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Silent Night: Festive Espionage Action
Author: Dustin Gunn Submitted: 12th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 328

You are Stelf. You have been shunned by your people (The elf people) of the northpole, after a seige of toy soldiers on the toy factory. You single-handedly defended the area, but at the cost of most everything else. Once the elves saw what you were capable of, they banashed you into the wastelands never to set foot on north-pole territory again!

That is, until Santa turns up missing from his morning walk...

Now you must run, jump, duck, sidle, swing, sneak, toss, stab, slice, float, zipline and ride your way to the truth, to uncover the mysterious kidnapper's identity and retrieve Jolly Ol' Saint Nick! With your trusty sharpened candycane, a bit of tinsil for stealth-dispatchery, and the very shadows of this festive underworld, you set forth on adventure!


Move Around (Also works on pipes) -- Left and Right Arrows
Jump (From pipes and ziplines also) -- Shift
Attack (Context sensitive) -- Ctrl
Crouch -- Down Arrow
Customize Controls -- Ctrl-Y


* Make snowballs then throw them at your enemy!
* Ride a freaking reindeer! Ramp it off the inclines!
* Global physics applied to every soldier, snowball, particle and projectile!
* Scaleable graphics!
* Parallax scrolling!
* Grab hold of ceiling pipes and sidle accross them!
* Zip down ziplines to get where you're going faster!
* 2 different kinds of candycane attacks!
* 5 levels and 1 boss of pure adventure!
* Saving and loading with the greatest of ease!
* Upgrade your stats between levels! Find stars and gloves to upgrade your lifebar and throwing arm!
* Large main character sprite with nearly 20 animations!

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Posted by 12th March, 2006

i was sad when it ended
Posted by 12th March, 2006

errm now that i think about it gravity is noton the snow ball its fake because when you through it over the anti grav oads it doesnt float up
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 12th March, 2006

This is very well made. Graphics and gameplay is very well combined!
Posted by vortex2 12th March, 2006

Great game but you should of taken the time to change the Application 1 thing in the windows caption .
Posted by Ski 12th March, 2006

hmm like some of the graphics and what not, but the over all movement seems slow? and a soldier got stuck on me when i killeded him!
Posted by Dustin Gunn 13th March, 2006

You can upgrade your speed, unless you mean the game runs slow and yeah it does sometimes. You can turn off most of the parallax if it does, however. As for the enemy following you, strangling was a very complex process with a lot of bugs, sorry.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 13th March, 2006

"Me-Biatch"......Shut Yo BITTCCHHHHH Ass up, You're the one with too much time on your hands writing a pointless review bitching.

Anyways, Very awesome game.... I'm very surprised it came where it came in the TDC compo, i thought it deserved better but anyways.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 14th March, 2006

what's all this then?
Posted by joelr_2000 14th March, 2006

lol ahahhahaha that was ma mate, hes 17 u fool
Posted by Dustin Gunn 14th March, 2006

No I missed that. Shame.
Posted by Radix 14th March, 2006

It was a pretty poor effort for a flame.
Posted by Peblo 14th March, 2006

Phh, who puts effort into flames.
Posted by Radix 15th March, 2006

That's a figure of speech, woman.
Posted by Peblo 16th March, 2006

Posted by Dustin Gunn 17th March, 2006

" errm now that i think about it gravity is noton the snow ball its fake because when you through it over the anti grav oads it doesnt float up"

I think I just deciphered what you mean by this. You have it backwards. The player doesn't use the global physics, everything else (Including snowballs) does. Only the player is affected by the fans.
Posted by 17th March, 2006

Posted by Chris Macadam 18th March, 2006

This game was so good it inspired me to create my own game and send it in... one problem i dont know how 2 send ot in......can sum 1 tell me plz
Posted by 19th March, 2006

Chris,you need to compress the game in a ZIP file. Once that's done,find a server to upload it.

Sitesled and Freewebs are good.
Posted by 23rd March, 2006

That's what you think.
Posted by 5th April, 2006

S.u.m.g.o.o. your games are bad not AWESOME
Posted by Leon101 22nd May, 2007

Sounds like a unique stealth game.
Posted by Chris Burrows 2nd October, 2011

Dead link
Posted by Dustin Gunn 2nd October, 2011

I can't find the game





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