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The lost Castle
Author: Tiles Submitted: 8th March, 2007 Favourites:3
Genre: Turn-based Strategy Downloads: 399
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Tiles on 9/3/2011

The lost Castle is a roundbased mini strategy game. One level is divided into the Build mode where you place your buildings. And the Attack mode where the enemies invade.

Gamegoal is to defeat as much enemies as possible and to earn as much gold as possible. This can be achieved to place the wartowers wise to defeat the invading enemies. And by building as much houses as possible to earn enough gold. The art here is to find the right balance. Sounds easier as it is

Your castle in the center gets damaged when an enemie reaches it. The game is over when the castle is destroyed.

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Posted by The Chris Street 8th March, 2007

Why's it called the lost castle? Surely someones found it otherwise they wouldn't be fighting over it
Posted by Tiles 8th March, 2007

Try to reach level 21 and you know why
Posted by Tim 8th March, 2007

I must say this game looks pretty darn impressive... though the title!! LOWERCASE?!

Doesn't stop me downloading though, by any means
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 8th March, 2007

Really cool game!
And it's also very polite of the invading hordes to use the roads and not step on the grass...
But seriously, great game! Love the graphics!
Posted by Joshua Green 8th March, 2007

Good game. I love strategy games such as this. Even though I suck at it...thumbs up!
Posted by Plooscva 9th March, 2007

That's similar to a game I was planning to make!

The game is made really nicely, great work!
Posted by Tiles 9th March, 2007


Tim, what do you mean with lower case? Is it a typoe? lower with big "L" or Castle with small "c" ? English is not my mother tounge. And i am more than once trapped with upper case and lower case ...
Posted by Joe.H 9th March, 2007

He's evern talking about the window title of your game, in the screenshots, where it says "the lost castle"
or maybe the title where it says "The lost Castle"

He probably wants it to be "The Lost Castle". But fuck him, it's your game and you can do what you want with it!
Posted by Tiles 9th March, 2007

Ah, now i get it. Still, a minor issue. Maybe, when there is a bug to fix ...
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 9th March, 2007

Itīs good that English isn't your mother's tounge, cause how would that look? Pa-dum-dum dissh!
(Sorry, couldn't help myself)
Posted by Tiles 9th March, 2007

Posted by Tiles 9th March, 2007

Not at all. Especially when it comes to names. The english "car" is written with lowercase. In german we write it Auto. Uppercase. But who cares about grammar and spelling anyway

Have fixed a little remaining bug and uploaded a new version. You couldn't destroy a farm. Now you can, as thought. Download stays the same.
Posted by Joe.H 9th March, 2007

Capitalisation is the difference between
"I helped my uncle jack off a horse"
"I helped my uncle Jack off a horse"

+1 to Bash quotage
Posted by Hempuli 9th March, 2007

OAAGH! Got 1074 points!
...You should make a online scoreboard.
Posted by Hempuli 9th March, 2007

Now I got 2084 points!
...This is addicting
Posted by Tim 9th March, 2007

That's pretty much the case Herr Phizzy, das Pferd

"He probably wants it to be "The Lost Castle". But fuck him"

JOE!! OMW ..
Posted by Del Duio 10th March, 2007

But who cares about grammar and spelling anyway

Apparently, 90% of TDC!!
Posted by DaVince 10th March, 2007

One thing though: CAPITALIZE THE I. I am, not i am.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 10th March, 2007

Btw, you're a god on making isometric graphics.

Posted by Tiles 10th March, 2007

Thanks for the english lesson

Thanks. Not really a god though. I just made this much graphics over the years that there better has to appear something useful. Else i would make something completely wrong
Posted by DaVince 10th March, 2007

"Else i would"

Still have to play this game. Give me a few days
Posted by JohnLastrologue 11th March, 2007

Nice little game, I've beaten it with 10146 points... I think I've let a few critters enter my castle in the beginning, but my barrage of canon and wood towers sure made short work of the late monsters and bosses.
Posted by Tiles 11th March, 2007

Don't tell all the secrets. This just kills the fun for the others

Another litte fix. Newest version is 1.6 now. Download stays the same.

You could build too much churches. Which caused a negative shooting interval for the wood tower. Church and Triumph arc are in the same way limited than the pub now. Shouldn't be possible to build this much churches anymore.
Posted by JohnLastrologue 11th March, 2007

Damn, this is what made me beat it... I built so many churches that my towers had insane rate of fire. How limited are they now?
Posted by JohnLastrologue 11th March, 2007

Nevermind, I've just beaten it again on the new version with even more points!
Posted by Tiles 11th March, 2007

Posted by Christodoulou Apps 12th March, 2007

Nice game. Thumbs up!
Posted by s-m-r 12th March, 2007

Incredibly addictive. You offer plenty of opportunities for trying different strategies. Nice job!

Posted by Tiles 14th March, 2007

Posted by Milo 16th March, 2007

Great game. How's the system of HP work? I noticed at level 16, the HP started going up really fast. Thumbs up though
Posted by Tiles 17th March, 2007

Setting up the HP for the invaders was mainly a thing of try and error until i found the right gamebalance.

Your own power grows slow in the lower levels. And fast in the higher levels. And so does the HP of the invaders. And leaded to double and triple HP steps in the higher levels then
Posted by s-m-r 17th March, 2007

A well-deserved win for GOTW, Tiles! Congrats!
Posted by Joshua M. 17th March, 2007

"Setting up the HP for the invaders was mainly a thing of try and error until i found the right gamebalance."

That would by "trial and error"
I'll download the game later today, looks good.
Posted by Tiles 17th March, 2007

Oops, sorry

And thanks
Posted by Simon Colmer 17th March, 2007

Nice game, i suck at it, but its still a good game
Thumbs up! A+
Posted by Hempuli 17th March, 2007

yARĪR! Completed it with 10978 points!
Posted by maVado 19th March, 2007

nice work Tiles!
Posted by AfterStar 20th March, 2007

Nice game,reminds me of the Tower Defense type of mod maps in WarcraftIII.
Continue to enhance it with more addons,towers,perhaps special bonus creatures coming sometimes,overall it's great.
Posted by AfterStar 20th March, 2007

Only complain I have is that the towers,seem to select a random target to hit every time it's their turn to fire.Instead it should focus on the creature its already firing at,unless its out of reach in which case find new target.
Posted by Andres Vialpando 28th March, 2008
Rated :

wow a klik turret defense game! here are some others:

I really enjoyed this one thanks!
Posted by Jarl Fenrir 7th April, 2008

Gameis really good. Knows anyone similar games made using TGF/MMF?
The game is not as hard as it seems to be at the beggining. I got troguht the all levels scoring 10306 The secret is to learb wich tower is the best, and wich bulding gives more adventage
Posted by Hill Gigas 17th November, 2008
Rated :

One of my favorite klik games.
Posted by [DELETED] 2nd November, 2009
Rated :

Only just found this, can't believe I hadn't seen it before. It's really well done.






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