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Thod II - Dead Man Standing
Author: Seph Submitted: 25th August, 2003 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 2956

Edited By Seph on 8/26/2003

Edited By Seph on 8/25/2003

As a cartoony point and click adventure game, Thod II starts off where the first game finished. Fudd has defeated Larfor and returned back to his world, only to witness the two worlds suddenly merging for a split second. Fudd knows that this must be involved with the other world, and attempts to head back. To his amazement, upon re-entering the portal, an exact copy of himself is formed, and he begins to exist in both his world and the world of Jert.

He has no clue why, until Farlor explains to Fudd that there is a large glitch in the portals, and somebody must be controlling them. Farlor then says that this could only be Larfor, who turns out to have not been killed by Fudd in the first place. Fudd ventures out to seek and destroy Larfor, but ontop of this, Fudd must also destroy the portal link between his world and Jert. Farlor tells him of an adventuress who will help Fudd out, an adventuress who happens to be Fudd's never-met sister, but who is it?

The story of Thod II begins here. Who is his mystery sibling? Will he find and destroy Larfor?

Expect Humour, Puzzles, Fantasy storyline and Hippie Wizards.
If you love Point and Click adventure games, this is a game you'll love too.

(P.S - Sorry for bad screenshot quality , I have a bad program for saving jpg files)

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Posted by Tom 26th August, 2003

This game is quite cool, and very different from any other click game I have played. Obviously alot of effort has been put in; well done. The only suggestion I would make is that you should be able to manually skip through the text, because everyone reads at their own pace.
Posted by Nick of All Trades 26th August, 2003

Nice game. I am already stuck :). I have waited for this game a pretty long time.
Posted by Seph 26th August, 2003

Yeh, skipping text is something I have been thinking about, Tom. I may introduce it to Thod III If anybody needs any hints, DC mail me or post in my message boards,
Posted by eX Com 26th August, 2003

it goes r-e-a-l-l-y slow when i change to the "other world" might be because of the scrolling?
Posted by Seph 27th August, 2003

yeh, that would be something caused by scrolling. I cant really fix that >_<
Posted by Phredreeke 28th August, 2003

It's great! Reminds me of the good old LucasArts games. So... when is the sequel coming?
Posted by Mr.Mean 28th August, 2003

Whohoo!!! i finished it!!!
Posted by Alex Scobell 31st August, 2003

Alright! Downloading :)
Posted by Alex Scobell 31st August, 2003

Its cool! Better then the first!
Posted by Seph 31st August, 2003

The next and last sequal has begun production, but I cannot say when it will be ready, becuase I cannot be sure ^_^ The last two took me about a year, but Thod III may not take as long.
Posted by Wormware 31st August, 2003

Nice game! I love it when people create Adventures! It's a nice funny game, but the player should be able to skip through te conversations. The graphics are nice done (by hand?) I'll stop writinh and continue playing.. Good worK!
Posted by Phredreeke 3rd September, 2003

If this game doesn't make GotW, Phreddy gets mad XD
Posted by Alex Scobell 21st September, 2003

Finished it!
Posted by Beta 21st September, 2003

cool game but i personaly like the first one the best the puzzles seemed harder in the first one but still its a realy good game
Posted by cjisle_2003 30th October, 2003

hey hey hey original thats pretty good man i once made a game like this but gave up on it and sold it off to a mate and he carried it on he has now made alot of money
Posted by öl 3rd June, 2004

very goodx)
Posted by öl 3rd June, 2004

If this game doesn't make GotW, Phreddy gets mad





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