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Review: Zone Runner
Author: Muz
Added: 14/05/2003

Zone Runner may look like yet another average klik retro game on the outside. But after a few minutes of playing it, you'll notice that it has one thing in common with most of the games made from the elite Blackeye Software and Microsoft Games - it's nearly impossible to complete without cheating.

The game starts simple enough. Just jump around, grab the coins/cookies/round yellow things, and try not to bump into those large headed guys or the static gray thingies. I didn't really see how it could be difficult. However, later on, you'll have to really use your skill with platformers. You'll have to bother with annoying spring-like things, moving deadly grey objects, and armies of little men guarding the precious round yellow objects. You'll find that split-second reflexes are necessary just to get past most of the levels after the 5th one. It's mentioned that the game has a few zones... sadly, I can't even get past the first one.

The game is well presented. The graphics may lack animation but they're extremely cute. Not cute as in the sickening Pokemon type - cute as in the type you'll forgive for being so evil. They're simple and rounded, yet they fit in the whole theme just perfectly.

The music is very addictive. It may be a piece of horrible techno, but the theme is so catchy you just want to listen to it over and over again. It's partly because of the music that I still continue to play this game. Second to only the commercial game Rock Manager, this game has the most addictive music I've ever heard in a game.

For such a simple game, it's horribly addictive. However, be sure you're not the type who always wants to win and gets pissed off easily. Winning this game is nearly impossible. It makes Eternal Daughter and the 2 player Snowbrawl look very easy. It's obvious that Circy is doing his best to make sure few, if anybody wins. If you're the type who goes for retro platformers, this game will keep you wanting to try and try again.

Extremely simple, yet fun and catchy: 8 points for gameplay
Nearly impossible to win (not necessarily bad) +/- 1 point

Excellently done game:
8 points total

Extremely cute (the positive kind): 7 points for presentation
Music, sound, graphics fit in perfectly +2 points

Very well done presentation:
9 points total

Cute & nice to look at: 8 points for graphics
Lacks animations and obviously drawn quickly -1 point
The poor graphics quality fits in perfectly with everything else +1 point

Excellent graphics:
8 points total

Sound and music
Absolutely perfect music: 10 points for music
Fitting sound effects: 8 points for sound effects
Sound & music fits in perfectly +2 points

Absolutely superb music, and nice sound effects. Since the average + bonus points would total up to 11, I'm bringing it down to:
10 points total

Personally, lasted less than an hour: 5 points for lastability
It can theoretically last forever if you try to win: 10 points for lastability
Not for the impatient -2 points

Lasts long, but only if you want a casual game to lose boredom:
6 points total

Everything fits in perfectly and is extremely addictive. It's a masterpiece, maybe even a klik classic in the making. Its only problem is the difficulty...
8 points total

Sound and Music:

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