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Author: Neuro Submitted: 5th August, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 300

Edited By Neuro on 8/5/2008

Edited By Neuro on 8/5/2008

"It is many years in the future, and an American Multi-Billionaire has set up a grand tournament. All through his life he loved Martial Arts movies, and has the largest collection of Animé in the known galaxy.

With expensive technology he has brought together great warriors from several different time zones, and even created warriors from fiction that he holds dear to his heart. He has brought them together to fight, simply for his own amusement."

This is the game I made for my final major project in college.

Take control of one of 20 warriors and fight to the death!

For those who don't bother with the readme:

Controls (can change with Ctrl+Y):
Player 1:
Arrow keys to move
Shift to jump
Ctrl to attack

Player 2:
IJKL to move
G to jump
H to attack

I would change those, but I no longer have the source file. Use the same controls to select characters and options in the select screen.

Note that you can change Player 2 to a CPU player, with varying levels of difficulty. Try and beat the Blademaster level!

The special options are also fun to play with, Hammersword is my favourite.

A warning, this game tends to crash on startup sometimes. For me, it will never take more than 3 tries to get it working. For some reason it works perfectly on my laptop, but not on this computer. I'm guessing many of you will have problems, and for that I apologise. I'm afraid I can't do anything about it.

If you can get it working, then I hope you enjoy what this game has to offer! Try it with a friend, or just keep going at that Blademaster level CPU until your fingers bleed.

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Posted by Hempuli 5th August, 2008

Looks cool, downloading.
Posted by Jon C-B 5th August, 2008

Posted by Neuro 5th August, 2008

You want a zip? I'll upload a zip if it's REALLY that much of a problem... I thought everyone had winrar, anyway. After years of downloading click games and mods and stuff for regular games, I thought it was pretty standard.
Posted by Jon C-B 5th August, 2008

No its ok I think I've got the link to get winrar

Actually could you do a zip cuz I ain't gunna pay for some stupid application
Comment edited by Jon222 on 8/5/2008
Comment edited by Jon222 on 8/5/2008
Posted by Mkingy 5th August, 2008

I never had to pay. Like unlimited trial version thing. Kinda bugged i thinks.

Very good game. Was enjoyable with muchus charactors to mess around. Was abit of a hassel selecting 2nd player when it was the computer. Probably should've been randomized :] I assume 2p [with human] would be even more fun.
Posted by -Liam- 5th August, 2008

ugh, why do people hate winrar so?

Loving some of the backgrounds to this game, some really nice artwork in there. Well done.
Posted by erghhhhx 5th August, 2008

The game crashed on startup, so I changed compatible mode and it worked. But instead it crashes when the fight starts.

It's a shame, this looks really good.

btw, i hav(t)e vista.

btw2, at the introscene it says "press ANY button" when it's actually only shift and ctrl that works.
Comment edited by Toxic Avenger on 8/5/2008
Posted by Simon Czentnár 5th August, 2008

It would be a good game. Very nice graphics!

But I've never known what is the fun about using Jesus's personality like other comic and action heroes'. I don't see any connection between them, they're right other categories. This is not only a "joke", but this is also a bit annoying.
Is it funny? Or is it a fashion? (Or only provocation?...)

Sorry, I didn't want to write a fussy comment. And I don't want to start a new discussion about this problem. I'm just sad to see that this image has been evolving about Jesus.

By the way, good luck with the game!
Posted by Neuro 5th August, 2008

Thanks guys, I'm glad it's working for some of you. I wish I could fix the crashing at least, amongst other things. Can't believe I didn't make it ANY button... haha.

I'd love to have another go at this kinda platformer/beat-em-up, make it more playable rather than more of a demonstration piece.

Sorry about Jesus, I never meant to offend but I see what you mean. There's no justification for it other than for a cheap, immature laugh when I was making characters. Still, there are much worse examples, I'm sure. I don't really want that kind of discussion either, so I'll leave it at that.

Again, glad some of you enjoyed it a little :] I just found it on an old memory stick so I thought I'd share.
Posted by Zezard 5th August, 2008

You can play as Jesus! Wow, cool !
Too bad it crashes at start-up for me too (vista here too). Could it have to do with the fact that you use tons of external files? Looks awesome when I open it in mmf2, can't play it there neither though.
Posted by Neuro 5th August, 2008

Whaa, I actually included the source? I had no idea! I'll have to have a peak through that at some point!

And yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the external files. I didn't really know what I was doing with them so there must be some errors with directories or something... or maybe it's just my bugged level editor?
Posted by phanto 5th August, 2008

It's crashing for me as well. Just when the announcer goes "Fight!". XP here. Too bad because the game looks great.
Posted by Demon Lizardman 5th August, 2008

I am going to try this out, it looks promising.
Posted by Mr_Tom 5th August, 2008

Everyone knows jesus was the greatest action hero of all time.

..and .rar IS a standard format except here on the DC where everyone is living in the past with .zip
Posted by Cecilectomy 6th August, 2008

dude if you want an awesome fighting game featuring jesus just play "bible fight". complete win.
Posted by -MacAdaM- 6th August, 2008

I get the Error thing too >.>
This game looks cool though!
Once someone gets it fixed, I will deffently play!
Till' then I cant rate it sorry.
But looks nice!
Posted by Zezard 6th August, 2008

Could the crashes have to do with what I noticed when I opened the game in mmf2? Mmf said that there was an external file missing, and it looked for it in a specific dir which seems to be where you had it on your computer. Perhaps some of the file are not dynamically linked to the aplication folder? I think the file it asked for had "dungeon" in it's name.

Jon222, writing something like "WHY MUST SUCH GOOD GAMES BE STUPID RAR FILES!!!" is kind of equal to saying "I'm a noob, but I am not being humble about this, so I hereby offer myself to be target for agressive persons flaming! I might however not be able to handle it".
You might consider not writing something like that when you are about to download your next file from the Internet. Instead just ask for a link to download winrar or likewise.
Comment edited by Zezard on 8/6/2008
Posted by Jon C-B 6th August, 2008

Yes Zezard I am a noob

It's just frustrating when I can't open great looking games.
Comment edited by Jon222 on 8/6/2008
Posted by Fragasnap 6th August, 2008

If this game had more than two players and a blocking function then it would be complex enough for me.
If there are any more fighting games like this to come (which I certainly hope so!) I'd also reccomend giving every character unique statistics or abilities. It would make things harder to balance, but it would also give each character a reason to play as over another.

The AI is phenomenal, by the way.
They actually give you a good challenge without cheating, particularly on the blademaster setting.
The only stage that makes them much easier to beat (that I noticed) was Hyperspace. You can pretty easily trick blademasters into launching themselves into one of the two pits.

It can unzip pretty much anything you'd need to and is free.
Posted by Mkingy 6th August, 2008

I use vista and although experianced many crashes, seemed to be fine if i opened up the source code [after extracting everything onto a folder on my desktop] and ran it through MMF2. Didn't like being minimized though haha.

I think you should certainly make a sequal. There's tons of little stuff you could add to make it feel 'complete' so to speak.
Posted by Silveraura 7th August, 2008

People don't hate Winrar, it's only the idiots on this site full of them, that do.
Posted by Z D 8th August, 2008

Correct your grammar before you call people idiots.
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 8th August, 2008
Rated :

Speaking about grammar, there are a lot of variations of word "definitely" this week... Defiantly, deffently... What's next? Oh well, great game there too. Btw, did you make those backgrounds yourself?

Found an another one! "Definetely"...
Umm... yes... Better to stop now before everyone hates me
Comment edited by Turrican on 8/8/2008
Posted by 3kliksphilip 13th August, 2008

Too late

Chris Hulsbeck PWNS by the way, Turrican dude
Posted by Fish20 8th April, 2009

the file no longer exists on file factory.





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