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Mayhem Triple
Author: Dustin Gunn Submitted: 10th April, 2013 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 403
42nd Place     (4.6 / 5)

This game was born on TDC so I figure it must end on TDC as well. This is my Duke Nukem Forever, but hopefully it ended up better.


Mayhem Triple is a cinematic platformer focusing on exciting set-pieces and violent, fast gunplay. Development first started on the game in 2003, though there have been several iterations. You play as Miguel “Mig” Carter, a man of few means but great skill, who is rudely awakened by the apocalypse and is tasked with sorting it out. Thousands of rabbit-esque aliens are entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and their numbers keep increasing by the hour. Helping put a dent in their population is an assortment of more than 20 powerful weapons and hidden Illuminati devices. Featuring smooth, dynamic controls, 5 insanely varied levels, a comprehensive New Game+ system and a great original soundtrack, Mig’s not going to let time nor space get in the way of being mankind’s savior!

I’m releasing this game free of charge and hope you enjoy it. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. If you want to thank me ~monetarily~ there’s a donation button to the right.

Created by Dustin Gunn
Music, logo and additional help by Arthur Lee
Copyright 2013


Single core processor.
Windows XP or newer.
DirectX 9 compatible graphics card.
Mouse and keyboard.

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Posted by nim 11th April, 2013

Downloading now, but the computer will be tied up doing some video editing tonight so I'll have to play later. Really excited to check out the full game.

I just wanted to say: Massive congratulations on finishing this. I remember being blown away by the demo so many years ago, but after not hearing anything about it for so long I figured that the project had run out of steam.
Posted by danjo 11th April, 2013
Rated :

this is the most brilliant game ive played in a while
Posted by UrbanMonk 11th April, 2013
Rated :

Wow, I remember playing this way back when!
Thanks for posting it!

I'm going to download when I get home.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 12th April, 2013
Rated :

Holy shit... this is OUT? This has been in my favourite projects list since ages ago, I guess you spent your time developing the game instead of updating your project page! Downloading...
Posted by Chrisbo 13th April, 2013
Rated :

This really is a great game. I hardly ever download anything from here anymore but figured I'd give this a shot. Good stuff.
Posted by Liquixcat 13th April, 2013
Rated :

Very good! Although I found quite a few bugs involving the 'Brutalizer' weapon.
Posted by Assault Andy 14th April, 2013
Rated :

Wow! Great to see new content still coming in. Congratulations on finishing this. Can't wait to play it.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 15th April, 2013

This is awesome!!
But my middle mouse button doesn't register in the game.. (it's document switch by default) So i couldn't answer the radio and move on i tried changing some settings around in logitech control panel, but "middle button" doesn't seem to work either.. Maybe it should be "e" by default.

Edit: key bindings! i got this ^^
Comment edited by SoftWarewolf on 4/15/2013
Posted by alastair john jack 15th April, 2013


o, I thought it was familiar!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 15th April, 2013
Rated :

Excellent game, perfect weapon variety, superb pacing and very complimentary sound track. It felt short but the New Game+ option is a pretty ingenious way to make that not an issue. I found a few minor issues, though, in case you are interested:

• The tutorial prompt that says "Press S to exchange weapons" stays on the screen if you decide not to collect the weapon that drops before it disappears. However, it disappears if you exchange your weapon later. Unsure if this was intended behaviour but I thought perhaps it might have overwritten another tutorial message.

• In the section in the building, where you climb to the top and jump onto the buckling floor sections, if a bunny drops cash near the middle of these buckling floor sections it appears to fall through (unsure if this is only when the section actually starts to bend or just any time). This is not much of an issue considering you end up down the bottom anyway but hey, I thought you might want to know.

• The game does not appear to remember the key I have bound to 'USE' until I open up the key binding screen (have not tried to re-bind anything else). When I do, it correctly displays my new key binding (W) when I open up the window for 'USE' and after I close, it appears to "remember" my setting.

In any case, an awesome game and I commend you for finishing it.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 16th April, 2013

money falls through any active floors, just for performance reasons
Posted by CYS 16th April, 2013

i haven't quite finish the game but from what i've played, it's REALLY REALLY good! Excellent design and mechanics (though there's too much wall jumping for a game where you use the keyboard with only one hand).
Posted by Dialga-Brite 17th April, 2013
Rated :

just by looking at the achievements, this game contains mature content, there REALLY ought to be a warning.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 19th April, 2013
Rated :

You can safely assume that a game "focusing on exciting set-pieces and violent, fast gunplay probably has mature content.

Dustin, a couple more issues I have found if you're interested.


• In the mothership after you become bubbled and destroy the meteors and their fragments, you are supposed to proceed to the right. However, on both of my playthroughs so far, the laser barrier covering this exit has failed to disappear after defeating all the meteors for the first time. In both cases I had to exit the game and re-load and it worked as intended the second time I cleared the room.

[EDIT] Actually, I believe on my first playthrough instead of exiting and reloading, I simply walked into the barrier and died, reloading my checkpoint.


• After you fight the mech and you activate the switch to have it fall down to the next area, in both of my playthroughs so far the first time I jumped down after him, I had lost control of my character while the boss proceeded to stomp and fire all around me (although I did not appear to be affected by his attacks). While in this state I cannot control the character or the aiming reticule, but holding SHIFT appears to still prepare him for melee mode. Both times this happened, I quit and re-loaded, and the game started me off at a checkpoint right there in the room I just jumped down into, so no progress was lost.


• One is hard to replicate as I have only found a single area where the platform layout makes it possible. If you wall jump off a right wall, then a left wall, then while continuing to hold left and repeatedly pressing the jump key after connecting with the right wall again you can keep climbing up the same wall. The part I managed to do this in was the "House of Cards" level, right after the Dire Bunny. The far right wall breaks off from the rest of the building and at the top of that is the exit which should only be accessible by going left and following the level up and around... but if you use this wall-jump glitch you can get there simply by scaling the wall (by beginning the jump from the bottom floor, jumping off the small floating platform to the left of the wall, then back on to the wall again while holding left.

[EDIT] I found another place that allows this (although it's also slightly harder to do than the House of Cards part). The very start of the game where you fall into the water and the tutorial guy tells you how to jump, instead of jumping out of the water to the right you can hold left while continually wall-jumping and you will, if done correctly, scale the floating island bit. I believe this exploit works better if you can jump one way, wall jump back the other way, and then holding the resulting direction while continually jumping - but as you can see in this first area it seems as long as the game registers that you are connected to a wall and jumping, it does not seem to care about the direction held.


• When you talk to the chick in the helicopter (where you need to pick up the rocket launcher she gives you to blow up the blocks). While waiting for her to finish talking, I was jumping from inside the alcove next to the blocks to the side of the wall above and wall-jumping from that, and I actually ended up on top of the structure that is meant to impede your movement until you destroy the bricks. I am unsure exactly what sequence of movements I did because usually when I try it, Mig just wall-jumps to the left and can't swing back around on top due to his horizontal velocity. I also did not continue for fear of breaking the game so I cannot say what happens if you jump on top and keep going instead of blowing up the wall. A simple invisible wall on top should help here (unless that sort of fix disgusts you).


• Finally, and by far the least important, it is possible to get the achievement for finding the hidden grease gun in the first level by standing in the building below the rock pile, then jumping and using your melee through the roof. If you do not want this to be possible I suggest placing the rock pile on another platform on top of that building to make it too high to reach from below.


Thanks again for this game, it's really the best thing to come out here for a long time.

Comment edited by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) on 4/19/2013
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 22nd April, 2013
Rated :

Congratz on finishing it!
I too remember loving the demo way back, and I must say - a spectacular result! All thumbs up!
Posted by UrbanMonk 23rd April, 2013
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Posted by Alf Lerd 25th April, 2013
Rated :

Good game
Posted by Otter 6th May, 2013
Rated :

You have no idea how long I've waited for this...
Posted by Dialga-Brite 19th August, 2013
Rated :

Sorry, I forgot to rate this game. Please don't bash me. the rating I am giving is how I honestly feel and I really don't feel like this game deserves to be #1 on this entire site.

edit: I rated it before but I don't think it was counted. a glitch perhaps?
Comment edited by Dialga-Brite on 8/19/2013
Posted by Dustin Gunn 13th January, 2014

You're a crazy doll man who has probably murdered people.





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