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Star chaser
Author: siven Submitted: 3rd June, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 84

Edited By siven on 6/8/2009

Edited By siven on 6/8/2009

Star chaser is a simple side scrolling space blaster game, 3 levels are in, last level is just a sort of "final boss" if you will, again
controls are
arrow keys to move
space bar to shoot laser
f key to use a bomb

enjoy, feed back please, tell me what you liked, disliked, what you wish there was, and perhaps ill make more levels and spice it up a bit. this is basically the rough draft of the game.

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Posted by Spitznagl 5th June, 2009
Rated :

Nice graphical style (the rotating pixelated asteroids look great), same for the music, and it seems well coded

The gameplay however kinda feels bland to my taste. If you decide to keep going on with the project, I highly suggest you to make one element shine; awesome power-ups, bosses or whatever, but as of now, I've played many click shmups wich were way more fun to play.

Very profesionnal nonetheless
Posted by siven 8th June, 2009

thanks a ton, yeah, the power ups did seem lacking, i do intend to spice things up though, thanks for the input!





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