find but there is no sign of it. Any hints?
Posted by Fifth 18th June, 2007

It's in the green, radioactive area. It should be pretty obvious once you see it (there's even a computer terminal indicating it).
Posted by TheoX 19th June, 2007

Neat! Just looked at the screenshots. Downloading...
Posted by -Liam- 19th June, 2007

Sheer Khan, all the way! Loved this. Like Metroid on NES only far better! Congratulations! Well done!
Posted by TheoX 19th June, 2007

Man! I loved this game! I love the ambient feel of this game, and the feeling of the abandoned facility is great - fairly creepy much of the time, especially the part right before the final boss... *shivers*
The signs add a nice touch; they help to make it even more creepy. The final boss was nice and hard - just not enough to keep me from storming off in an angry rage.
This is the kind of game I wait for when I visit this site. GotW!
Posted by gemugemu 20th June, 2007

Hello !
Just a big congratulations for you !
This game is EXcellent !!!!
Posted by chrilley 20th June, 2007

Awesome game. The last boss was hard at first but after a few tries he was finally beaten.

Some glitches I found:

When you lose to the boss and the game reloads the doors around the boss are closed resulting in having to restart the game or face the boss outside that room. (meaning you can battle him while running all over the world. )

After beating the game at the shuttle when the last message appears the player can still shoot. Resulting in an invisible man shooting next to the ship.
Posted by Neuro 20th June, 2007

Ooh, thanks for pointing those out! I'm sure I fixed the boss glitch... I'll have to check later.
Posted by chrilley 20th June, 2007

I just noticed that the boss glitch doesn't happen all the time. For some reason the doors only closes sometimes.
Posted by Green Gnome 21st June, 2007

Seven colors, eh? What a waste.. 2 bit only gives 4 colors, thus 4 bits are needed which means 16 colors. You're leaving over the half of the capability unused.

That would be of course if you turned the game into 4-bit instead of 32-bit. I wonder if Windows can even run that low bit programs.
Posted by 21st June, 2007

Nice game, quite atmospheric despite being so retro.
Posted by -Nick- 22nd June, 2007

Just completed it. I noticed someone earlier said the second form of the end boss was hard. I think mine glitched cos i only fought one form (the jellyfish thing).
Posted by Neuro 22nd June, 2007

The boss changes attacks (kind of) once you damage it enough. It's second 'form' is when it shoots along the bottom instead of the top, and goes all electric-ish when it charges at you.
Posted by DaVince 22nd June, 2007

lol, just as I voted GOTW for depp and thought I had played all the GOTW entries yet... _
Posted by Moonyjacob 22nd June, 2007

this game is wicked! good job
Posted by Zezard 23rd June, 2007

Nice and short, as was promised. I liked every aspect of this game. The controls, the music, the sound and the graphics.

This download is proof that complicity is not vital to make a good game.
Posted by Zezard 23rd June, 2007

Oh, it's just that I'd like a full-screen mode!
Posted by chrilley 23rd June, 2007

There is a full-screen mode. He even recommends to use it. Press Alt + Enter
Posted by mojofltr 23rd June, 2007

I really enjoyed this game. I spent about 45 minutes + boss time. The boss was kicking my butt, but I got mine.
Posted by mojofltr 23rd June, 2007

Oh, by the way... I was going to mention that at the boss, the game glitched up once when I held the fire button while continuing from a save state. The walls in the boss room remained closed. When I went back into the save room, the boss chased me. Hahhaha, of course, he killed me and when I continued again... all was well.
Posted by Jakob37 24th June, 2007

I really enjoyed to play this game! and the boss at the ending was maybe a little bit too short but very entertaining!

Tumbisar upp!

Posted by fucop 2nd July, 2007

Posted by TheoX 3rd July, 2007

If you're going to leave a comment like that and give a thumbs down, at least explain WHY you don't like the game...
Posted by Dustin Friend 4th July, 2007

I really enjoyed this game. Simplistic, but very well done and a heck of a lot of fun to play. Great job! The ending boss battle was a blast.
Posted by Yoshimaster 7th July, 2007

Very cool game! My only problem was that it was too short. I thought the jellyfish thing was only the first boss, so it surprised me that the game was over after that.
Posted by Strange Culture 9th July, 2007

I Love retro games. .. Thumbs up!!!
Posted by alastair john jack 12th July, 2007

Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 15th July, 2007

An excellent achievement. The way you used the limited amount of colors is simply brilliant. It's like I'm playing some old classic. The gameplay is very good, while the engine is top notch.

Anyway, I loved how the story slowly revealed with progress. It definitely worked as a motivator for me. And the change of scenery too.

I still didn't manage to kill the end boss. Much more difficult than the rest of the game. Will probably get back to it.

Once more, great work. Be proud of it! The only complaint I have...the game is relatively short.
Posted by mrpectate 27th July, 2007
Rated :

This game had it all! The second night I was thinkin' "Once I get settled in for the night, I'm gonna grab a Pepsi and finish Plasma Warrior. Cool."

I played it with JoyToKey and a sidewinder. The jumping was a little weird like that, but I got over it. For an intense boss battle like that, I prefer a gamepad.

Seriously, this game was so cool. The music, the graphics, the gameplay....everything. If you were trying to REALLY capture that retro stank, you sure hit it hard right on the head. Plasma Warrior took me right back to the late 80's and I loved every minute of it.

Thank you so much
Posted by Dr. James MD 26th February, 2008
Rated :

Had to come back and rate this, thanks.

It has really matured with age. Still on my HDD!
Posted by erghhhhx 2nd March, 2008
Rated :

awesome shit...
Posted by NeoMonkey 2nd April, 2008
Rated :

I love this game... I have played this 5 times through.
Posted by AndyUK 12th April, 2008
Rated :

Just played it, nice game although i got a bit bored with it after a while.
It seems like you used The Amstrad cpc Basic font too.
Posted by Neuro 14th April, 2008

It's the Text Blitter default font

Thanks for all the comments, guys! Glad people are still enjoying this
Posted by erghhhhx 26th April, 2008
Rated :

Just gotta say again... This game is fucking awesome. I like everything about it.
Posted by Pixelthief 1st January, 2009
Rated :

i loved the style but it was a wee bit too short
Posted by Torava 2nd January, 2009
Rated :

Posted by jamieo 20th August, 2009
Rated :

Great game. There was nothing I really didn't like about it. The linear styled gravity seemed a bit odd at first, but after a while it just feels... right. It fits the game so well. It feels like a jet pack of sorts.

I also encountered the boss room glitch, but only once after fighting him about 7 times. So its not every time.

Enemy AI is great.

I would just love to see a bit more polish in the game (iron out the glitches) and maybe a bit more content (it IS very short) and it would be a professional quality game.

Maybe an extra difficulty mode after beating it, where every single hit is an instant kill.

Just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing the source file?
Posted by Neuro 20th August, 2009

Afraid I don't have the source on hand, but I'd gladly share it if I did! I'll probably spend a lot more time on anything I release in future, nothing I've posted on this site took any more than a month or two :/

Thanks for the comment, I would never have seen it if TDC didn't have this tasty new comment notifier.
Posted by jamieo 20th August, 2009
Rated :

If you ever stumble across the source, let me know. I'd love to pick at this game's innards.
Posted by Neuro 20th August, 2009

It's actually really simple, all one frame with the sections split up, spawns enemies when you enter a section, really really simple platform movement, and just basic value control for abilities. I think the most complicated thing is the behavior for those Aliens.

There's not much to pick at Someone made a map of all the sections put together, though. Sent it in an email randomly one day. It's kinda cool, would you like me to send it to you?
Posted by nim 30th September, 2009
Rated :

Just coming back to rate this. Greatly enjoyed it!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 22nd March, 2011
Rated :

One of my all time favourites!
Posted by MasterM 10th April, 2011
Rated :

what a game
i am still blown away right after beating it so i am not even sure if i can write some good review in this state i am currently in.

this game is just flawless. i can not find anything wrong or bad about it.

in fact i find it to be better than metroid
seriously we all know this game is inspired by metroid and there is nothing wrong about it but while i find metroid (first for NES which I really like) to be a pain in the ass, very hard and unfair this game makes everything very clear. i know what i am supposed to do. its a lot of fun to go back and forth, just to collect your items and further progress in the game.
the engine is a lot of fun and once you can shoot your weapon down and fly around as if you were usin a jet pack in the vein of cave story it just becomes so much fun!
the graphic style is really unique and retro even though i cant even pin down what system it tries to emulate. maybe it isnt emulating an existing system but trying to look like an old game and boy it does. a lot of thought went into the graphics where you collect different coloured key cards for different coloured area. the enemy design is just awesome and a lot of skill and creativiy is displayed. overall i think this game is very artistic and can just be looked at as art and not just a game. a lot of minimalisic details which probably don't seem like much on the first look are just beautiful eye candy and you can tell a lot of thought went into this.

the music is pretty good as well and supereb for the final battle.
overall the final battle is just epic. the first time i walked into the room and wanted to progress further to the right i was shocked to see the doors were closing and i was like OH SHIT!
that boss was really a pain in the ass and so hard- like really it was so hard and took me literally ages to beat but man it was satisfying once it was dead.

i was just kinda shocked when i was dead because i was expecting some big ass explosion or something. it disappeared and there was silence and i just stood around for a while doing nothing until i realized the credits wouldn't show up as i had imagined and i still had to move around for a bit. yeh i guess i was hoping for a big explosion or killer dying animation for the boss or some loud boom sound or something- that could have been even more satisfying.

i like the fact how you tell the story with the little computers staying around even though i dont even know what exactly the story was lol something about mining and a pyramide and some monster living in there which was guarding some DATA you had to collect?

yeh im not really sure if i got all this but whatever.

epic game. i dont know if it got a lot of attention or any attention but this game should be more famous.
i know a lot of people love that hero game or the second part of that hero game. you know that black and white game with 8 direction movement. while its fun i say Plasma Warrior is better so it needs more exposure- correct me if it got the exposure it deserves because I just found out about it recently.
Posted by Neuro 11th April, 2011

Wow, thank you MasterM! It's almost 4 years old now and I think it got a pretty good deal of coverage - I found it all over the place... yet no one contacted me! The most I got was a couple (literally 2) of fan emails. I'm glad it's still being dug up every so often, though. Thanks for making that post about it in 'Retro' magazine, too. I'd never have found that, and it's pretty cool to make it into print.

Glad you enjoyed it!
Posted by mrpectate 27th October, 2021
Rated :

I found Plasma Warrior on an o-o-o-old hard drive and finally finished it....14 years later! I almost finished that night in 2007 with that Pepsi and JoyToKey (awesome utility). Tonight I played it on a 55 inch flat screen hooked up to a Core i5 with an Xbox 360 gamepad and still used good old JoyToKey. Ran great except I had to use compatibility mode with a low resolution so it took up a large portion of the screen. Full screen tried and then minimized so I had to find a workaround. Game was great and that damn boss battle at the end got pretty white knuckled. Almost gave up but I did it. Awesome job Neuro! Thanks so much. I set a reminder for 14 years from now so I can play it again Image

Sorry. That Pepsi I mentioned was from the comment above that I left in 2007 when I first downloaded it.
Comment edited by mrpectate on 27/10/2021






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