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Celestias random gun generator
Author: siven Submitted: 6th January, 2011 Favourites:1
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Edited By siven on 1/14/2011

Edited By siven on 1/8/2011

This is the gun generator that I will be using in my up and coming game Celestia. (credit to Monkeytherat who started the engine for me. thanks for the head start!) this is a simple, but effective generator that randomly generates a Prefix, a title, and a Texture (or skin) for the gun. Simply Click to create and randomize a gun.
I figured i would share this with everyone as a nice display of the guns you will be able to get in the game, each doing there own unique thing. this is not all of the guns that will be in the game, this is simply the common and rare gun generator. i plan to put in an alien gun generator, a ultra rare gun generator, and a melee weapon generator. those will come later. but i dont think i will submit the generators as a download, id like to keep them secret.

heres a the project page if anyone cares lol

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Posted by The Chris Street 7th January, 2011

I guess this has influences of Borderlands?
Posted by siven 7th January, 2011

You guessed correctly.
Posted by Cecilectomy 8th January, 2011

you need to fix those screenshots buddy.

also. it would be cool if the look of the guns were randomized. other than name and texture/color (and i assume stats when theyre ingame) each gun of a specific category looks exactly the same.

example. different scopes on sniper rifles. different butts on automatics. varying barrel length and size. etc etc.
Comment edited by Robot Cecil on 1/8/2011
Posted by siven 8th January, 2011

Hmm, you have a good point. I have an idea for what i can do. thanks for the suggestion!
Posted by Oveliuz Meliuz 8th January, 2011
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also, you sould make a save feature. Guess that you would like to be able to load the guns from a file or something when you make the full game. Named Variable object og INI object is suitable for this
Posted by siven 8th January, 2011

Oh i certainly plan to. the game will have a full working inventory, and a save feature as well. not to mention im going to make it so you can craft weapons as well from the parts you get from taking apart unwanted or unused weapons. not to mention youll be able to upgrade each weapons firerate, damage, and clipsize with upgrade parts enemies will drop and you can get them from taking apart weapons as well. youll also be able to change the element of the weapons as well. i plan to throw in about twice as many guns too. im aiming to make this game very expansive, with a lot of replay value. there will be a new game +, and after you beat both playthroughs 100% everything will become max level and the drop rate will increase, so that the player can run around and farm enemies to get better weapons. plus i plan to add expansions after the game is released. the game will also feature traveling between all the planets in our solar system, and after the game is beaten other galaxies will be added as well, further expanding the game. anywho, im done ranting, i just figured id give you an idea of whats to come of this game.
Posted by Resident-Pyromaniac 14th January, 2011

Can I play with the randomly generated guns? or is this just for show?
Posted by siven 14th January, 2011

this is simply for show, if you visit the project page for the game theres a link to a better demo. heres the project page
Posted by Resident-Pyromaniac 16th January, 2011






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