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Review: Zone Runner
Author: Shen
Added: 01/01/2003

Zone Runner, an (unfinished ) sorta-competition game against Steve Wardale. Hehe.

These are good, done in Circy's usual two-pixel-borders-on-all-sprites
style. The enemies and characters are a bit simple but look good, and the scenery proves that it's not hard to draw good-looking walls and stuff.
However, Circy uses this style for all of his games nowadays (they're in the new Wibble Wacky World if you look close enough) and it's become a bit overused. It's painfully obvious to tell whether it's a Circyish game, which is kind of annoying.

Presentation and Menus
The menus are cool, with a screenshot darkened as the main menu background. The one gripe I have is that you waste a lot of time on them - when you die you go to a game over screen, then the main menu, then a password screen, then the game again. Takes about 20-30 seconds. If you respawned at the start of the world it would be [i]so[/i] much easier. But I'm just lazy.

Sound and Music
Nothing special... the sounds fit the game well and the music is catchy and fits the theme, tho the n00biez world soundtrack is annoying. The musics are in external .mod format (I think) which is good.

Hmm. On the whole, this is good - the platform engine works fine in most places (except the sliding on christmas world is [i]very[/i]annoying) and it does get progressively harder (but some levels suddenly jump to fantastically hard all of a sudden)The level design is good on average, but it has the odd reaaaaaally annoying bit which makes you want to throw the computer in the general direction of the nearest window. One of the most annoying traps is when you fall down from one of the scrolling levels and die on an enemy you didn't know was there - this frustrates the player and an unhappy player is not good.

There's 25 levels to wade through, and the levels are hard, so this is quite good. However, some of the levels are too hard or the difficulty level jumps quite quickly. You'll get really annoyed when you play this, but also want to play it again. I'm not sure if this is bad or good, you'll have to decide that when you play it. This is just my opinion. Also, I don't think there's any cool features after the levels are over.

A bit of a mixed bag. It has good (slightly overused) graphics, quite a few levels, and annoying and addictive gameplay. Overall, though, it's a good game which is worth a download, even if you have to play it in bits to let the anger levels drop.

Sound and Music:

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