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Rakker and the Sinking Cities
Author: MitchHM Submitted: 18th July, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 432
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Just a tiny platform game. I hope you like it.

One year ago, a bunny-rabbit got hit by a car. He died instantly. When in Hell, the rabbit was so angry, that he gathered an entire army of road-killed rabbits. Together they started digging holes beneith the cities, so that they sunk into the ground. They wouldn't stop till the whole world was destroyed. But there is one rabbit, that just couldn't let that happen...

Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Jump

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Posted by Attan 18th July, 2007

I liked the ending! Keep it like that! But i agree with DaVince, Make soure people understand it's the ending! I'm pretty soure every second people run through the whole Hell again just to try to avoid the car...
Posted by »xerus 18th July, 2007

The graphics are pretty but damn man there needs to be some sort of learning curve here. As soon as you walk out of your starting point you're already throwing precise timing traps at the player, and as far as I can tell invulnerable enemies. Not very fun :I
Posted by ben mercer 18th July, 2007

Can't stand this game. I've only played the first level, but the irritating level design and the fact you have to watch the intro sequence again every time you die just put me off completely.

Every jump is measured so you have no leeway- you need to get it spot on otherwise you usually end up landing on spikes. You have three health points, but the game would be a little bit more playable if you rewarded the player more often with health powerups.

Also, the placement of the hanging plants was a big annoyance. They were often placed so close together that you had to move really precisely to stand in between them without being hit.

The game may be fun for people who are seasoned platformer veterans, but for me it is like playing prince of persia; very frustrating, not a great deal of fun.
Posted by Ski 18th July, 2007

haha you said exactly what I think but I tried not to be so harsh

"and the fact you have to watch the intro sequence again every time you die just put me off completely."

If you press ESC it skips it, but its not really stated anywhere.

I agree, not enough health
Posted by Matt Boothman 18th July, 2007

You can walk under both plants in one movement, so there's no need to wait in between.
Posted by ben mercer 18th July, 2007

Yeah but only if you are spot on with your timing. I always seemed to get hit if I tried to do that.

I'm not a fan of platformers, but I think that this game could only really be fun for people like me if there were a few more health hearts scattered around (maybe an easy mode).
Posted by Matt Boothman 18th July, 2007

I agree it would be better if this game was longer, and had more developments (difficulty modes etc).
Posted by Don_Sotto 18th July, 2007

Nice game!
BTW, if i'm in front of a switch, I can press up arrow a lot of times, and locked door is going down, every time.
Posted by AndyUK 18th July, 2007

"First area seems way too hard considering he's just starting out."

Posted by bhlaab 18th July, 2007

the difficulty seems to lie in obnoxiousness of platform placement, which isn't really a good thing.
Posted by MitchHM 18th July, 2007

Difficulty has always been my weak point. It's so hard making a game that's both easy and entertaining..
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 18th July, 2007

Fun game. The game is difficult, but I don't mind the challenge. It doesn't feel frustratingly difficult. Still stuck at hell, but will try again. I just don't understand why Rakker is in hell. That is not explained.

Also, the gore somehow felt inappropriate with the rest of the game style. I don't know. It seems unnecessary.

Posted by Dustin Friend 18th July, 2007

Fun game, but a shame it was only 3 stages long. Wish there was more. I really enjoyed the dynamic of the rising and falling row of spikes in the last stage. That was great. The music was also really quiet compared to the rest of the game. And that ending? I understand the humor, but yeah, a credits or some screen different than Game Over would help players realize that was intended rather than thinking they messed up.

Anywya, good job, man! Thanks for making it!
Posted by bhlaab 18th July, 2007

mitch> it would still be an entertaining game if you went back and added some leniency to the jumps. In fact, I'd say it would be a better game.
Posted by waffleton 18th July, 2007

Too hard, sorry.

Its a shame actually; you obviously have a lot of talent, but you must work more on the gameplay.
Posted by Ricky 19th July, 2007

i like the story, downloading
Posted by Ricky 19th July, 2007

.rar? what am i supposed to do with that, sry for being a noob about this, i don't know how to open them
Posted by waffleton 19th July, 2007

Theres several programs you can use to extract .rars, this is a free simple one;
Posted by Matt Boothman 19th July, 2007

I think all the people must have forgotten the art of platformers. They're supposed to be hard - have a little backbone for Christ's sake. This is a mint game.
Posted by Del Duio 19th July, 2007

I just don't understand why Rakker is in hell. That is not explained.

Because rabbits sin, DUH!

I like this story a lot, and if the end is that you get hit by a car all over again.. Well, I liken that to the end of Monty Python's Holy Grail where they are ready to do battle and they all get arrested by the cops.. Kind of a letdown, sorry.

Posted by The Chris Street 19th July, 2007

Beat it. It's alright, fine for a quick play, but its pretty difficult in places and unncessecarily so. Graphically I can't fault it though

Also, is this the same engine that you used for Flin The Pie Detective 2? The game you made me for my birthday (which incidently is this coming Tuesday, HURRAH!) a few years ago?

I only ask because the engine feels the same, those plants are the same, the bridge effects are the same, the boat is the same...
Posted by Ski 19th July, 2007


Posted by MitchHM 19th July, 2007

Congrats Chris! Tuesday that is. It's not the same engine. This one moves alot smoother, and it has edge hanging. I know the plants are the same. I just find that an easy enemy to make. The boat and the bridge were parts I liked from Flin 2 so I re-used them. (this is the first game I made since Flin 2) To be honest, I didn't put much time into this game. Just a few days when I had nothing to do. Therefor it's really rushed and it lacks origionality!
Posted by Ricky 20th July, 2007

thanks for showing me how to extract .rars Waffleton [Snicklers]
Posted by Ricky 20th July, 2007

This game is great, its kind of hard, but thats why i like it
Posted by Billybobjoe198 20th July, 2007

>.> Were do I even go on the first level? I can't go to the king and then up the hill there are some spikes >.> There it no way for me to pass them...
Posted by Ricky 20th July, 2007

Posted by Hayo 20th July, 2007

It's nice to see a game from you again, I will play it as soon as I have time
Posted by Introversity 20th July, 2007

Lost once because I was hit by THE LAST FLAME THING in the hell level and knocked into the lava. Even though I had two hearts left it killed me since the flame and lava did separate damage. I'm only irritated since that was the Last part of the game, aaargh!

Lots of fun. The bunny occasionally screws up when jumping while hanging, but most of the time it's fine.

Too difficult? Pffft, some people will complain about anything.
Posted by ben mercer 20th July, 2007

The whole difficulty thing isn't necessarily a complaint... it is a fact: if you are not very good at platformers, then this game is not very enjoyable to play... unless you are extremely masochistic.

It is very easy for people to dismiss but difficulty is a big issue; if you make a game too difficult it isn't really going to appeal to anyone except the elites.

I know this because a lot of people criticised the high level of difficulty of my game demo that I released a while back. It's not because they are spineless *Matt* it is because they are platformer gamers who aren't very good at tactical shooters

I'm now working to make it a fun game for people of all abilities.
Posted by AndyUK 20th July, 2007

actually in the freeware community where everyone game is easily thrown aside for something new it's not always a good idea to make a game frustratingly difficult.

And i feel this game is a little bit frustrating.
Posted by Matt Boothman 20th July, 2007

Yeah but it can go the other way too. I didn't finish this game on the first session, so unlike most click games I play, I went back for a second session.
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 20th July, 2007

Awesome, you return after a 1 year lay off to make your best game to date! (to my opinion) Pretty cool, I think the difficulty was right on (if you use a gamepad, at least), the level design was very good too. It's a shame you couldn't compose the whole soundtrack, I heard the game over music before the game was out, but I fear most people will skip it, which is a shame cause it's pretty good. Very good game, Mitch, keep it up! I agree, the ending is baffling. Best platform game coming from a former CC member (tied with CYS' Santa game). CYS would be proud of you, wherever he is.
Posted by Jason Orme 21st July, 2007

Visually a very nice game, solid engine.

Its only problem I feel is its very unforgiving, only 3 lives and so many traps to kill you early on.

Also, some of the jumping is rather long winded, it feel like your pressing Z forever just to climb up somwhere.

But other than that, very nice. Definatly GOTW.
Posted by Fadex 22nd July, 2007

Did you think to make version without resolution change? My monitor isn't working on res smaller than 640x480, so i can't play the game.
Posted by Milo 22nd July, 2007

I'm stuck on the title screen. It's too hard!
Posted by JML Games 22nd July, 2007

Wow, nice surprise this came out of nowhere. Shows strong potential, great fitting graphics, well-done level design. Story is either humorous or weak as hell...not quite sure yet :]. Biggest problem is it being horridly generic, but its a platformer and does that well.
Posted by Zezard 23rd July, 2007

Since this game is so short, I guess it can't be blamed for being hard.

But if you made a longer game, a pedagogic learning curve is neccessary to make the game feel proffesional. It's a bit unmodern with games that are hard from the beginning. Still, as has been said, the game should be "hard" in the end, so that the player feels skilled when finishing it.
Posted by setä tuomo 26th July, 2007

cool ! Nice story and graphics i went to hell but didnt have the time and the continue doesent work for me if i restart the application.
Posted by Pater Alf 27th July, 2007

I don´t think the game was too hard. I´m certainly no hardcore platform gamer, but I was able to finish the first two levels in about half an hour. Only the third level was quite difficult.

All in all a very nice little platformer with cute graphics and animations and enjoyable music. Great job!
Posted by The Chris Street 28th July, 2007

I might review this at Clickzine soon.
Posted by Yoshimaster 28th July, 2007

Great graphics, great engine, but cheap level design. I honestly had more trouble on the first level than on the second and third, since you give players zero time to get used to the controls.
Posted by 28th July, 2007

Nobody noticed the similarity of the desert tiles to ED's?
Posted by MitchHM 28th July, 2007

The similarity is the fact that I also used the MMF color pallet. It's great, you should try it!
Posted by Ski 28th July, 2007

Lol @ Alonso ^^
Posted by Pater Alf 29th July, 2007

Is it ok to host the game on other freeware sites? I can´t find any kind of license...
Posted by DaVince 29th July, 2007

I'd like to play that Flint game mentioned earlier. Link?
Posted by 29th July, 2007

"The similarity is the fact that I also used the MMF color pallet. It's great, you should try it! "

I use graphicsgale, rather.

You should try it! Makes your sprites nicer.
Posted by MitchHM 30th July, 2007

Haha, ok I'll try that sometime. I was only kidding. I remember your Centaurus tiles using pretty much the same pallet, so I though you were kidding too...
Posted by 30th July, 2007

I'm not jesting. When I released the first Centaurus screenshots, I got bashed about how they rescembled ED's, and I changed them. Pallettes have nothing to do with similitude--otherwise, 4 bit games would've looked the same.






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