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A Pirate's Life Trilogy
Author: Seph Submitted: 8th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 316

Edited By Rikus on 3/27/2009

Here is the A Pirate's Life Trilogy re-uploaded to The zip file contains all 3 games! Featured on Klikcast Episode 13
A Pirates life 1:
A Pirate's Life is the very first Sephware adventure game, and one of our biggest treasures. This latest version has been removed of all it's 'death bugs' but still can handle a bit tricky.

But don't let that bother you as you follow the adventures of Toeph Illock, a newbie pirate who's holiday is ruiend by a tidal wave, leaving him stranded on shipwreck island....
A Pirates Life 2:

Yes, Toeph is back in his second adventure!

After the first adventure, Toeph returns to a 'quiet' life of pirating. He travels to a british town called 'Brixham', which isn't as peaceful as it seems, after he is ambushed by two bad aiming hitmen.....

A Pirates Life 3:

This is the final part of The A Pirate's Life Trilogy, and Sephware's third adventure before moving onto Saving the City and Thod.

Toeph and his crew decide to take a break and get away from all the Goatbeard scenarios, by joining the crew of the largest ship to sail the seven seas. The ship eventually lands on Peril island, where a battle takes place....

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Posted by The Green Stranger 26th September, 2002

Great game Seph! Isn't there any fourth APL coming?
Posted by The Green Stranger 29th September, 2002

I need help! I've got the chisel, the money and book. And i've draged out the matress. What do I do now?
Posted by Seph 22nd October, 2002

Goto the LPA, you'll see another book. when the clerck faces the screen, swap the books and give the new book to the life studier.
Posted by Moonyjacob 17th October, 2005

can "Seph" please give me the link to "Saving the city" beacause "Saving the city" on "The daily click" does not work so, does "Seph" have another link to "Saving the city"?...Please repley





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