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Author: Tiles Submitted: 22nd February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 306

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Thingmachine is a simple roundbased Puzzlegame. The goal ist to destroy as much samecoloured Blocks as possible at once. The higher the Level, the higher the points for this . The Thingmachine will deliver new Blocks in every round. So take care that the Thingmachine doesn't fill.

The game is controlled by the arrow buttons at the keyboard.

28.2.2004 new version 1-1 uploaded ...

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Posted by Kris 24th February, 2004

Looks fun but the download doesn't work
Posted by Lelle 24th February, 2004

Fix download FFS i love puzzles
Posted by Tiles 24th February, 2004

strange, it seems that i canīt link this special file externally. but my older games worked and still works this way. aargh . the link above doesnīt work. i am also unable to download by copy the dl-link and pasting it into IE. ... and i have no clue whatīs going on there . i will have a closer look and ask my webspace hoster . but i think that it will stay this way . my contract is connected with banners. and i think that my hoster doesnīt like external linking anymore. the price for unlimited webspace ... still, the download button at my page works fine. so the only thing i can do is to tell you to enter my page and download it from there : enter the games section. thingmachine is the one at the top. sorry for the effort ...
Posted by Tiles 24th February, 2004

... or direct access to the donwloadpage here : :)
Posted by Lelle 25th February, 2004

This is a grate puzzlegame. Fun! :)
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 25th February, 2004

Ah, it may be the same problem I had once -- the space in the filename causes problems when linking from another site/server. Change it to an underscore and it should work fine.
Posted by Tiles 26th February, 2004

hi arf. nope, have tested it ... no success. but thanx for the thought :)
Posted by Tiles 26th February, 2004

... test ...
Posted by Tiles 26th February, 2004

allright, sees that it really was a thing with the gap in the filename. thanx arf :) now it works. strange enough that the same test hasnīt worked when i changed the name the first time ... lovely :P
Posted by Lelle 27th February, 2004

Dude, i noticed something. On my comps the game had a funny "bug". When i pressed up i can still move the cursor, so i can take two blocks horisontal by moving it. Try it your self. It's funny. :)
Posted by Tiles 28th February, 2004

aargh, you are right. not the way it should work ... thanx for this report . iīll fix it as fast as possible. you can try what you want, you always miss something ... :)
Posted by Tiles 28th February, 2004

... aaand fixed. please download it again :)
Posted by csharks 3rd March, 2004

it is a kool puzzle game !!!





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