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Blockhead (Demo)
Author: siven Submitted: 2nd July, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 62

Edited By Strife on 7/8/2011

Edited By siven on 7/7/2011

Blockhead is a game ive had in the making for a long time, but i never made a project page. the game is pretty much 99% done, so here are the first 3 levels for everyone to play. enjoy!
Full game has 12 levels, each with 2 parts, and 7 different blockhead forms!

Controls are simple, arrow keys to move, up is jump. the face at the top is blockheads health level, and the bar next to it is his power level. Each form of blockhead does different things that each involve the power level.
When the bar maxes out while your playing as regular blockhead he grows to gigantic sizes and is invincible until the bar depletes.
Magnet blockhead gains energy when he touches the glowing blue orbs, press spacebar to release a wave of lightning!
Volcano blockhead gains power over time, press spacebar to fire a fireball!

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Posted by Strife 8th July, 2011

Your screenshot still wasn't working, so I took a bunch of my own screenshots for you. Feel free to adjust them as needed.

Anyway, not bad at all! The forms add a nice touch to an otherwise typical platform game. I kinda wished that you could be more flexible with the forms you can use, though, because they're all pretty cool. Maybe in the later levels when the player's learned how to use all of the forms, you could make it so that there's more than one form in each level and you can pick and choose which one you want to use. Up to you, of course.
Posted by siven 11th July, 2011

thanks for fixin those, i havnt had internet access to fix them myself till now lol
Thats exactly how it works actually in the later levels you end up having to use multiple forms to get to the end of the level. this is just a small demo of the whole game. ive already completed the game, but im hoping to maybe market it at some point so i didnt upload all the levels lol.
Posted by Snapping Turtle 16th July, 2011
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This is pretty fun. I don't know why it doesn't have more downloads. The two things I would change though are: fixing the glitch where your animation gets messed up when you walk into the side of a platform, and adding more checkpoints. (But maybe I'm just bad at the game)
Posted by siven 16th July, 2011

thanks! i totally forgot to fix that glitch lol, its not a hard one to fix. at one point i had considered putting in more checkpoints because a lot of people tell me the game is extremely difficult, but at this point that would take a lot of work, seeing as there are 13 levels, all of which have 2 parts, except for the last level, its just really long lol.
Posted by MeadowHare 4th September, 2011
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Hey Nice Game! I would definetely like there to be more feedback when you get hit though. At first I didn't even realize I was being damaged. Also, When you accidently hit breakable blocks from the side while jumping, they get destroyed, which was kind of annoying at times since you need to stand on them.

Other than that, nice music, nice graphics, and generally a fun game. Lots of fun with minimal frustration. I didn't find the game to be overly difficult. Some levels took some work, but nothing extreme.

Keep up the good work!
Posted by siven 5th September, 2011

Thanks a ton for the feed back! your not the first one to say that the blocks breaking from the side was annoying, but when i first started the game a long time ago and i ended up using the breaking blocks from the side thing for many parts of the level, so if i were to change that i would have to change almost every level in the game, you'd just have to get used to landing on top of the blocks in the right way. if i ever make a second one i would fix that.





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