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Celestia! Undead Onslaught! (v1.9)
Author: siven Submitted: 18th July, 2011 Favourites:0
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Edited By siven on 9/27/2011

Edited By siven on 8/17/2011

Simply zombies!!! This is a simple demo of the mini game for celestia know as Undead Onslaught. make note that this is not finished, Its a work in progress.

Leveling system has been rebuilt, though that doesnt effect the mini game much.
Ammo system! you now have ammo you must take into account, so keep that in mind while blasting away.
A few graphical changes. Such as background objects on the Hud.
Also, the Firerate of weapons is displayed again. remember, the lower the number on the fire rate, the faster the weapon shoots. that number is the number of (milliseconds i believe) in between each shot.
Zombies now "fall apart" and their body parts bleed all over the place when they die before dissipating, a nice little effect.
second zombie has been added, they have more health and start out faster than the others, and deal damage faster.

I have yet to test everything enough to know if any glitches have been made, so everyone please let me know. (aside from the zombies running up the far left and far right sides, ive just been to lazy to fix that.)

Things to come:
Rare weapons! thats the next project... ive been dreading it a bit but its time.
Holding multiple guns.
Inventory system, than hopefully the card system.

controls are...
wasd for movement
The mouse is aim,
left click is fire,
spacebar is pick up a weapon
and S is open chests.
1: Spawn pistol
2: spawn combat rifle
3: spawn grenade launcher
4: spawn machine gun
5: spawn rocket launcher
6: spawn shotgun
7: spawn sniper rifle
8: spawn smg
F2 is reset.

make not that you can be damaged, and can die, blood sprays when you get hit.

See how long you can last! when you kill a zombie you gain experience(exp bar and lv indicator at bottom of hud, kills indicator is the grey number at the top of the screen). post a screenshot of how far you got and see if you can beat the current record!

No currently set records:

Please leave your comments and suggestions! also, the song and sound effects were not included to keep the file size low. heres the song if you feel like downloading it.
(last version download link, incase the current is broken for some weird reason)

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Posted by s-m-r 24th July, 2011

Looks like this is a fine start for this mini-game. Here are a few recommendations I have for you.

--If the zombie is supposed to cause damage in the final version of the game, have the player and zombie bounce off of one another and/or let the player be invulnerable for a short time after suffering damage.
--is there a reason to have different buttons for opening chests and picking up weapons? I'd recommend you streamline it to make it easy for the player, and have the same button (spacebar or otherwise) do all actions.
--set up the controls so that when the player is shooting, all they need to do is hold down the corresponding mouse button and an internal timer will spit out bullets at a rate of speed based on the weapon currently selected. Clicking like mad on the mouse button will wear out your players.
--for a faster-paced game, have zombies killed quicker/with fewer shots. I assume weapon pickups will improve this. Experiment with different damage ratings and firing speeds to find a happy medium.
--I didn't like it when a zombie spawned under my feet. But that's just personal preference, I suppose.

Keep up the good work...!
Posted by Neuro 24th July, 2011

I have to agree with s-m-r on those points, but it was great to test it out. I love the HUD, especially. Game engine seems very solid all-round. Definitely looking forward to the full game!

Will you be including a way to change controls at all?
Posted by siven 24th July, 2011

I see. i will probably make the S key open chests and pick up weapons, interact etc. as of now, the enemies dont really damage you, i had intended on making it so when you get hit you bounce back and are dont receive damage for a sec. The other day i was working on making the prefix and title effect the damage and firerate of the gun. when the game gets a little further ill add the option to set your own controls. ill also change it so that you can just hold down the button instead of rapidly clicking, cuz i agree, it is somewhat tiring on your finger lol. i had it just set to click originally before i added the damage effects, so ill fix that. thanks for the suggestions! when i get the game to the point of being able to pick up all the guns and fire them and incorporate the rounds of zombies, after that ill reupload it.
Posted by Wackyjackie 16th August, 2011

"Invalid or Deleted File."
Posted by siven 16th August, 2011

Should be fixed, sorry about that.





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