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Review: Blobs Adventure 2
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 12/05/2009

Presentation: 9/10 This game is cute. The title the music everything. I have nothing against the presentation. It overall works for it. It has that kind of animation where it's trashy (Best word I could think of) but good for it.

Gameplay: 9/10 THIS GAME IS HARD!!! I don't know how many times I heard the "Game over" sound. It's fun though. There are so many traps and small things you have to do that require the hand of a Jedi. I dare you to beat this game without ever dying. I found it hard to beat the first boss due to the challenging and time consuming effort. But still fun to play with the traps and even dying is fun. Blood and limbs go EVERYWHERE! It's a fine engine and only saw a few glitches and errors but over all did not subtract from the gameplay.

Graphics: 8/10 I'm slightly torn on this subject. They look good. But they also look like crap. I'm just not sure what to think. The cruddiness works for the game. So 8 sounds fair.

Sound/Music: 8/10 I have heard a lot of people saying that this should be ranked low because he ripped the music but it says in his post that he made it himself. But either way the music works for the game and is happy and cheerful.

Lastability: 8/10 Not sure about you guys but when I got to the level where there was an alien following you and shooting stuff at you. I just quit because I know that I would never complete it. But still fun to play. For a click game this could last the right person a few hours.

Overall: 8/10 This deserves its spot as runner up for game of the month. It is cute and gory at the same time. And will have a spot on my hard drive until my computer explodes from WWIII. So good work brotha! (g*)

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