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Author: Dustin Gunn Submitted: 3rd October, 2010 Favourites:3
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Edited By Dustin Gunn on 10/8/2010

Originally created for the ACTION 52 OWNS project, Sombreros is a top-down shooter inspired both by the vaguely racist original game and countless western movies and games.

3 short but sweet levels full of setpieces and lots of variety, wherein you might just have to throw molotov cocktails at a donkey or fend off ants with your breath.

Featuring original music by Arthur Lee that kind of kicks ass.

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Posted by Rikus 4th October, 2010
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Excellent game! The difficulty is just right and the check points were really well placed. Sometimes the controls got in the way of me shooting in the direction I wanted but other then that, this was a great games, with great graphics and music!
Posted by Lobot 4th October, 2010
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This is so cool. Love the music and arcade graphics. Especially like the multiple aim button- Makes for some Clint Eastwood moments!
Posted by Lobot 4th October, 2010
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...' Sometimes the controls got in the way of me shooting in the direction I wanted'
I found that if you hold the shoot button you can strafe with autofire- makes it play a bit like the classic 'total carnage'
Posted by Yai7 4th October, 2010
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This is so action 52...!!! Halelujah!
Posted by RailedRobin 4th October, 2010

This game looks so amazing! Will come back and rate it when I've played it.
Posted by Duncan 4th October, 2010

I'd like to shake your hand for making this game, and Arthur Lee's for making the music.
Posted by Dogzer 4th October, 2010

eternal daughter is better
Posted by Hayo 4th October, 2010

I can't believe how good this looks. Will play it soon.
Posted by s-m-r 5th October, 2010

Okay, I'm stuck. In level 2, there's a metal gate tied off to four burros. It's just after the segment with all the moving cars and the dogs that stick to you if they touch you. Any hints on how to open the gate?

...Please don't tell me I need to have all four burros shot at the same time...I would weep at the thought.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 5th October, 2010

You do, but it's not challenging, dexterity-wise. It's a puzzle involving the ability you activate by holding C. From the readme/ingame help:

"Ingame, use X to fire and hold C to activate Ojos Rojos mode.

In Ojos Rojos mode, press X to mark a shot location (up to 6) then release C to fire."
Posted by UrbanMonk 6th October, 2010
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beautiful game!
Posted by s-m-r 6th October, 2010

Aha! Thanks for the heads-up, Dustin! "Red Eyes" Hahaha! I hadn't read the readme file and just jumped right in. Human error.

I hope to post a review for this game once I've completed it...This will be a HUGE help, I'm sure.
Posted by Dogzer 9th October, 2010

It's no better than eternal daughter
Posted by Dustin Gunn 9th October, 2010

~*ThE bEsT gAmE*~
Posted by OMC 12th October, 2010 Whoa!





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