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Author: Seph Submitted: 7th September, 2002 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 312

Thod - The fantasy adventure game - Tells the story of Fudd, who finds himself in another world after chasing his TV, which was possessed by a spirit. This turns out to be the spirit of Thod, a evil, deceased yet still feared wizard who once lived in this new world called Jert. Fudd must find his way home somehow... but events occur and a more important task comes...

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 (3.9 Megs )

Posted by Coolsoft Games 7th September, 2002

I thought this was on already!
Posted by HOSJ 7th September, 2002

nope... just the demo
Posted by Seph 7th September, 2002

Yeh, this is the full version. Enjoy!
Posted by Simdrone052 7th September, 2002

YAY! Great adventure (as walways, seph) I just cut off the top part of that sign and have been trying everything for an hour!!! Hint, PLEASE!!! The first game that i played from you is knights of the fold up table, heh, FUN!
Posted by Seph 7th September, 2002

Ah, don't give away the puzzles :) If you want hints DC mail me.
Posted by Simdrone052 7th September, 2002

Posted by Seph 8th September, 2002

Posted by ReXX 8th September, 2002

It is finished! Halleluia!
Posted by Beta 29th October, 2002

Hey seph when i push alt+f4 it will quit the game but i am not sure it saves and whaen i go to load i push go and it will not load
Posted by Seph 30th October, 2002

Hmm.... I dont know whats happened there. Has this happened to anybody else?
Posted by Beta 30th October, 2002

Seph the problem does not happen any more sweet game kicks ass
Posted by Beta 31st October, 2002

I found out some thing if you wait in the park for a little bit an apple falls out of the tree and knocks out the owl
Posted by Seph 2nd November, 2002

Hehe ayup. I was planning on having a squirrel come along afterwards and do some stuff before falling off, but I decided it would make the scene run a bit slower.
Posted by Broomie 4th November, 2002

COOL!!! I love PAC(point and click) adventure games. will there be a thod 2?
Posted by Seph 7th November, 2002

Yep, i'm working on it right now, although production is currently slow.





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