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Review: Zone Runner
Author: Klikmaster
Added: 19/06/2003

Presentation - This game is well presented. The game is full screen, but the screen resolution is changed to make the game pixelated. It makes it look coool . The menu has three options, but is easy to choose an option by scrolling through them. The game is presented well. 10 levels in a zone, etc. What it may have needed is an indication of what level you are on, but it is not relevant.

Gameplay - The gameplay is wonderful. A custom movement is used, which enables the charactor to use abilities such as using springs. and to decrease the game glitches. The way the game is played is dodge the bad guys, collect all of the coins, and the level is complete. This a very simple idea, but is challenging and is worth finding out what surprises are on the next level. Of course, there are surprises, such as mines, mobile mines, sliding floor, etc. Even though the idea of the game was to not have any weapons, but it can be boring after a while. A few more features would have made the game a bit better

Graphics - Circy's style of graphics is "unique", such as the charactors are small, with a small amount of pixels, but this isn't bad, as the screen resolution makes the game bigger, making the graphics bigger, and the style more pixelated. The fact that the style is unique makes the graphics good.

Sound and Music - There are few sound effects, but there are few features, and too many sounds aren't good for a game. But the music is important. The game uses high-quality music, rather than a midi file.

Lastability - The game is very hard, and will keep most people playing a long time. But there are no hidden features of special items, so this can have an impact on the game's lastability. This game has stayed on my computer because I like it so much, so I will give lastability an 8 rather than a 7.

Overall - A great game, I recommend it to any klikker to show what can be achieved with a clickteam product. Well done Circy!

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