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Review: Blobs Adventure 2
Author: Demon Lizardman
Added: 20/04/2009

Ah, the sequal to the very popular Blob's adventure. It did so well he made a sequal to it and made it longer with boss fights, space ship battles and more obstacles. It has the same style of graphics as the last game but it still has it's charm. It has a better engine and less glitches. It simply is an awesome game.

It's a regular platformer gameplay wise. So don't expect the original controls to be different. However, there are different elements of the game that motivates us to play this game more. You can fly in a spaceship and destroy UFO's and stuff, you can become gigantic and destroy everything in your path, and you can climb ropes with your mouse and such. It has a lot more features than the last game.

The graphics are all custom made and fits the style of the game. It has a unique charm to it, it's colorful and cute. but it isn't the best graphics to find in an indie game and they could be a bit better, maybe more shading and texture.

The sound is from super mario galaxy and since he uses mp3's for this game, you can imagine how long the donwloading time is. But, the music does fit with the enviroment and I will give him credit for that.

With all those sneaky traps and challening courses, you'll be playing this game for a while. I haven't noticed any secrets in the game but playing through it once is good enough for me.

It's a great sequal to the last game and certainly has a lot more features in it making it a true sequal. It also has kept it's charm of cute graphics and gameplay.

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Posted by Solgryn 21st April, 2009

Thanks for the review =D


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