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Gracillis V: GalaxyTrail Remix
Author: Strife Submitted: 23rd August, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 272

Edited By Strife on 8/23/2009

Greetings, klikers. I bring you yet another one of my older titles that's been collecting dust on my hard drive for far too long.

A mysterious bug involving random crashes prevented me from uploading this sooner, but after spending weeks trying to find a solution, I still haven't even found the cause of the problem, even after porting it to MMF2. I've decided to just release it anyway in hopes that somebody might be able to figure out what's causing it, or to find out if it's just my computer.


If you're an old fogey like me that remembers the glorious days of Klik & Play, you'll immediately know what this game is about. It's been ten years since the day that my parents first bought me that little gem of a program, and to celebrate, I figured that I should release a remastered version of one of my favorite K&P classics.

Gracillis V is a scrolling space shooter that was originally developed by Richard Gale using stock graphics from the Klik & Play library. A slightly modified version comes with Multimedia Fusion 2, but if i'm being perfectly honest, the MMF2 version hardly showcases what Clickteam's latest development tools are capable of. The only changes that were made were an altered logo, and the cheerful little spinny enemies in the first level were changed into brown alien blobs. So, I took it upon myself to build a proper remix.

Gracillis V: GalaxyTrail Remix maintains the gameplay and graphic style of the original game, including the delightful blue spinnys, hungry hedgehogs, tactical kernuts, and ugly final boss whose face you want to punch repeatedly. There are also a host of impressive upgrades, including four additional levels, MP3 mixes of the original music, improved special effects, a revamped scoring system, and the ability to backtrack through your powerups with the Backspace key. There is also a noticeable increase in difficulty, so flex your trigger fingers and get ready for some old-fashioned space shooter action!

I'm pretty excited with the way the game turned out, and when the Daily Click Arcade surfaces in the future, i'll definitely consider submitting it as an online game. Until then, this local version should be adequately nostalgiac for all of the former Klik & Play developers out there, and still pretty fun for everyone else.

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Posted by W3R3W00F 23rd August, 2009

I tried Dl'ing but it didn't take me to the download page?

Even if I can't play it yet I do like this idea.
Posted by Strife 23rd August, 2009

Hmm, that's odd, it works for me. o_o

I modified the download link a little so that it's not a direct link. Maybe that'll solve the issue. Silly MediaFire.
Posted by Marko 31st August, 2009
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An excellent remake of an unremarkable (though lovely retro-goodiness) game. Worth a punt for nostalgia value.





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