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Review: Blobs Adventure 2
Author: Jon C-B
Added: 12/04/2009

Blob's Adventure 2 is the sequel to Blob's Adventure, a GOTW winner. It's frustaring but fun game play and well drawn and animated graphics make a very good first impression.

Like, I said, the game play is frustrating but fun, you control Blob on his quest to defeat the Skeleton King (again). You travel through 6 diverse world each with its own special addition like swimming, flying a helicopter, and even driving a space ship. Though these additions are fairly fun, the helicopter is far to annoying to control and detracted a lot of the fun of it. But, the checkpoints and the save feature work flawlessly and don't get you stuck in one place too long. All in all, the game play is pretty darn good.

All the graphics are hand drawn and have a unique style that's kind of like Hempuli's amazing FIG. All the worlds have cool backdrops and nicely drawn ground. Blob and the bosses are animated particularly well and I was very pleased with the results.

Most of the sounds and music were taken from the Super Mario games, which I was sort of disappointed at. But they were still nice tunes and the sound effects didn't feel out of place so it wasn't really that bad. But, if there is (and I hope there is) a Blob's adventure 3, I hope that Solgryn does some non ripped music.

The game gives it self a bit of replay ability by the coins placed through out the levels. There is a high score system that keeps track of your stats when you beat the game, so you feel somewhat motivated to play it again. Another thing that adds to it is the bonus levels that appear if you collect all the coins in the level, though they just contain more coins.

Overall, this is a worthy indie game to be played by most people, as long as they aren't too impatient.

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Posted by Rikus 12th April, 2009

Good fair review
Posted by OMC 14th April, 2009

I would've rated the music lower since it's ripped, but still a nice review.
Posted by Solgryn 21st April, 2009

ye thanks for review =


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