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Review: Blobs Adventure 2
Author: Sumo148
Added: 21/04/2009

Blobs Adventure 2 is a great game compared to the first Blobs Adventure, which also was an amazing game even though the game used the "default engine". The Presentation of this game had similar graphics to the first one, cheery and bold. Kinda reminds you of F.I.G. Furthermore, the menu is simple but sweet and the "Owned" text is not default anymore

Gameplay in my view is one of the most important parts to a game. Blobs Adventure 2 added some cool new features such as wall jumping and rope swining! In addition you can grow big and smash stuff and you can go in a spaceship and shoot baddies. Although, the wall jumping seems a bit difficult and the swinging can be hard when your trying to use the shift key to jump, arrow keys to move in mid-air and mouse to swing. It can be a hassle, but maybe I just wasn't doing it right ;) Or I just suck at it, either way it seemed nice with the new features. All the new bosses and levels also add on to amazing gameplay, but most of the bosses seem a bit easy to beat.

As I said before, the graphics are decent. (I have to admit, there far past my drawing abilities) But the fun cartoony look makes you want to keep playing and even when you get killed, he doesn't overdo it with that much blood :P The bosses seem creative such as the bat and the skeleton returns from blobs adventure (1)!

I loved the music while playing the game. The cheery (I like to say cheery dont I ;)) upbeats really makes the game better. Most games usually forget music and it can totally change the game's perspective. The only thing that I didn't like was that the music was RIPPED from Super Mario Galaxy :( He really should think of composing his own music for future games.

The Lastability for this game is very high, meaning you will probably play this game more than once after you beat it. The coins feature that was added makes you want to collect all the coins to unlock hidden features in the game. Lets just say that it made me go back and play it a second time!

Overall I believe this game has a ton of potential. It has a hard but fun feeling such as I Wanna Be The Guy (although that game was much harder). The random items that sometime kills you makes you sometimes surprised or mad, but with the new save feature, you don't have to redo a level all over again. I can't wait to see a Blob's Adventure 3 in the future! :)

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