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Prototype 13
Author: siven Submitted: 31st May, 2015 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 112

Edited By siven on 30/07/2015

Edited By siven on 01/06/2015

Prototype 13 is a Megaman inspired platformer shooter featuring multiple gun power ups and skills. You play as PT-13, the incomplete, but final prototype in the PT series. Your awakened to stop the other prototypes who have gone rogue! Take out your predecessors and earn their abilities. each time a boss is defeated a new skill is obtained. some augment your default stats and abilities, where some give you all new powers.

This is simply the demo though, so i hope you all enjoy, and please comment any bugs or glitches you may find. Enjoy!

This demo is actually quite a bit outdated. if your interested in this project and would like to keep up with it, check out its gamejolt page, updates and news is posted far more frequently (mainly because its easier to do on gamejolt lol)

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Posted by s-m-r 1st June, 2015

I had a lot of fun with this as I played through the included levels. Here is some feedback.

- Your level design is very well-done! In many cases, you've worked out paths that go under and around previously-visited areas, and maximized the use of space. Having background elements extend above smaller platforms that are below the screen - especially when they're above instant-death pits - is a smart choice. Nice work all around!
- On the "earth" themed level (green with vines, rocks, etc.) there's a large cavern that the player can jump into and end up becoming stuck. The entry point is at the top of the frame, and the player can double-jump off-screen and land inside the walls. I wasn't able to find a way out of there, and I doubt that was by design. If you need a screen shot of the entry, post a comment here and I can do so.
- I couldn't find a way to use the "shield" power that the player picks up from the underwater boss. Is this a "passive" skill that just increases the player's shield strength or something?
- The Megaman games had a rock-paper-scissors style of weapon weakness integrated into the various boss fights. Are you planning on doing anything like that? How about secret areas on different levels that can be opened only by using some of the boss weapons the player has unlocked?
- By far, the most challenging level was the one with the different gemstones all over the place, where you earn the Horizon Beam for defeating the boss. It's very satisfying to complete that level...!
- You may want to reconsider the slowly-recharging energy level. This incentivizes dead time, by having the player simply stand around and wait until their shield re-energizes before they approach new enemies or bosses. I would suggest either including an energy pickup that regenerates the player's shield, or a master timer for each stage, which ends the level prematurely if the player hasn't completed the stage by that time.
- If I was going to be nitpicky, I would say that the bosses need life meters so the player has an idea of how much more they need to beat on the boss to defeat it.

Keep up the great work on this! There's a tremendous amount of potential in what you've made here. Image
Comment edited by s-m-r on 01/06/2015
Posted by Perfeks 1st June, 2015

I finished the tier one and I've had some fun as well!

I wasn't able to use the shield either and I got the final usable ability (beam) at the last level, so all I could use was the fire bombs

I see s-m-r's point about energy recharging, but I didn't abuse it, so there was no dead time for me. Maybe you could make the energy regeneration increase significantly after being out of combat (taking no damage and/or not attacking for a certain time).

I'd suggest life bar for the bosses as well (maybe even make it an unlockable ability like a scanner?).

I think the main menu was a bit confusing and the fact that you couldn't navigate using the keys didn't help (when all you need to play is a keyboard, it's a bit weird to grab the mouse again) but it's just my opinion!

Anyway, I had a nice time!
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 2nd June, 2015

I liked the game. Anything was smooth and it was pretty hard.
Posted by siven 4th June, 2015

It appears my other comment never went through... pulse guard is actually a passive skill, it activates when you take damage. ill work towards removing the dead time in game, maybe do what perfeks said. bosses will have life bars soon enough, just didnt feel it was that important yet lol. also there will be elemental weaknesses, but i want to finish putting all the skills in first, same thing with hidden areas. i was unaware of the glitched cavern your talking about, a screen shot would be fanstic! also, sorry for the lack of keyboard controls on the menu, this is the first time ive made an interactive menu, so next time ill make sure to fix that, but it would be a huge pain to add in keyboard controls for it.
Posted by s-m-r 5th June, 2015

The dead-end cave is in the second part of the earth stage. It's just above a point where you have to shoot a gate trigger. Defeat the round triple-bullet turret enemy, and then double-jump up and to the right of the location where the gate trigger sits. YOu end up going off-screen for a moment. The player enters a large cavern and is unable to escape.

Here's a link to a screenshot:
Posted by siven 6th June, 2015

lol my bad. the extending walls above the play area had been placed in the wrong frame. i fixed it up. got a few more things to do but ill upload a more updated version sometime soon when more progress is made.
Posted by AndyUK 20th July, 2015

That very first boss thing kicked my arse so I didn't get far lol. But first impressions were good. I think the graphics could do with a bit more depth though.
Oh also I keep hearing those same sound effects in bloody everything nowadays.
Posted by siven 21st July, 2015

lol really? i actually made all those sound effects... sorry its so hard! but its based on megaman, so i tried to leave the difficulty about the same. the first levels graphics were kinda thrown together, but i tried to improve on them as i worked on the game.
Posted by Rikus 25th July, 2015
Rated :

Loved this game! A new Episode of klik&lets play is up where is go through the game a bit
Posted by siven 30th July, 2015

Glad you liked it! i watched the lets play, and commented too.





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