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Astro Dude - part 1
Author: Strife Submitted: 10th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 442
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Edited By Strife on 3/15/2004

Edited By Strife on 3/12/2004

Astro Dude is a silly, yet challenging action platform game. If you've ever played a classic Mega Man game, you'll already have a good idea of what the gameplay is like.

You are taken to a Map Screen after the intro stage, where you can visit 3 different worlds (in the full version, you can unlock 3 other worlds).

Each world has 4 levels:
2 normal stages, a mini-game, and the boss lair (the 4th level is not selectable at the map screen). After you defeat the Super-Robot in the 4th level, you will get a cool new weapon which is effective against one or more of the other bosses.


This is part 1 of Astro Dude. The game will end when you complete the first 3 worlds.

The game has quite a few bugs, and it's a bit on the hard side, but still enjoyable. Feel free to give me suggestions.

I stopped working on Astro Dude a long time ago, for a few reasons, most of which are personal. However, I will finish it if you want me to. Otherwise I am going to abandon the project.

Anywayz, enjoy.

This is version 1.5 of Astro Dude, which is a bit smoother and easier than the first version.

If you want, here's the links to version 1.0, but I would recommend downloading version 1.5.

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Posted by Zane 12th March, 2004

cool, ill d/l when i get home
Posted by Cazra 12th March, 2004

I hate freewebs...@_@ The screenshots look good though. :)
Posted by Steve Harris 12th March, 2004
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th March, 2004

This is great! This is almost better then Mega Man! Very well done. :) Can't wait for part 2!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th March, 2004

I'll review it as soon as I finish it. :)
Posted by Astral_86 12th March, 2004

Freewebs?!?!? NOOO! If you want I can host your file at my server, would you like that? :) I'll have this game in 10 mins... (2kb/s) :P
Posted by Astral_86 12th March, 2004

Oh... I just saw that Steve (Neo) Harris already hosts it. :)
Posted by Cazra 12th March, 2004

The game's fun, but the bosses are wicked hard! Would it be too much to make the bosses be on a separate level so we don't have to go thruogh the 3rd levels all over again?
Posted by Cazra 12th March, 2004

Ahw.... End of part 1? :(
Posted by Strife 12th March, 2004

The bosses were intended to be hard. At first, I had a 4th level in each world with just the boss in it, but then I decided it was too simple. Thanks for the new link, Steve! :D Anyhoo, seeing how the game is getting some good comments, I guess i'll try to finish it... In fact, I had completed 2 other worlds beforehand (but I didn't put them in part 1 :P ). I need to finish the 6th world and the 2 Fortress worlds.
Posted by Strife 12th March, 2004

By the way, here's a tip for fighting the bosses: Collect several cans of Luna Cola before fighting the boss. A good place to max out your Luna Cola is the 3rd level of the Industrial Plant (No Dudes Allowed). Immediately after touching the first checkpoint, walk left and hop up the blocks to the top screen. Then, hop over the lava, jump, and grab the extra life. Walk right until you get to the pit just after the big purple barrel guy. You'll see a large energy pill and a can of Luna Cola hovering over the lava. Jump down and grab them; don't worry about dying. When you reappear at the checkpoint, repeat the process until you have as many Luna Colas as you want. ;)
Posted by Cazra 12th March, 2004

Hey, I didn't think of getting the Luna Colas that way. I went to the 1st level of Jelly world to get my stock.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th March, 2004

Not...finish? I'm filled with sadness! Please finish it! I mean...Its a great page, and it made the front page, yes?
Posted by 12th March, 2004

hard as crap, but good. Astro Dude needs a bigger life bar though. Every hit takes 2 points away.
Posted by Evil Monkey 13th March, 2004

It's pretty cool, but hard at times. I suggest you scrap the story: it sounds like a 7 year-old wrote it. XD
Posted by Imadjinn 13th March, 2004

Rock solid but just as good as the Megaman games! BTW, why did you call the second levels mini-games, when you have to complete them to continue?
Posted by Zane 13th March, 2004

this is a great game, your dudeness (great word). though its very hard
Posted by Strife 13th March, 2004

The game was intended to be hard, but, since many of you have said the game is too hard, i'll try to tone down the difficulty for the final version. But, can you tell me exactly which parts of the game are hard...? Jedi Guy: Astro Dude begins the game with 10 units of energy. You must find E Capsules to increase his energy bar. There is 1 E Capsule hidden in each world, with the exception of the Static Station (Watt Dude). Oh, and you can't reach the E Capsule in Boil Dude's world yet; you need a weapon which is in the final version of the game. matt1000: They're called mini-games because they play almost completely different from the main game. By the way, after you complete a Mini-Game, you can re-play it in Hard mode. You don't get any special reward for beating a mini-game in Hard mode; I just added it for the fun of it. ;) Evil Monkey: I happen to like my story line. Besides, i'm too lazy to change the cutscenes. :p
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 13th March, 2004

Reviewed. :)
Posted by Other Fish 13th March, 2004

The enemy’s bullets shoot way to fast. The story is lame. The shooting animation is standing and so if your running and shooting you glide across the floor. The Engine needs a lot of work, it's almost as bad as the built in movements. Enemies take way to many hits to kill. The game is FAR more frustrating than fun but is definitely worth continuing as long as you fix a few things.
Posted by Killerjedi 13th March, 2004

Well, the game's pretty good, but it's WAY too hard in almost every way. With some SEVERE toning down of the difficulty, this could be a really good game.
Posted by Tongs 14th March, 2004

Mmm... Mega Man game... must download.
Posted by 14th March, 2004

jebus cripes! strife did u play this game????????? My God! The only way to get thru a level is with pure luck! Enemies are cheap and take too many hits, and there are so many of them! cant wait for the next part......
Posted by Strife 14th March, 2004

Okay then... *takes out checklist* 1. Slow down enemy projectiles 2. Polish the platform engine 3. Lower enemy's HP Thank you for informing me of these negative elements. Now I will be able to make the final version more playable. :) Hmmm, I have two reviews, 9/10 and 10/10! AND my game is contending for GOTW! I never expected this game to do so well; Thank you everybody! :D
Posted by Strife 14th March, 2004

Okay, i've made the enemy's bullets go a bit slower. I've also modified Astro Dude's jump. I slightly decreased the gravity, so his jump is not so stiff. However, i'm unable to fix the animations. To do that, i'd have to re-do most of the engine, and that would take too much time (considering the vast number of frames in the game). I'm not going to update this Part 1 of the game unless you want me to (thus i'm going to save all the updates for the final version, which, at this rate, may be released in a few months).
Posted by 14th March, 2004

and while youre at it. Make sure the enemies dont take 2 points from your life bar.if youve got a 10 point life bar and all the hits take 2 or more than its a 5 point life bar. Im on the level "Barking Up The Wrong Tree" and its really a pain in the ass. just 1 point!
Posted by Nickstudios 15th March, 2004

One thumbs down!, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! it should be zero thumbs down this game is good except for the difficulty which is good to have in a game I like it ,thumbs up.
Posted by James 15th March, 2004

Posted by Astral_86 15th March, 2004

hey Strife, nice game! :) But one thing I really want you to change, which I think is a little noobish... you jump with ctrl and shoot with shift... why can't you change controls?? I always play with jump shift and shoot ctrl! I guess you done so that you shoot with "ctrl" and not "button 2", and the same with jump. Please change them to button 1 and button 2 so that you can change controls!!! Otherwise very good game :) thumbs up definitely
Posted by Strife 15th March, 2004

Maybe it's your computer, Astral. You can change the controls pressing Ctrl + Y, just like any other klik-game. UPDATE! I've updated the game to version 1.5. Hopefully, this version will be smoother and less frustrating than before. Unfortunately, it is hosted on Freewebs. Perhaps someone could upload it to their server; i'd appreciate it. :)
Posted by Astral_86 15th March, 2004

Whoa...I have NO idea about WHY I wrote that... please forgive me I guess I was thinking about any other game while writing that down... :P Hey dude, as soon as you put the game on TDC, I'll host it right away. No problem :) But I have another complain (but this time it's not bullshit) ...and it's about the difficulty. Sure, I like hard games, but I don't like "Taking-some-steps-and-then-got-shot-and-died-games". Take the first enemy at lvl 2 for cannot avoid his laser because he shoots fast as a friggin lightning adn you don't have ANY idea at all when he's gonna shoot O_O ... and as soon as you get hit you lose HALF YOUR LIFE ! O_O I hope this'll be changed in the 1.5 ! You should make an animation when he's goona shot, so that you have any chance to avoid his laser. :P:P Well, again, good game!! :D I like it ;) Good luck with finishing it!
Posted by haloboycs 15th March, 2004

another corrupted zip game... i hope it isnt my computer
Posted by Killerjedi 16th March, 2004

Has anybody else actually beaten this demo? I did. Boil Dude's weapon is pretty worthless, unfortunately... Watt Dude and Jelly Dude's weapons were really useful, though. I don't think I could've beaten Boil Dude without Jelly Dude's infinitely lethal bubbles.
Posted by Strife 16th March, 2004

I've already uploaded version 1.5, as you can see. ;) And I won't be updating this Part 1 again. All future improvements will be saved for the final version. Astral: Hmmm... the robot's lazer isn't totally unpredictable. But you do have a point. Maybe i'll add some sort of animation to warn the player of the incoming laser. Killerjedi: Like in Mega Man, each boss has a weakness. Boil Dude's weakness happens to be the Jelly Cannon, which causes about 4 points of damage per hit! Jelly Dude's weakness is the Thunder Phaser, and Watt Dude's weakness is (you guessed it) the Turbo Toaster.
Posted by 18th March, 2004

jelly dude flew off right before I killed his ass! What the hell???!!?!?
Posted by Strife 19th March, 2004

Argh... I thought I fixed that bug. Did he fly out the boss door? Sorry about that. Here's 20 cents. *hands a roll of pennies to Marvel Hero 3.0* It rarely happens to me, but i'll see if I can fix it. Jelly Dude's pattern of attack is rather wierd anyway; maybe i'll just completely redo it.
Posted by xXAaronXx 21st March, 2004

I have only made it to the static boss and I have no idea how the hell to beat it. 3 hits and your dead, you get 10 bars of health to the boss' what, 20? and each bar takes about 3 or more bullets to take off? Its a lame boss how he jumps, shoots a string of electricity, and repeats. In the fire levels, boil dudes stages on the 1st one I jump from the one up n down moving platform to the next and I would fall through it several times for no reason too. You should throw in a basic level up system for the dude to get stronger so if it is too hard people can just run through the levels a few times to increase their defense and offense a bit.
Posted by xXAaronXx 21st March, 2004

I got to jelly man now too, how the hell are you supposed to beat these bosses? I can get 3 or 4 dots off on the static one and I got 1 on the jelly one. The bosses are stupid. And I dont understand why anyone would pick a super hero that cant swim, duck, be touched by anything evil whether or not they are doin anything that would hurt you. and can only shoot in left n right directions. This is a megaman clone so I mostly am saying this against megaman, there just isnt much of anything mega about him. And he always loses his powers by the next game.
Posted by 21st March, 2004

Whoa pal, leave this and mega man alone. Astro Dude is a great game, and the nes mega mans are classics so leave em alone. Now my beef with your game this time is that every time I die on the mini game in boil dudes world, the game sends me to the 3rd level of jelly dudes stage. Its really annoiying since im close to finishing this demo. Maybe I should just wait for a full version....
Posted by Astral_86 22nd March, 2004

I totally agree with xXAaronXx...the bosses are RIDICULUSLY hard... I can only hit the bosses 3 or 4 times before I die. :P
Posted by Strife 22nd March, 2004

Yay! I won GOTW! Thank you to everyone who voted for my game. This is my first GOTW, so as you can imagine i'm pretty excited. :D And to those of you who are complaining about the difficulty (AaronX, Astral, Marvel), I promise that the full version will be less frustrating. I will consider all of your suggestions and improve the game accordingly. Who knows? Maybe the full version will win GOTW also. :p
Posted by 22nd March, 2004

oh and btw, for the full version threre needs to be a super easy boss that can be beaten without any weapons. That way you can take out the bosses in a pattern. and btw congrats!!!
Posted by BullDozer 23rd March, 2004

I have to disagree with lazarus: this is a good game but DEFINTETLY NOT better than the original megaman! IŽll review it after iŽve defeated ar least one boss :-p
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 2nd April, 2004

if you can make origonal, smooth GFX like this, it makes me wonder why you have a ripped megaman avatar XD
Posted by Bo Fu 3rd April, 2004

Because he likes Megaman. Of course.
Posted by Strife 14th April, 2004

Yep. The first game I ever played was Mega Man 6. Although, I wish my stupid Freewebs site could work so I can make my own custom avator. :p
Posted by grandpa 26th September, 2004

Posted by PieRye 18th May, 2005

When should the game be finished?






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