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Pie Panic! Handheld Version
Author: Dustin Friend Submitted: 28th July, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 79

Edited By Dustin Friend on 7/28/2007

"Pie Panic! Handheld Version" was created in an attempt to mimic the old style of handheld LCD games, with easy controls and simple beeps.

How to play:
On the title screen, select either Normal or Hard mode. Once you have made your selection, the game will begin. Move the character back and forth to position the basket underneath the falling apples. The basket can hold up to five apples. If you try to catch any other apples while there are five already in the basket, it will be counted as a miss. It can be emptied at any time by moving near the bag to the far right of the screen and pressing spacebar.

If you fail to catch an apple, it will be counted as a miss. Once you have three misses total, the game is over. Misses will occassionally be cleared once you have reached a certain point amount!

As you progress, the game will get harder and faster. Keep your cool and go for the high score!

Arrow keys - Move menu cursor/Move character left and right
A - Move menu cursor left/Move character left
F - Move menu cursor right/Move character right
Spacebar - Make menu selection/Empty basket (when in position)
P - Pause the game
ESC - Quit the current game and exit to the menu

Enjoy the game! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by posting on the forums at or by e-mailing us at

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Posted by Zezard 28th July, 2007

Not much of a game (like the games it is inspired from), but very well made! Thumbs up.
I liked the graphics and the creative idea.
Posted by Jason Orme 28th July, 2007

very unique.
Posted by JustinC 28th July, 2007

Oh cool. I actually had the idea to make a game like this or submit a competition to make a game like this but never got around to it.
Posted by alastair john jack 28th July, 2007

very nice game!
Posted by viva/volt 28th July, 2007

Charming little game . Thumbs up!
Posted by alastair john jack 29th July, 2007

I got 143 points!
Posted by Bricnic 29th July, 2007

Cool game, well made. I played it on normal first and got 466 points, but then there was a bug- when I hovered over "Hard", it said the top score was 0 (as expected), BUT, when I started the game after now selecting "Hard" difficulty, my highscore of 464 (from normal mode) showed up (flashing).
Posted by Bricnic 29th July, 2007

Oh, it seems the highscores really are shared for both hard and normal mode. Nevermind. Another thing I noticed was that you can move even after you've dropped an apple- I think the convention on the old handheld games was that your character was frozen during the "miss" animation.
Posted by Dustin Friend 29th July, 2007

No, the high score shouldn't be shared between the two modes. They should be independent. Where did the high score show up? And where was it flashing? I'll look into fixing it.

As for the movement, that was intended. A lot of the old Game & Watch games gave you some leeway by removing something that was about to fall from the playing field, since it could be unexpected when it would unpause from counting a miss. I chose to go the route of not eliminating any objects, but allowing you to position yourself underneath the next target so as to not be taken off guard as soon as it started back up.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
Posted by Hempuli 30th July, 2007

Really nice! I've also created these 'Game-and-watch' -like games.
Posted by DaVince 30th July, 2007

The gameplay isn't all that great, but the idea and graphics are nice.
Posted by nim 31st July, 2007

Hey Dustin,

Just a thought I had for a small update:

It would be nice to play this game as if it were an LCD game. I mean, by holding the keyboard at the sides and using Q and numpad 9 to move left and right, and either A or numpad 6 to empty the basket. Different keyboards have different layouts, I know, but most of them are the same and you could keep the cursor key controls for those with unusual keyboards (you could also use the mouse, with left/right/middle click).

Btw, I like this game, but you already know that

In version 1.1, please add a feature to play the DF Designs logo on repeat, and automatically print Bongo wallpaper, curtains and bedsheets for my room.





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