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Review: Zone Runner
Author: skatekid
Added: 04/03/2003

Presentation: 9/10
This game has nice a nice title screen that fits the game. The cartoony graphics make me think I'm playing my beloved gameboy.(It would be cool if this could be made on the gameboy)

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is really fun. When I downloaded it I just played and played and played. I just don't believe the fact that Circy made it in one week. The first two levels were kin od boring, but who cares, it's good practice.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are pretty cool, but the animations are limited. The little guy looks cool, and the rest does to, but The springs dont spring when you jump on them. And they dont look like springs.

Sounds and Music: 5/10
There is kind of crappy music, it sounds like I'm listening to a radio station that I don't pick up very good. And the sounds are good, but they don't fit what they are used for very good.

Lastibility: 10/10
First of all, this game is HARD, so I doubt anyone could ever finish it.(if they did it would be a miracle) second, if anyone did beat this, they would probably throw a HUGE party with a TON of computers so everyone could play his favorite game: ZONE RUNNER(Or else he would have played Zone Runner so long he hated it)

Overall 9/10
If you know how to play a game, you absolutely have to download this. I you do you will play it non-stop until you beat it.(even know you'll never EVER beat Zone Runner) This game is the only klik game I actually play very much. I am looking forward to Zone Runner 2.

Sound and Music:

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